Is It 1968 All Over Again? Or Are These Latest Leftist Acts Just Micro-Terrorism?

I don’t think that the self-righteous left, the people blocking Donald Trump from making a speech a week-ago Friday, and the two groups demonstrating against Trump and causing trouble today in New York City and in Phoenix, are smart enough to understand that they are generating support for Trump from many who were undecided, and locking in support for him by those who were already attracted to his no-nonsense, anti-political correctness attitude. As usual, these leftists are attempting to be important by pretending to be above-it-all and superior with their marching and chanting and their waving of signs.

In New York I understand that the marchers got violent with the police and several were arrested, and in Phoenix there may have been peoples’ health and welfare threatened if those individuals trapped on the blockaded highway were trying to get to a hospital or were driving to pick up a child.  I equate this uncalled-for involvement in other peoples’ lives to be a form of violence, and the threat is coming only from the left, not from Donald Trump, who is the person being protested against and whose speech and movements are being restricted by the micro-terrorists.

I really resent these mainly young, inexperienced people pretending to tell me not only whom to vote for, but trying to make my side of the political divide look like the side of hate, intimidation and intolerance. The persons on the left are always intolerant.

These young people have no idea how negatively Hillary, Bernie and Obama’s open immigration ideas will impact their lives and their economic futures if the left wins the next election. They are blind to the negative impact on their lives via Obama’s EPA and his disastrous Affordable Care Act, and the limitations placed on job creation that his policies have caused.

Given that the campaigning has a long way to go before the November election, I expect the intolerant left to become more unhinged and violent due to their literal, although unjustified, fear of Trump and Cruz, in the months ahead.

Damn these fools for their self-centered misplaced superiority and for limiting my liberties and freedom in their abuse of the candidate I choose to listen to and will vote for if he becomes the Republican candidate. The more the punks demonstrate, the more set against them I become, and I’m not alone in this attitude.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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One Comment

  1. Seems like micro terrorism is defined as conceived and implemented by isolated individuals, not part of an organized party/candidate apparatus. What’s really being exposed is the political bigotry of the left against all that aren’t part of their compartmentalized socialistic reality.

    Either way, a likely result of such actions in a freedom loving society is to alienate more and more from the obvious instigators/benefactors of such efforts in favor of supporting the victim of such pranks.

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