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Hillary Accuses Bernie Of Deserting The GM Auto Workers, Whom She Voted To Bail Out

Hillary is again having an argument both ways. She is criticizing her opponent, Bernie Sanders, for voting seven years ago to not bail out General Motors when it went through its bankruptcy troubles. At the time Hillary was in the Senate and did vote for the GM bailout.

However, it hasn’t been that long ago that Hillary was blaming the filthy, old-tech auto industry for causing the lie of global warming, which her liberal Democrat crowd claims is melting the icebergs and drowning coastal areas like Manhattan Island, Miami, Daytona Beach, The Bahamas, Key West., etc. But if you know, as anyone with any measure of common sense knows, that these places are not threatened by rising oceans, then someone needs to tell our ruling liberals in Washington, because they believe that it’s happening and they believe that your rights to live your life as you want to live it should be curtailed in order to limit the amount of carbon you use as a part of your daily life. Washington liberals intend to use the EPA to continue to issue new, more restrictive regulations to force you to live as they believe best. In fact Obama just a month or two ago reminded us, inaccurately, that Miami is suffering from rising waters. His warming was intended to let the EPA charge ahead and issue some more job-killing regulations. This effort on Obama’s part is completely in keeping with his promise to “fundamentally transform America”, and he’s actively doing just that.

Anyway, Hillary seems to be unable to understand that she can’t ride both sides of an issue to victory in her campaign against Bernie. Either the auto industry is bad because of the polluting cars and trucks it makes along with the automobile plants themselves causing pollution, or it’s good because of the jobs it creates and the wonderful products it makes to satisfy the wants and needs of her voters. She is taking both sides at different times, but it appears that her Democrat voters aren’t deft enough to see her slight-of-hand. So Hillary will likely succeed in taking credit for both positions because it appears Democrats have such hate for Republicans and for American capitalism and prosperity that they will buy every lie Hillary tells.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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