Democrat Slave Plantations No Longer Look Like The 1840s

Today’s liberal/Democrat plantation has little resemblance to the cotton fields of the Old South.  There are now food stamps instead of the slave kitchens. Cable TV is common. And automobiles and air conditioners can be seen at most of today’s Democrat slave quarters.

The daily existence of Democrat-sponsored slaves in America is more pleasant than it was 150 years ago, but rest assured: the poor welfare recipient today is as enslaved by the liberal/Democrats as the cotton pickers were in the pre-Civil War South.

The Democrat Party has been cleansed of the likes of West Virginia, Democrat Senator Robert Byrd, former Grand Kleagle, Grand Wizard and Exalted Cyclops of the KKK, of whom Hillary spoke so fondly and adoringly at his passing a few years ago. The new Democrat KKK has shunned the bed sheets of old and now wear Saville Row suits with silk ties and speak of Republican sexism, racism and homophobia while trying to make themselves believe the lie of rising oceans and global warming.

The log cabins are long gone and replaced by the failed streets and projects of Detroit, which city was destroyed by repeated Democrat mayors who chased away Ford, GM and Chrysler with their high taxes, crumbling infrastructure and a soaring crime rate. The high paying jobs went away with the auto manufacturers and were replaced with homelessness, poverty and hopelessness as one liberal/Democrat administration after another used race and a resentment of wealth to assure that the votes from the poverty-stricken population kept them in power.

The new broader-defined plantation now also has some Hispanics in its midst. The lesson of Detroit and why the federal government had to bail it out hasn’t been learned by Barack Obama, because he is letting more tens of thousands of Mexican and Central American illegal immigrants into our country in hopes of their becoming the new slaves that vote Democrat regularly in exchange for a bare subsistence to keep them alive and voting. The problem is that crime, whether in Detroit or Chicago, always follows poverty and lives in its midst.

Sanctuary cities, while formerly having a good reputation of providing actual “sanctuary” for those escaping mistreatment in their native country, are now used as cover for illegals and other criminals, and these scum prey on the decent people seeking real sanctuary and trying to live better lives than they were allowed to have in Mexico or Guatemala.

The “sanctuary” thing is what is wrong with this whole immigration idea as it is being practiced today: Those escaping unemployment in Mexico are just bringing the problems of that country to America where it will swell and hold new-comers in the poverty they are trying to escape. Those enclaves will only contribute to a feeling of resentment as Democrats hold them hostage for their votes, and when no improvement is seen to their economic and housing situation under Democrat rule they will lash out, and the Democrats will once again direct the hate and blame at Republicans, who would much prefer legal immigration in which people can get assimilated and become prosperous, as their predecessors did upon coming to America: learn the language, get a good job and not have to live in Democrat-provided tenements.

Be assured, Hispanics who are assimilated and part of the middle class, fear these illegal arrivals as much as any other American citizen fears them, and we see the proof of this in the number of Hispanics who are swelling the Donald Trump and Ted Cruz voter bases.


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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. the democrat party was, is, and always will be the party of slavery. and when a slave tries to leave the plantation they have to be punished. Witness Clarence Thomas and Sara Palin. They have to be destroyed so no other slaves will try to leave.

  2. blacks voting for a democrat reminds me of a woman who stays with a man who abuses her.

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