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Bernie Promises Free College But Not A Free Diploma. Why Not?

Is liberal/socialist Bernie Sanders actually suggesting that someone getting a free college education will have to work, study and earn it in order to be awarded a diploma? What’s egalitarian about that? What’s free about that? Don’t people who vote Democrat deserve to be handed a free diploma along with the free education, the free healthcare and the free food, and the free housing and the free fifteen dollar an hour job? Don’t Americans have any rights anymore? This is not who we are as a country! We can’t be expected to work for the things we get, we want them to be given to us!

I wonder if liberals are too dumb to see that the free college education they’re being promised will soon result in their being able to find employed only at one of the fifteen dollar an hour jobs Bernie is also promising. But there will be very few of even those base-pay jobs if the minimum wage law becomes a reality, because businesses will shut down when they have to pay their newest, probably temporary and least skilled employees the same wage as someone who has worked for them for several years. This liberal/socialist idiocy must stop. Businesses cannot afford the goodies that Democrats are promising, and it must come to a halt before the nation plunges into a full depression.  Why can’t otherwise smart people understand that government control and government edicts have caused the problems with the economy that Bernie and Hillary are complaining about, and more government involvement in private industry will only cause more misery for the very people the Dems are promising the goodies to.

My explanation for this madness is that Bernie and Hillary are just competing with each other to attract class conscious young people to vote for them.  I don’t see either Democrat candidate promising free beautician training, or free welder’s school or free barber training. These are jobs that real people have that support families, and the pay likely starts at below fifteen dollars an hour (but these employees earn more as they become more proficient at the work). But these jobs are not cool enough for the Bern/Hill crowd.  People coming out of college often end up unemployed because no one wants to hire someone who majored in feminist courses or attended lectures about black history in the mid-1900s. Liberal politicians are just setting their potential voters up for failure, which assures that their voters will likely end up with a bunch of free stuff when they’re on welfare.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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