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Solution to Oscar Race Issue – Give Everyone a Trophy

The whole perfect equality thing has reared its ugly head in affirmative action, sports and now – the Oscars. Perhaps it’s time to just give everyone a trophy and be done with it.

Are actors and actresses (or are they actzes?) now willing to give up awards and such in the name of fairness.  Sorry about the actzes thing, but it’s so hard to know which pronoun to apply to whom these days.

Hollywood personalities have decided to boycott the Academy awards because .. there weren’t any black people nominated. Well…. since the voting board is relatively diverse, one might consider that the top performers .. weren’t black.

Realizing that the previous paragraph will invite criticism, lambast, vociferous objection and probably outright race riots .. it’s the truth. The Academy voted and they had to pick someone.. but there is a solution.

Having gotten that out of the way, I completely agree with the boycotters – Hollywood must be made to live with its own politics. If you want abject and pure fairness, it comes at a cost.

The Oscar should now be awarded to every actor, every year and for any performance. As liberals demand “participation” trophies for youth sports, it’s time to realize that Hollywood performers aren’t any different – in all aspects.

oscar trophy - wikimediaNo more best actor (that’s offensive), best actress (that’s sexist), best movie (not fair) .. well, you get the point. It’s time for the Hollywood elite to live by the rules of the socialists they support.

They want equality, give it to them – everyone gets a trophy – every year and for any performance. Fairness for EVERYONE!

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. Let’s be honest now: Does anyone really even care about the stupid Oscar awards anymore? I mean, really now. Let’s be honest. It’s not as if there’s even been a truly award-worthy movie to come out of the Hollywood cesspool for decades now, so it’s highly questionable (to say the least) whether the awards they hand out like crackerjack prizes these days can even be worth very much. Strip away all the hyped-up glitz & glamour (and marketing), and what it all boils down to is one gigantic popularity-contest, just as shallow and silly (and ultimately pointless) as the silly “cutest couple” awards they used to hand out in high school. It’s nothing more than a way for a vastly overrated yet declining & decadent industry to delude itself into believing it’s actually producing something of real value and merit, whereas in reality, 99% of what they produce will rightfully end up in the $4 DVD bin at the local grocery-store within a couple of years. My advice is to ignore the silly show altogether and pick up a good book to read instead. Your brain will thank you for it.

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