Government Simply Will Not Leave Us To Hell Alone

Even with Hillary and Bernie telling us that Obamacare is one of the great accomplishments of Barack Obama, they still want to push harder with more government control of healthcare for all Americans.

Even with the Dodd-Frank regulation tying banks into knots and causing banking failures, Hillary and Bernie still want to hit America’s finance system harder with more restrictive regulations.

Even with public education’s results at an all-time failing low, Hillary and Bernie want government to take more control of the nation’s education.

Even with the EPA causing destruction to corporations all over America with the constant issuing of new and more restrictive regulations, and also considering Obama to be a great success with the international agreements on Global Warming, Hillary and Bernie want more intrusion into our lives to stop the liberal lie of warming/change.

Even though taxes in the United States are among the highest in the developed world, Hillary and Bernie want more taxes to impose more government control on Americans and make them poorer.

Even though Gays and Trans are the new models for America’s youth and are a new protected class in America, Hillary and Bernie want to give them more attention and make them more attractive so as to be seen as trend-setters.

Even though unemployment is actually at an all-time high, Hillary and Bernie want government to act to control businesses more thoroughly.

Even with massive national debt acting like a cloud over the future of our grandchildren, Hillary and Bernie want to borrow more and spend more borrowed money, and further drive us into perpetual debt and poverty.

The insane idiocy of liberal Democrats is that after praising Obama for his “fundamental transformation of America”, a promise he has fully accomplished, to, in his words, make America more perfect, the likes of Hillary and Bernie talk as though none of what Obama has done is worth a hoot, and the nation must proceed pedal-to-the-metal to additionally “transform America” from the mean, racist, restrictive place they think it is.

It’s impossible to accept that these liberals really believe that the further “transformation of America” is really needed, it’s simply that they want more control over our lives, with the only logical end being the total and complete submission and empowerment of America under their absolute control.  America was the leader in every category of liberty sand wealth when government was small and the nation was fully employed and wealthy.  We can be that way again, if only government will leave us alone.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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