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A Fence Is Not Intended for Offence, It’s For Defence

It amazes me how anyone can be offended by a fence to “defend” our border.  It’s not an offensive tool, it’s only for defense, like the fence around the White House or around John Kerrey’s or Michael Moore’s mansions, or even Barack Obama’s future homes in Hawaii or Chicago. It’s to keep people who don’t belong in, out.  It steps on no one’s toes and doesn’t invade their space, it just keeps them from invading your space. I googled “fence” and found an article that lists thirty-three fencing projects in almost as many nations, with 12 national fences being constructed or in place by 2015, and many of those current fences are for the purpose of blocking the Muslim flood of “refugees” coming into Europe from Syria and other ISIS-caused disasters.  Strangely missing from the list is Israel, which got tired of shooters and bombers killing its citizens on its streets and built fences to keep out the Palestinian terrorists formerly entering Israel with no effort, and accomplished peace and defense by building very successful fences to keep the terrorists isolated to their territory.

There have been fences for as long as we’ve had history. The Great Wall of China was constructed to keep the Mongol hoards out of civilized China, and the Roman Empire was partially protected by Hadrian’s Wall between northern England and Scotland. The Berlin wall was an exception to many walls, and is diametrically the opposite to any wall constructed by America, in that it can be likened to a prison wall, because it was intended to keep people in more than to keep anyone out. France’s Maginot Line was a well-intended but ill-thought-out wall that was circumvented by the Nazi’s. The Maginot Line has some similarity to the wall the US needs along its southern border, which is constantly being circumvented by invaders of the United States.  It’s been said that fences assure good neighbors, and that statement is true.

Only comfortable, well-fed, looney tunes liberals lack the imagination to understand that our own pleasant lives in America are being threatened by aliens who do not understand a Democracy like ours, are often sick and poorly educated, and too often are violent people, as proven by various sanctuary city killings.  Liberals are letting their political leanings get in the way of theirs and their children’s futures, which will be limited and bleak if tens of thousands of people continue to get into America and immediately go on welfare and create large areas of non-assimilated people. This inability of liberals to see the logical outcome of their sincerely felt emotions and desires is in keeping with political scientist Edward Banfield’s findings that the reason criminals keep committing crimes is because they are people who act on impulse and they cannot foresee the results and outcomes of their criminal actions; liberals are not criminals, but they are unable to look at all into the future and determine what a breakdown of the laws and principles that have made this nation great and prosperous will do to future generations.  Both John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan were firm believers in strong borders in order to protect our national identity.

America needs a wall from the Gulf to the Pacific, and we need it now.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. We are a Constitutional Republic with democratically elected Representatives and that Sir, is NOT a democracy.

    In order to be a “democracy” every issue, law and apportionment would need to be put to a national vote to the national electorate.

    No, We are a Constitutional Republic with democratically elected Representatives who consider every issue, law and apportionment under the Rules of Parliamentary Procedures that provide for vigourous debate before being put to a vote with majority rule.

  2. Seeing your article made my day!! For over a decade I have worked on getting our border (s) secured. I’ll give Trump a thumbs up for shining the spot light….of course many don’t see it through their rose colored glasses. Many live in gated communities or have fenced yards …and BIG dogs….and scream for police if ‘their’ space is breached.

    I live on the I-20 corridor in Texas….a main artery for illegal traffic moving north and east. I have friends living in Arizona near the border that sit on their porch w/ rifle and ‘watch’ these criminal trespassers on a daily bases.

    Our Southern border is like a huge oozing wound with the puss spreading through the streets all across our Country…..With Canada’s new policy on refugees, it will soon filter in from the north…these will more likely be young Muslim men looking for more than a home. The Southern human traffic and drugs are swamping us from the south

    Oh, I understand many want what I have….so what? AMNESTY MEANS FORGIVENESS…….LAW ENFORCEMENT IS PREVENTION……

    Again, thanks for this post

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