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Obama’s “New Normal”: Doubt And Fear

A ” New Normal” for America has been established by the Obama Administration, but in place of the touted Hope and Change that was so ballyhooed early in the Obama presidency, we are now experiencing a period of Doubt and Fear, as listed below:

Doubt that big government serves our needs, and Fear that our government is working against its citizens’ welfare.

Doubt that our government is telling us the truth about anything, and Fear that our government is lying to us about everything.

Doubt that government will leave the stock market free, open and competitive so we citizens can prosper, and Fear that the Fed’s meddling in the market will assure our economic destruction.

Doubt that our borders are being protected from illegal entry, and Fear that the government will destroy our neighborhoods by arbitrarily locating illegal aliens next door.

Doubt that the Financial Reform Act will assure FDIC protection of our savings, and Fear that the Act will contribute to the destruction of our financial futures.

Doubt that our retirement money will last as long as we do, and Fear that the government will confiscate our savings accounts to pay for its promised welfare rolls, Chinese loans, etc.

Doubt that our personal health can survive Obamacare, and Fear of what Obamacare is doing to our children’s future health prospects.

Doubt that Obama will allow the military to protect and defend America and its interests, and Fear that Obama’s current weakness and the mounting number of enemies we have in the world will assure that the homeland will be attacked and that when that happens, Obama will immediately surrender.

Doubt that Israel can survive Obama’s Iranian Nuke deal, and Fear of a nuclear explosion in the United States as a result of the idiotic deal Obama made with Iran.

Doubt that our allies will still be allies to America after the two-faced, do nothing, lying Obama leaves office, and Fear that the whole world will become our enemies in the next 15 months.

Doubt that the EPA’s love for regulations will allow any company to continue to prosper and do business, and Fear that Obama’s Green buddies will be given increasing billions of tax-payer money in anticipation of those companies kicking-back large donations to the granting liberal politicians.

Doubt that education will teach our young people what they need to know to survive in the world economy, and Fear that the Department of Education will so politicize education that our children will become liberal, unthinking zombies.

Doubt that any real tax reform will happen, and Fear that the IRS will audit conservatives just because they are conservatives.

Doubt that we have heard any truth from Hillary Clinton about the security tragedy that her email system was, and Fear that Obama will let her skate free after doing untold damage to the nation’s security and then lying, lying, and lying about it.

Doubt that racial quotas will ever go away, and Fear that racial quotas will become more acceptable under future liberal political correctness.

Doubt that the liberals will leave religion alone to be practiced as individuals desire, and Fear that political correctness will undermine our Constitution and allow Sharia law to flourish in America.

Doubt that our Representatives and Senators will ever again listen to the will of those who voted for them, and Fear that they will do the bidding of their large donors while ignoring the will of the people.

Doubt that global warming/climate change is happening because humans are living their lives as they see fit, and fear that Obama will give taxing and regulation power over United States citizens to the United Nations, and that gang of rogues, dictators and Star Wars bar scene characters will lead to our rapid demise.

Doubt and Fear that our children and grandchildren will live lives even near the quality of lives that we lived until Obama was elected president, and the liberal reign of destruction of America began.


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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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One Comment

  1. Well, for sure, there is no doubt now that spingalling tactics will/do work and that most of the voting population like pretty pictures. There is no doubt that many of them felt giddy with rightiousness at voting for the first black president. …..Now we got it…what will we do about it.

    The various factions flying the GOP flag darn well get it together and stop the school yard squabbling and work as THE Republican Party or get fitted for chains….

    Vetting a candidate means looking past, under and around the obvious characteristics and find out who the real person is. Do they want to serve ‘we the people’ or be self serving?

    And if wouldn’t hurt to spend a little more time on our knees apologizing for the lack of stewardship and promising to do better with this gift of a great land that was G-d given

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