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Liberalism Is The Politics Of Wishful, Squishy Thinking

All political groups must define their raison d’etre, so liberals selected the best sounding, easiest thing to say: “we care” (this term can also be manipulated to be “I feel your pain” which was Clinton’s gig, or “yes we can” which was Obama’s likening to Hillary’s “it takes a village”, all of which are the Dems’ way of stating that no one can succeed without the party and if you try to succeed on your own you will fail and die sick, poor and alone). The term “we care” doesn’t really mean anything and requires no exertion of energy, no proof that their words make any difference nor that they improve anyone’s life (in fact there is much evidence to the contrary, which says that the more liberals make people dependent on government handouts of goodies, the worse the recipients’ lives become) but all liberals have to do is make some idiotic statement like those above, and then spend other people’s money in an attempt to make their promises come true, and their followers cheer.

Liberals make the claim that all ways of life are equal and that we must not prejudicially say one way of living is better or worse than another.  But poor people who depend on big government for handouts are trapped in poverty and will never get out until they become self-sufficient and cast off the pall of government, so it’s evident  that being poor and on the dole of big government is measurably bad.  However, it’s not being poor that’s bad, it’s the dependence on government that’s bad, and the people in government encouraging continued and increased dependence are bad people for continuing the façade that they are doing good works when in reality they are destroying lives and creating dependence in order to further their own shameful political ends.

Liberals want illegal aliens to come to the United States and live off welfare and then, while making the ridiculous, self-serving, phony family-values statement that they just want families to remain intact and together, they make every effort to bring the extended family to America to also go on welfare.  So then instead of having one person on welfare we now have a family, and eventually an extended family, on welfare. I don’t believe that bringing a family to a foreign country where the language is not spoken and the customs are foreign and then going on welfare where there is little or no hope of becoming independent, is the way to raise a family (although it is a good way for liberals to assure continued votes as the goodies increasingly flow to the welfare class).  The family is better off remaining in their native country where they can function with a familiar environment, and if the political climate is corrupt, the people should fight to make it more equitable and a more pleasant place to live, not run to the United States which is otherwise called racist and evil by the same illegals who can’t wait to get here.

As more illegal aliens come to America our nation becomes poorer with each arrival (just consider the current lack of health facilities in southern California where the inundation of foreigners has bankrupt local communities and forced health facilities to close, so now everyone living there suffers).  And as America becomes poorer our own political and economic situation becomes more corrupt, and eventually America will be as poor as the native countries the illegals are escaping, and then what have the illegals gained by bringing their poverty and joblessness here? Nothing!  That’s why one could realistically advance the notion that strong borders, which keep illegals out, work to the benefit of both the would-be illegals, and American citizens equally.  Let’s try the strong border thing for a change and see if it doesn’t work.  It’s a cinch that the open borders approach of Obama and his progressive gang of thugs has been a dismal failure at serving the needs of anyone but the corrupt American Democrat/progressive/liberal-political class.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Good article although may I say that it’s not all illegals that go on the public teat but mostly those south of the border. There are millions of illegal Asians but they don’t come here and all go on welfare or form gangs to prey on American citizens the way Juan and Carlos do. They come here and the first thing they do is get a job. It’s ingrained in their culture that it’s shameful to not make your own way in life. Maria and Consuela don’t have that kind of shame and will gladly take free money without having to work a day in their life.

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