Conditions On Mars Are Due To Climate Change? Really?

When the liberal press makes a statement that global warming is the reason for the bare landscape on Mars, they are dishonestly trying to further their global warming/climate change lie as it pertains to Earth.  But since there are no humans on Mars, how can the liberal press make such an idiotic comparison in an attempt to further their phony cause?

It appears that the hasty comparison to warming on Mars, and the claims of global warming on Earth made by liberals in order to support their 40-year old lie of human-caused rising temperatures, has caused these geniuses to step in a pile of it.  Since there are no humans on Mars, and no automobiles nor air-conditioners, they have lost the main argument supporting their lies. Just consider that scientists have determined that all planets in our solar system are experiencing a slight increase in temperatures. The only thing these planets have in common is the Sun, which is the likely heating source. So shouldn’t the term be “solar warming” or “solar change”?  And exactly how did humans cause “solar warming”?

But of course if we blame the Sun and not Americans for any warming of the solar system, the left’s main argument that big government should not allow American citizens to be permitted to live their lives without big brother telling them what to do and when to do it would vanish, and with it would go the vast political power related to the warming/change lie that liberals have been building for over 40 years, a lie that has reached a crescendo under Barack Obama.  Also threatened are the billions of dollars that the left can commandeer to “study” the warming issue and award themselves fat salaries via government grants.

And don’t forget the taxes and regulations they propose that are designed to force people to behave as liberals tell them to, which would also go away. Not being able to blame human action for warming or change would mean that the United Nations is not needed to control and limit the evil capitalism we have in America, which also means the liberal thugs on the East river of Manhattan Island would lose their income and power, and liberals definitely don’t want that to happen. So the members of the press are in a quandary that could trap them into making illogical arguments that undermine their big government desires.

But one thing is for certain, liberal/progressives will fight to the death to maintain the lying mountain of environmental propaganda they have built surrounding the scam of global warming.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Huh? There was an entire film crew on Mars. The movie is coming out this week. So there. It’s Hollywood’s fault…

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