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Hey, Barry. How Is Getting Along With Putin Working Out So Far?

As Russia further expands to its former empire status, the idiot savant, Obama, finds his foreign policy not only in disarray (he never had one in the first place) but a total shambles and a looming problem for America.  Our self-centered child president encouraged Putin to not be too hasty with him because Obama would have more freedom to work with Putin as soon as Obama was elected to his second term as president.  Well, our Barry got re-elected, trashed plans to place a missile shield in Poland, in order to please Putin, did not give any assistance to Ukraine when Russia attacked and did nothing to punish Russia when its military shot down a passenger jet that had just taken off from Amsterdam, killing all passengers.

And how did Putin reward these obscene gestures of going along to get along by Obama? He fully invaded Ukraine. He met with Arutz Sheva, the terror commander in Iran. He sold missiles to Iran. He is locating jets and military materiel to Syria to support Assad against ISIS.  And now Israel’s prime minister has scheduled a meeting with Putin because he is so fearful that Obama will completely turn his back on Israel following the disastrous Iran Nuke deal, that he feels forced to be friendly with one of his worst enemies in order to protect the citizens of his nation.

Our beloved president boasted that he was going to settle things in Syria with his famous “red line” comment, but now Putin is going to actually do what Obama only gave lip serviced to with his reference to a red line, and this Russian action will become another threat to America and Israel.  Israel will pay dearly for Obama’s dithering foolishness, and allowing Putin to spread Russian influence to the Middle East will cause tension and bloodshed throughout the area.  How does the world make progress against the forces of evil that ISIS and Russia represent when no one will stand up to them and oppose their murderous ways?

The “reset” between Russia and the United States claimed by the genius team of Obama/Clinton was another in a long line of policy failures that these two have set forth that make the world more dangerous than it’s ever been. Every decision Obama has ever made was to the detriment of the United States: more chaos, more confusion, more military action and more suffering by more people, and it’s all because of Barack Obama and his hand-picked staff of fools.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Are you out of your freaking mind? Do you really buy the bullshit you write? Putin is going to be the saving grace for all of Obama’s and Israel’s mess. Check again just who exactly shout down the civilian airliner, who invaded Ukraine? Oh, that’s right, the US did by staging a coup against a democratically elected government. All of this mess is because of the U.S.’s and Israel meddling in other country’s affairs to suit their own hidden evil agenda. Why can Israel own so many nukes and have no political pressure yet received billions in funds fleeced from the pockets of the U.S. serf taxpayer? Why hasn’t Israel been bombed our brought to trial for their crimes against humanity? Why hasn’t the US been brought to trial for their crimes against humanity and illegally invading other sovereign countries? When Israel is either made to disassemble their nukes and sign the NNPT, then you can say something about other countries having to negotiate their nuclear power programs. If it wasn’t for Britain, Israel, and the US, this world would be a peaceful place to live. But you are right about one thing, Barry is this country’s biggest threat and enemy. Barry was selected to be the pResident to destroy this country. The Traitor in thief should hang for treason.

  2. What I’m looking for in the O v Putin egonaut challenge match is for Putin to do an episode with Bear Grylis.

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