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Better Take That Viking River Cruise Soon, Before Europe Is Gone

A recent petition, originated by a Muslim residing in Germany, told authorities in Munich that Octoberfest, with its dancing and drinking and loud music, offended him and his religion and he wants it cancelled this year and forever after. A week ago this would have seemed like a thing German authorities would at least give lip service to and be given consideration for political correctness reasons only, but now, with the hoards of young Muslim male militants flooding all of Europe, it will be interesting to see how the demand is responded to.

We already know there are areas of Paris where even the police won’t go because of the threat of violence they would face from Muslims living there, and about a year ago we heard of a situation in England where repeat rapes of young women by Muslim men were being ignored by authorities because Sharia law permits it and the Brits didn’t want the hassle if they tried to punish the ones committing these crimes.  So young women continued to be beaten and raped because the authorities were too chicken to oppose this politically protected class.

The Mullahs in Iran, who have been given the go-ahead to develop a nuclear weapon by our beloved Barry, have stated repeatedly that they will eliminate Israel and the United States from the face of the earth, and the current invasion of Europe is a heads-up of what will happen here in the near future, if we are smart enough to see it.

After watching Obama encourage and fund the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and his denying of assistance to the Green revolution against the Mullahs in Iran in the early years of his administration, plus knowing he has imported tens of thousands of Muslims into the United States on the sly, we know that our president favors Muslims over Christians or Jews and will do anything to criticize the US and undermine our freedom and prosperity by supporting the Muslims over patriotic Americans. So we need to prepare ourselves for Obama allowing many, many more Muslims into our nation, and never mind that a large number of them are suspected to be ISIS soldiers sent to spread their murder and terror here.  Just watch Obama and see how serious he is about protecting America from terrorists.  That great philosopher Forrest Gump reminded us that “stupid is as stupid does” and Obama’s every decision is not only stupid, but works to the detriment of the United States.

By the way, even if the petition mentioned at the beginning of this tirade is a hoax, it is still a valid example of Muslim thinking and intentions and had better be carefully considered before we in the United States are presented with similar demands that are contrary to our culture.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. The greatest joke in the history of this nation is this: Obama was raised by a Muslim step father in Indonesia. His real name was Barry Soetoro. It is understood in the Islamic world that a child will be raised in the religion of his father/step father. Is it any wonder … to all of you who still foolishly cling to the idea that Obama is a “Christian” … that everything this man has done has been to further enhance the positions of Muslims across the world to the detriment of Christians and non Muslims everywhere? The list of offenses against this president … continued detention of Christians in Ca. who managed to flee Iraq/Syria to save their lives, failure to arm or equip those fighting ISIS to include providing any arms to the few Christians still remaining in the area, his on record speech stating that this country would never be at war with Islam as long as he was president. He is the chief architect and supporter of the disastrous “Arab Spring”. Actions speak louder than words!

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