He Lies Through The Air With The Greatest Of Sleaze

The problem with telling lies all the time is that after a while you forget exactly how you lied the last time and the new lies begin to undermine the old ones.

The Democrats (especially Barack Insane Obama) lied about Obamacare lowering premiums, allowing you to keep your existing doctor and plan if you want them, and assuring coverage for all Americans.  Then we saw the reality of losing your present plan and likely your doctor as well; we saw the premiums and deductibles increase enormously; and we learned that millions of responsible Americans who had always provided their own insurance could not get equal coverage at all; and we further learned that many of those that Obamacare was intended to cover are either not signing up, or are going immediately to Medicaid if they do sign up.  Is any of this progress?


Then after all of this shakeup leaving Liberals quaking in their boots, the CBO informs us that under Obamacare 2.5 million Americans will lose their jobs, meaning that the remaining population lucky enough to still have jobs under the ACA will be taxed even higher in order to pay for all of the people getting insurance coverage while unemployed.


So while the Dems wrung their hands and worried that all of their massive government takeover was falling apart before their eyes, the White House came to their rescue with a talking point stating that the 2.5 million people newly without jobs because of Obamacare are the lucky ones because they can now stay home and make meals for the family (they will have to make their meals at home because there will be no money for restaurants, no money for vacations, no money for a new car, no money for a new home, no money for new clothes for the kids).  The new phrase from Obama is that these unemployed are escaping “job-lock”.  Then can just claim retirement and stay at home and be given healthcare.


But this new lie, intended to cover up all of the former lies, steps on the toes of the liberals’ latest immigration offering and its justification: the newly citizenized illegals will do the work that Americans won’t do (or in this most recent iteration, it’s the work that Obamacare won’t let Americans do).  So it appears that the Dems want to get the new citizens out of the closet and north of the border so they can do these unfilled jobs.  But isn’t that discrimination against the new-comers?  Obama has been repeating a lie lately that the American way to success is to work hard, invest and prosper.  But he’s forcing many current workers to become happily unemployed, and then allowing their replacements to have the jobs that will lead to success and prosperity.  Or will the next whopper be that the immigration plan will also assure that none of the border-crashers will have to work, because that would be discrimination?  Then the new rationale will be that the new citizens also will not do the work that Americans won’t do.


And the most recent lie is that Republicans are responsible for the recent murder of a young woman in the sanctuary city of San Francisco by an illegal alien who sought refuge from his past crime convictions, which sanctuary and refuge Obama fully supports in spite of existing laws that prohibit such a farce, but Obama will not allow the laws on the books to be enforced.  However, the fact that the criminal killed the innocent woman while taking advantage of his illegal presence in America and Obama’s non-deport policy, plus the fact that the killer should either be in Mexico or in prison, makes the killing the responsibility of Republicans.  We are in a bizaro-world of Obama’s creation.


The lies just keep on coming, and the crimes against the American people just keep getting bigger and more deadly.  So far only Donald Trump has spoken clearly in plain English about this unbelievable immigration issue, and all he has gotten for his efforts is criticism, from left and right both.  The other Republican candidates had better pay attention, wise-up, and have the courage to tell the truth about what’s happening to our country or the Dems will walk all over them and blame them for all the ills Obama has so artfully crafted.  Telling the truth is not speaking rudely or abusively about your opponents. It’s, well, just telling the truth.


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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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