Under Obama, Everything Is A “New Normal”

We’ve been told for years that Bush and the capitalists destroyed our economy and increased unemployment and that we must accept the reality of reduced opportunity and stolen liberty that George Bush left behind.  But it appears that under our beloved leader and ruler, Barack Obama, everything has only gotten ominously worse, so now we have to accept the “new normal” that Obama has given us.

Because of the unconstitutional Obamacare and the onslaught of unlawful regulations by the EPA, unemployment is up greatly and wages are stagnant at best.  And because Obama doesn’t have the brains or the courage to make difficult decisions, he dithers (except when a fast decision is needed that will negatively impact the middle class and the economy), and in the case of ISIS, his indecision is allowing our enemy to win and is assuring that terrorist activity around the world will continue and likely increase.  It’s also causing greater fear in Israel because Obama’s pals campaigned against Netanyahu in the latest election there, and because Obama says he will not support Israel if fighting breaks out in the area.

Obama, along with the Commie New York Mayor, Bill DeBlasio, and accompanied by the racist activist Maryland prosecutor, Marilyn Mosby and the Mayor of Baltimore, has greatly and negatively impacted the police forces of the United States.  New York City, Baltimore, Chicago, Ferguson, Dallas and other cities have experienced major attacks on police officers with the threat of more attacks to come, because leftists don’t want criminals to be punished.

The nations of the world that used to be our allies have wisely learned to NOT trust Obama and are looking at the U.S. as a flawed nation that can’t be trusted to keep its word nor do the right thing when action is required.

Under Obama the office of the president has taken on dictatorial powers as Obama issues unconstitutional executive orders in rapid succession.  Immigration has become a critical item as our president invites illegals to cross our borders, hires transportation and lodging for these invaders well in advance of their arrival and then whisks them away to hide throughout the nation.  How many of the children illegally entering our country were beaten, tortured and raped along the course of their long trek?  And how many were enslaved or killed along the long and dangerous path that we’ll never hear of? This last point is important because it’s part of Obama’s plan that the children will come here alone and unprotected by parents, and then our government will pay to have their parents flown to the U.S. to join them, using the idiotic logic that Americans want families to live together, not be separated, so Mom and Pop are flown here instead of flying the children back home.

Even if it’s true that more Americans have healthcare now than ever before, under Obamacare millions of Americans lost the coverage they wanted, liked and could afford, and many who are now on Obamacare can’t afford to use it because of the high deductibility rates of Obama’s plan, so these unfortunates are effectively, again, without health care.

Obama is proving his untrustworthiness in the nuclear talks with Iran.  He won’t impose sanctions that will hurt the Mullahs and he won’t insist on instant investigations to check on illegal development of nuclear weapons.  In short, Obama is aiding the Iranians to develop nuclear weapons.  The civilized world is shocked at his stupidity, but Americans know this is just what you get when a community organizer promises to “fundamentally transform America”.

And next comes the social engineering that Obama became president for.  The HUD plan to establish government welfare housing in middle class communities throughout the nation is being pushed hard by the administration.  This means that middle class housing that most Americans aspire to will have their property values destroyed so people who have not had any ambition or discipline in their lives, who have not taken the effort to get a decent education, who have not put off having children until they were economically stable, and who have not gotten a job and stayed employed, are going to be taking over the more desirable neighborhoods.  And, as already discussed, these welfare people will be moving into these unsuspecting, pleasant neighborhoods with the police forces already under physical and verbal attack by liberals and criminals alike, and whose officers have begun to back off from enforcing laws out of fear of themselves being killed or prosecuted for just being police and enforcing the law.

Obama’s repeated, unending soft attacks on America have reduced its citizens’ expectations of living a prosperous and successful life and have created a lowered “new normal” level of evaluating what’s good and bad and how much of it we can and should expect.  We have been manipulated into accepting higher unemployment, more crime, less income, a weakened and reduced military and less liberty.  And when that happens Barry becomes the winner and is totally successful in his presidency.


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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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