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Victims Deserve to Get Attacked Because They Ask for it

The long heard line from the left about rape victims is that regardless of how a victim dressed or acted – rape is solely the fault of the attacker – and I agree. But now, when an event featuring cartoons of Muhammad is to blame – it’s the victims fault, because she asked for it.

Winning-cartoonPamela Geller put on an event in Garland, Texas to find the best cartoon art of the prophet Muhammad. Muslims believe that any depiction of Muhammad is blasphemy. In America, we call it free speech.

Two ISIS-backed terrorists attacked the event and were stopped by a 45 caliber pistol-wielding cop (aka Hero.)

Now, liberal pundits, main stream media talking heads, democrats in-general and even the Garland Mayor are saying that Geller – the victim – basically goaded those muslims into going all jihadi on the place. Basically, they say she was asking for it.

The Mayor of Garland castigated Geller for choosing his town as the place for her event:

Mayor Douglas Athas said he wished Ms. Geller, co-founder and president of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, hadn’t picked Garland as the site for Sunday’s event, the Dallas Morning News reported.

“Certainly in hindsight, we as a community would be better off if she hadn’t,” he told the paper. “Her actions put my police officers, my citizens and others at risk. Her program invited an incendiary reaction. She picked my community, which does not support in any shape, passion or form, her ideology.


Of course the mayor spends no time admonishing the two body armor-clad wanna-be-mujaheddin who would definitely have struck somewhere else if not there, some other day if not that night.

Terrorists are looking for a reason to attack and need their deeds to bear symbolism. It Wasn’t about drawing Muhammad cartoons, it was that Americans were doing something Islamists didn’t like – and they needed to be punished for it.

The media and this ill-thought mayor are saying that if a scary person tells you not to do something, do NOT be brave – just do what they say. Then again, that’s exactly how Sharia law works.

Who’s up for a good stoning?

Piss-ChristNow turn the tables again. Remember “Piss Christ” where an artist submerged a crucifix into a jar of urine as an art exhibit? Christians were outraged at what they saw as blasphemy and the display was ultimately vandalized. The media – blamed the vandals, not the artist.

It’s a double-standard. Islamic terrorists are becoming some sort of protected class. Our political correctness will be the weakness they exploit so they may expand, strengthen and attack – over .. and over .. and over.

Then again, it’s our fault – because we asked for it.

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Rich Mitchell

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