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Leon Panetta, Political Hack


To say that Fearless Leader Barack Hussein Obama is having scandal problem would, indeed, be an understatement. There is not enough space at CDN to cover all scandals, so let’s look at one: the Benghazi cover-up. Let’s further focus on the Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta.

About the Benghazi attack, Panetta said:

“(The) basic principle is that you don’t deploy forces into harm’s way without knowing what’s going on; without having some real-time information about what’s taking place. And as a result of not having that kind of information, the commander who was on the ground in that area, Gen. Ham, Gen. Dempsey and I felt very strongly that we could not put forces at risk in that situation.”

Panetta was referring to head of U.S. Africa Command General Carter Ham and to chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey when he made that statement to a Pentagon reporter.

But, regarding not “knowing what’s going on,” we have learned that CIA personnel at the Consulate annex, which was under fire for approximately 8 hours, were in constant radio contact with their headquarters. Also, two unmanned drones were sending real-time video images to Defense and State Department officials in Washington.

Did you know that Panetta was in the Army? There is one truism, one basic principle about ALL branches of the military, about ALL military personnel, about ANY situation: RESCUE! – NOW!. I can only suppose that Panetta forgot that basic principle when he became a political hack in order to further his career.

Testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee in February, Panetta said:

“I think with regards to those specific individuals that were involved in this attack there was a gap. We didn’t have the intelligence that would have given us a heads-up that this kind of thing was going to happen.”
“We’ve got a lot of resources that are there … but if you have an area where you don’t have resources there, if you don’t have good intelligence, then it’s going to create a gap.”

So Panetta, in CYA mode, blamed an “intelligence gap” for his non-response.

Panetta is living proof of what happens when one becomes a political hack.

But that’s just my opinion.
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  1. Alright folks, here’s what is being covered up by everybody from Penetta to Clinton, to Obama.
    1.)The CIA notified Obama 48hrs. before the attacks that the embassy was going to be hit for 9-11. Obama knew the attack was coming.
    2.)And here’s the main issue with Obama. Obama had already made a deal with the Lybian Security Forces to protect our embassy and personnel. Obama is a very very strong supporter of anything and everybody Islamic, Muslims. He cares more for the rights and future of Islam and Muslims than he does for American’s. He has been a very strong supporter of the PLO for many years. He trusted the Lybian’s and wasn’t about to allow American military to step foot on Islamic land on his watch. That’s why he gave Hillary orders to remove the Marines from the embassy’s in the Middle East. He just must show the Muslims that he is the life long friend and supporter no matter what. I can’t stress enough his committment to the Muslim cause over American security and American’s lives and purpose, Obama believes that if you are not a supporter of mission of Islam than you are evil and should die. I know that sounds crazy, but his support of anything Muslim is beyond belief.
    3.) When the attack came he wasn’t about to embarrass the Lybian’s by sending in our military to rescue our people because he trusted that they would honor their side of the arrangement he made with them. Two days after the attack on the campaign trail he was asked by a reporter why our people were killed when we had military that could have saved them. His responce was, “I made arrangements with the Lybian Security Forces to protect our embassy and our personnel.” When pressed by this reporter as to what happened to the arrangements and why the Lybian’s weren’t able to protect our ambassitor, Obama said, “It didn’t happen.” meaning their end of the deal he made with the Lybian Security Forces fell through and the protection they promised him, “…didn’t happen.”.
    4.)Why did he not try to save our people on the ground when it was obvious that Al Quaeda was going to destroy our embassy and kill the Ambassitor? Obama is totally committed to not ever allowing American military to kill a Muslim on his watch…not ever! You may ask, “Then why is he allowing Muslims to be killed in Afghanistan?” It’s not his war, it’s Bush’s war. Obama didn’t do that, Bush did. Obama is cleaning up Bush’s mess. That’s why he announces when our troops are getting out in order to give the enemy the opportunity to recover and come back stronger than ever. This will make it look like we couldn’t have beat them anyway even if we had stayed. But Obama is not going to let a American soldier kill another Muslim, especially in Lybia. The only reason why he sent our planes into Lybia when the attack on Kadafi took place, and sending our planes into Lybia was unConstitutional, was because the U.N. asked him to. That alone shows you his committment to U.N. dominance over our law that he recognizes as being what he is going to allow in future incedences.
    5.)In Obama’s mind he did nothing wrong. He made a deal with the Lybian Security Forces, that by the way no talk radio or TV program has ever mentioned even though Penetta, Hillary, and everybody knows about it, and because Obama is an idiot when it comes to trusting a people, Muslim’s, and he really did believe that the Lybian’s could and should be trusted when by all obvious evidence that even a ten year old could have seen that the Lybian Security Forces were on the side of Al Quaeda and during the attack led them to the safe house and helped them kill our people there, Obama cannot bring himself to believe that they would lie to him and could not be trusted to guard our people that night.
    6.) Obama will never admit what he did by trusting the Lybian’s was stupid and naive on his part. He will never allow anyone to question his decision to trust the Lybian’s that night and not send in our forces. He will never let anyone tell him that he screwed up and because he is a Muslim he backs everything they believe they should do to us, and that we deserved to be removed from those places in the Middle East where we have no business being and how that removal takes place he doesn’t care and he has no intention of stopping them with whatever they plan on doing, he will never admit he made a mistake by not sending out troops to rescue our people that night.

    So there it is folks, the truth about what happened and why he is coving up what he did. It was just one of those times that Obama is caught off guard and tells the truth to a reporter that I know what he did and why. When he told that reporter, “It didn’t happen.” you could see the “hurt” in his eyes, that he had been let down and was told something that was not what was intended to happen. In short he trusted Muslim terrorists and they lied to him and his feelings are hurt because of it.

  2. The reason why Obama won’t address the Benghazi incident and says that’s something that happened a year ago, and so does his administration people is because he’s done with it. And anything he’s done with is over even as far as his admin people are concerned. You’re asking them questions about something that doesn’t even matter anymore as far as they are concerned. And bringing charges against Obama’s people IS nothing but politics as far as he is concerned.

    Benghazi? He did what he “believed” he was suppose to do…trust Muslims as to what he was told. The situation was just to much for the Lybian Security Forces to handle and unfortunately our people got killed. That’s the way he thinks about all this hub-bub over what happened there. I know it makes us all mad as heck that he would take that attitude about the killing of our people, but you have to understand that he regards the lives of Muslims more important than the lives of American’s.

    He really does believe that our military are a bunch of murderers and should all be punished. Why do you think he’s so detached with the Boston bombing? It’s because for the same reason why he went to bed that night and didn’t even ask about the next day. As far as he’s concerned the Muslims did what they needed to do and that’s that. He’s offended that we would try to attach him to the deaths of our people in Benghazi. He didn’t do that, some protesters did that, and since it’s Muslims who did it, he doesn’t care about what happens to us, or Bostonian’s or anyone else.

    Ronald Reagan would have fired the whole place up that night and got our people out of there. But then again, that would have caused Muslims to be killed and Obama isn’t going to have that especially since they would be killed by American’s. He obhores the fact that we are still chomping at the bit that our military wasn’t let loose that night, and we should still do something to those people because of what they did to our people. Not Obama. If a Muslim dies at the hands of a warmongering American, that is a sin in the eyes of Alla. (did you notice I lift off the “h” at the end?) Read up on who the Arab people worshipped before Muhammed came along and that is who they still worship.

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