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Illegal Aliens: Something’s Wrong Here


Did you know that, on August 20, 2011, drunk illegal alien Nicholas Gauman killed Matthew Denice of Milford, MA? Or that Gauman showed absolutely no emotion when police told him Denice was dead? Gauman simply shrugged when informed of that news. Gauman first hit Denice (who was on a motorcycle), then, despite pleas to stop from Denice and on-lookers, drove an additional quarter mile before stopping. Being in this country illegally is bad enough, driving drunk is bad enough, killing a person is bad enough, that his (lead) attorney, Peter Ettenberg, filed a mental incompetency defense is bad enough, but Judge Janet Kinton-Walker now says Guaman’s “unique cultural background” and lack of an Ecuadorian translator have made him incompetent to stand trial.

Ettenberg, in an e-mail, wrote:

“We have met with him a number of times and it has become clear to us that he simply can’t assist us in defending his case. That’s something to which he has a constitutional right to do. As a result, we retained a neuropsychologist to conduct an evaluation to render an opinion whether Mr. Gauman is competent to stand trial. The doctor’s opinion is that Mr. Gauman is not competent and we so advised the judge.”

Kinton-Walker has ordered Guaman’s attorney to find an interpreter and educate him on the court process. She also said that Gauman lacks the ability to consult with his attorney properly.

It’s interesting to note that Gauman was previously convicted of breaking and entering with intent to commit a felony, and on three assault and battery charges, as well as several other charges. Denice’s mother, Maureen Maloney, said:

“In the past, he’s [Gauman] had other run-ins with the law. He’s been in court multiple times on other charges prior to all this in August 2011 and a Spanish interpreter or no interpreter was used for those hearings and he’s always managed just fine.”

Kinton-Walker was appointed in 2009 by MA Governor Deval Patrick (D). Yes, that’s the same Patrick who has prevented local law enforcement from contacting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and alerting them to criminal immigrants they’ve encountered. And repeatedly, some of those illegal alien criminals have gone on to kill, rape, and harm local citizens. What’s worse is that Patrick STILL opposes enforcing immigration laws.

Gauman was here illegally. The question, then, is: “Why was Gauman allowed to remain in this country so that he could kill Denice?” Gauman’s constitutional rights trump all that he has done. But, Gauman would not have (at taxpayer cost) those constitutional rights if he had been deported in the first place, as current law prescribes. Further, Denice would be alive today.

But that’s just my opinion
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  1. That he is here illegally is a crime… that he murdered someone with no remorse is a crime against humanity… that our government actively – with support of the Obama administration does everything in its power to keep the likes of this man here … is a direct violation of the role of the federal government. However, with the likes of senator Rubio and others actively supporting legalization of these individuals … kick them all out … our government obviously does not work for us anymore. Why should we pay taxes to support a government that obviously does not support us. The family of this “murdered” individual should be able to sue the government for wrongful death. Every time an illegal commits a crime against a citizen … the government should be sued and taken to task for its blatant failure to secure our borders. Do you think this illegal gives a !!** about the rights of Americans!

  2. Warren, Thanks for keeping this issue of CRIMINAL TRESPASSERS in the conversation. This type of incident is NOT limited to “border states”. For what ever reason many fail to connect the dots & see that it is all part of the same problem. In 2007 organizations like Pew Hispanic & F.A.I.R. were reporting 15-25 American Citizens were victims of VIOLENT crimes at the hands of ILLEGALS. Than number is now near 100 EACH DAY. They are raped, murdered, killed by repeated DUI illegals, robbed at gun point etc. ….NOW….will Eric Holder go after Gov Patrick with the same enthusium he did to Ariz Jan Brewer? …Murder is an unniversally understood CRIME….

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