Liberals: Time To Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

The additional cost of providing ObamaCare has gone political, particularly for Papa John’s Pizza. Erin Haust and Matt Vespa and Chris Vaca have written very good CDN articles explaining why the Papa John’s dust up is important to America’s freedom. In another article, Chris Vaca says, “I bring this up because once again they show themselves for what they truly are, hypocrites.”   [emphasis mine]    While Chris’ article was primarily about information, his observations fit so well that I just had to use it.

Where are the liberals when it comes time to actually PAY for ObamaCare? This Salon article says that ObamaCare costs will add 10¢ to 14¢ to the cost of each pizza, or from 0.4 percent to 0.7 percent. Forbes’ Caleb Melby points out “that [John] Schnatter’s underlying logic doesn’t make sense when you look at the numbers.” There’s plenty of cost increase analysis, but no offers to pay for the, according to Melby’s analysis, inexpensive ObamaCare costs.

What is most ironic is that the Salon article concludes, “… the right legislative reforms could potentially reduce that trend line [referring to increasing healthcare costs that ObamaCare is supposed to stop] by more than $3,000 per employee, to $25,435.” Just the opposite has occurred. I can only conclude that ObamaCare was not “the right legislative reforms.”

This MSN article criticizes Papa John’s, saying the pizzas given away cost much more than ObamaCare. I guess the concept of advertising never occurred to MSN writers. But, again, no offer by MSN to pay for ObamaCare costs, only criticism. has failed to be profitable, but it is quick to criticize a profitable business. MSN, part of Microsoft, was, in 2007, not profitable. Microsoft, itself, is very profitable, making a gross profit of “only” $56.19 billion last year, but could not/would not underwrite Papa John’s increased costs. Please let me know if any liberal company/organization/website steps forward and actually pays for or offers to pay for ObamaCare.

Ultimately, as Jim Clayton says, “This ObamaCare isn’t about “really” caring for the people, it is about power.   [emphasis mine]   Nowhere in the Salon or MSN articles could I find any business effect analysis, only criticism of Papa John’s for cutbacks and not providing ObamaCare.

But the truly sad thing is that there many, many other businesses in America forced to provide ObamaCare. And who will ultimately pick up the tab? Us consumers. And there are many, many other liberal sites and businesses that could provide ObamaCare, but that would eat into their profits. Chris Vaca is correct: liberals are, indeed, hypocrites. They are quick to criticize, but never “put their money where their mouth is.”

But that’s just my opinion.

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  1. Kachonka, Reading your comment indicates, to me, at least, you either have not read the articles by CDN contributors & Salon & MSN or have not questioned HOW Obamacare is to be paid for….or perhaps are new to CDN.( in that case, WELCOME) This is another perspective in a conversation that has been taking place on this site for some months now.Aside from ‘learning what’s in IT’ we are trying to figure just how in the heck we’ll pay for it..All Warren is asking of those that critize the decisions of successful businesses & states that opt NOT to participate in Obamacare to offer some solution or answer. In other words “put up or shut up”…”lead or get out of the way” Hope this helps make it more coherent. The post by CDN are still available.

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