Liberal Brown Shirts Strike Again

It seems that free speech and truth are under assault in this country once again, it seems that Hitler’s brown shirt brigade have taken root in America. While Adolf Hitler was rising to power in Germany in the 1930’s he had a group of people dressed in brown shirts, it was their job to silence any person that did not agree with Hitler’s way of thinking, so free speech and truth did not exist, unless they were Hitler’s.

The reason I bring this up, is that this is happening today in America, except the brown shirts are now called Liberals. Believe me they are a shifty and dangerous group of people, they are the true fascists of today. You have to watch out for them, because they are the complete opposite of what they preach. They preach they are for tolerance and against hate, yet if your views differ from theirs, they are the first to attack and viciously I might add.

I bring this up because once again they show themselves for what they truly are, hypocrites. The election is over; business owners were waiting to make a move because they wanted to see who was going to win, Romney was their choice because he would have been better for business. After Obama won, many businesses around the country announced layoffs, Papa John’s Pizza announced cutbacks because of Obamacare, it is just too expensive. Right away the brown shirts, sorry, I mean the Liberals came out attacking Papa John’s for lying about Obamacare. According to them, Papa John’s was lying about Obamacare only because they hated Obama and wanted to hurt him anyway they can, so they called for a national boycott; do not buy Papa John’s pizza. Now I must say, Liberals are pretty stupid to think that a man would deliberately prevent his business from growing, just to spite Obama, morons.

Like Jack Nicholson said in the movie A Few Good Men, “They can’t handle the truth.” The fact of the matter is, Obamacare is a job killing monstrosity of a bill, the negatives outweigh the positives tenfold, but the truth must not be told because it is not the truth that Liberals believe in. In addition, who can forget the big Chick- Fil-A fiasco, because the President of the company believes in traditional marriage, as I do and millions upon millions of people of this country do as well, he was demonized and a boycott was called for.  However, the brown shirts, I mean the Liberals were stopped in their tracks when the whole thing blew up in their faces. It seems that the normal people of this country had a plan of their own, that was to pick a day and eat at Chick-Fil- A. The response was so overwhelming, that Chick-Fil-A had its most profitable day in the history of the company, three cheers for the normal people of this country.

When it comes to the brown shirts, I mean Liberals; I don’t understand why I keep confusing the two? I guess maybe it is because they are one and the same. If it is not their idea of truth, the rest of us must not believe it and God forbid we should speak out. You see free speech and truth belong only to the Liberals and if you disagree, be prepared to be bombarded with all the hate they can muster, tolerance, I do not think they know the meaning of the word, although they say that is what they stand for.

In addition, during the election, a few actresses had the nerve to say that they supported Romney for President, how dare they, can you imagine someone actually voting their conscience in Hollywood, they need to move out immediately, can’t have none of that, now can we?  These poor women were attacked viciously on Twitter, with words I have not used since I was a juvenile, but that is the mindset of a Liberal I guess, juvenile that is.

The problem is that most people back down when they are attacked, therefore the Liberals win their argument, that is how they stifle free speech. I for one made a vow years ago never to be politically correct, as a matter of fact, I go out of my way to be politically incorrect, because I know it annoys them. This is America, we are allowed to have our own views, without being attacked for them, but the Liberal brown shirts seem to have forgotten that, I guess they think they are back in Nazi Germany, I tell you, sometimes it feels like it.

Remember, Liberals, Progressives, Socialists, Communists, Marxists are all cut from the same hunk of wood.


This is one man’s opinion.





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