ObamaCare; We Warned You This Would Happen

Well it is happening, we told you it was going to happen, but all you Liberal Democrats were bent on defending a bill you knew nothing about and never even thought of reading. The only reason you defended it was because it was a bill passed by Democrats, that is all you cared about. The Republicans kept warning you what was going to happen if the bill became law, but all you saw was free health-care, the word free was stamped on the inside of your eyelids so that is the only thing that you saw.

As soon as Obama was re-elected, companies started laying off workers; it is just too damn expensive. However, instead of seeing the reality, the left is doing what it does best, blaming the business owner, it makes more sense to the left, that a business owner would rather shrink its business just to spite Obama. Let me try this once again, hopefully the left will start to get it.    IT IS A JOB KILLING BILL.

Let’s look at Applebee’s restaurants in the New York City area, they announced that the company was freezing employment and would not build any new restaurants. President Obama’s re-election meant that Obama-Care was likely to be fully implemented, costing his company millions of dollars and significantly raising the cost of hiring a worker. That statement prompted outrage and threats of a boycott, (the left is good at that) but he was far from alone. Already John Schnatter, CEO of Papa John’s Pizza, has announced that he would likely lay off some workers. Earlier, Schnatter said that Obama-Care would cost his business $5 billion to $8 billion annually, forcing him to increase the price of pizzas.

Meanwhile, two other restaurant chains, Olive Garden and Red Lobster, are moving many of their employees off full time work in order to avoid the law’s mandate that anyone working more than 30 hours must have insurance. The owner of 40 Denny’s in Florida, says he will add a 5% surcharge to customer bills in 2014 to cover his increased costs. In addition, Dana Holdings, an auto-parts manufacturer with more than 25,000 employees, says it too is exploring Obama-Care-related layoffs. There is something that the left just cannot seem to get through their head, which is a business has to make a profit in order to stay open, if they do not, the business will close and no one will have a job. Nevertheless, maybe that is what the left really wants, since Obama’s goal is to put as many people as he can on Government subsidies, I guess that was his plan all along.

France has the same Government policy, most of the government regulations kick in at 50 workers, while there are over 3,000 companies that employ under 50 people and a little over 600 companies that employ over 50 people, what more proof do you need. Are you on the left getting this, Government regulations kill jobs; it has been proven time and time again, why does it not sink in to those Liberal brains? Even the Congressional Budget Office has said, Obama-Care could end up costing as many as 800,000 jobs. Is that going to wake-up the people on the left? Probably not.

Let’s face it, everything that Obama and the Democrats said about Obama-Care was pretty much a lie, although since not one of them actually read the bill, I guess technically they are not liars, remember Pelosi said “We have to pass the bill so we can find out what is in it.” Smart move.

Let’s face it, this is only the beginning, the truth of what the bill really is will start to come out little by little and people will start to realize that it was nothing more than a way for Government to take over the health care system. One by one, Obama’s lies will start to surface, believe me it is not going to be pretty. The left shouts, now everyone will have health care, well everyone might have an insurance card, but how many are going to have access to health care. This law is going to make health care a two class system, the wealthy will have the best health care because they will be paying cash, while the rest of us will have rationed health care, because there will not be enough doctors to go around.

I want those on the left to remember that old saying, “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.” Remember, you are going to get it too, and it is going to be without Vaseline.

This is one man’s opinion.




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