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What Do Hugo Chavez And Obama Have In Common? Everything

The other day I happen to come across a video on the Inter-Net, on it was a man from Venezuela being interviewed. The interviewer asked the man to describe the kind of man Hugo Chavez was, the man from Venezuela went on for about a minute describing what Chavez has done in Venezuela, when he was done, the interviewer asked the man what was the difference between Chavez and Obama, the man thought for a couple of seconds, then replied, nothing.

Now for all you Liberals out there that keep calling the Right crazy for saying Obama is a Socialist, what more proof do you need. Here is a man living in a Socialist country, who knows what a Socialist is, saying there is no difference between a Socialist leader and Obama, the case should be closed.  Why even in a recent interview with Chavez, he went on about how much he liked Obama and that he would vote for Obama if he could and he was sure Obama would vote for him, pretty buddy, buddy I must say.

Some of the comparisons between Obama and Chavez, according to the man who lives in Venezuela are as follows;

  1. Both Obama and Chavez have the same strategy of going around promising the people of the middle class on down, everything that they want, better housing, more money and a better life.
  2. Both Obama and Chavez plan on doing this by taking from the upper class, the people who are making the most money. “Just like Robin Hood” the man said.
  3. Both Obama and Chavez are waging war against the rich and the big companies, demonizing them so that the rest of the people will turn against them.
  4. Both Obama and Chavez want Government to take over and run health care. It seems in Venezuela they already have socialized medicine, and what does this man say about that? “You can’t find a doctor or medicine, if you go to the hospital, you can’t find anything, if you want something, you have to go out and buy it yourself.” He also went on to say, “it’s crazy, the only thing that works is private hospitals.”
  5. He also went on to say that, the people believe Chavez because they want the free stuff, but still, none of the promises he has made have come true. Just like Obama.

You know I have seen many videos of people who have come here from Socialist countries and they all say the same thing, they came to this country for freedom, but they see this country moving in the same direction as the countries they left. I do not understand why these people do not get a bigger platform; they know firsthand the danger signs of a country that is headed for Socialism. I can understand the left ignoring them, because the left want this country to be more like a Socialist country, but why can’t the rest of the country see the path we are going down?

Just the fact that Chavez said that he would vote for Obama if he could, should tell the American people something, after all, Chavez is a full blown socialist and he does not try to hide it. Obama is at heart a socialist, but he tries to disguise himself as a so-so capitalist, but the left knows where his sympathies are, that is why they vote for him. When a full-blown Socialist is backing Obama, bells, whistles, gongs and horns should be going off in everyone’s head, you know the old saying, “Birds of a feather, flock together.” In other words, A Socialist will always back another Socialist, that is why Chavez is backing Obama.    Case closed.


This is one man’s opinion.





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  1. Looks like you covered the similarity base. NOW, I admit I haven’t seen Chavez’s birth certificate, but is it possible that they have the same daddy. Oh! that’s right I haven’t seen Obama’s eithe…or perhaps they frequented the same bath house
    Seriously we ‘know’ Obama has given him OUR money to drill offshore, don’t recall what Chavez has given back

      1. Right!!! Forgot about the book exchange club. Maybe I’ve become crass or warped but some of this would be zany comedy or a melodrama if it wasn’t so darn dangerous. I’ve never had so many ‘unbeliveable’ moments’ as I’ve had this past 4 yrs! I’ve quit saying “i’ve seen it all” & I’ve walked around with my mouth dropped open that my jaw is out of line..

  2. As someone who has dual citizenship in Venezuela and the U.S. this man has no idea what he’s talking about. If you took the time to watch Venezuelan news, not too long ago Chavez said he condemned Obama. But I guess you can’t expect “journalist” to do their research nowadays.

    1. I guess you were out of the country when there were pictures all over the news of them two hugging, and when Chavez said he would vote for Obama and Obama would vote for him. I guess you missed that.

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