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This Is How The Government Helps Start A New Business

There should now be no doubt in anyone’s mind that without a teleprompter Obama would not have become president. Why you may ask? Because without a teleprompter the truth just happens to slip out of his mouth. As we now know from his latest slip of the truth, that he believes that anyone who starts a business should not take credit for it, but the credit should go to the government. So let us see if we can understand the logic here.

A person decides one day they want to open up a business, so they start saving their money, working 10 to 12 hours a day 6 days a week, sometimes 7 days a week. After 10 years they finally have enough money to start a small business, how was the government helping during that 10 year period? By taking taxes out of the money he slaved for, as he made more money the government would take out more for taxes, the more he made the more they would take. Let us not forget how the government also helped by taking out taxes on the money that he had saved in the bank. It seems to me that they might have been able to start that business in 5 years instead of 10 if the government did not take out so much in taxes.

Now they are ready to open up their business, how does the government help now? Well they help by charging a trunk load of fee’s, not only federal, but state and city as well, not to mention all the government regulations that must be met. Really big help there. After 2 months of paying all the fees and meeting all the government regulation, they are finally ready to open their business. Since it is a new business and they have to work on a shoestring budget, hiring an employee is difficult. All they could afford for the new employee is $5.00 an hour, but wait the government helps again by making them pay $8.00 an hour. So what happens? They cannot hire a new employee, so they have to put in the extra hours to fill the void and someone who could have had a job has to stay on unemployment, another helping hand by the government.

Now 2 years go by and the business is doing very well, they now have 4 employees with plans to hire 2 more. Business is doing so well that they could afford to buy a new home, life is looking good. Now Obama comes along and says, “you guys are making too much money, I have to raise your taxes.” So what happens next? All of a sudden, they cannot hire the 2 more people that they wanted to put on and that brand new house will have to be put on hold because of the added tax burden. Our hats go off to the government once again, thanks.

Therefore, after reading this I am sure you can now understand why Obama said that it is the government that is responsible for all the new businesses that are started in this country. The people who invest their blood sweat and tears are only secondary. I remember my grandfather giving me a piece of advice many years ago, he said if you hear a knock on the door, you open it and it is the government saying that they are there to help you, slam the door, lock it and hide under the bed. It was good advice then and it is good advice today.

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