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Return of the Living Dead: Environmentalism by Other Means

While the environmentalist hordes have been momentarily beaten back, a recent conference Planet Under Pressure 2012 shows the weakened movement is not liable to give up so easily. Leftists intend to get their money and power by hook or by crook. The manmade climate change agenda is a means to that end.

Like every good horror flick, just when you thought it was safe…

The global carbon tax cited at upwards of $76 trillion was miraculously defeated. Note that the world’s scavengers assembled at the UN walked away from the deal — not on principle, mind you, but because they couldn’t decide out how to divvy up the spoils. Those few of us who are still sane breathed a collective sigh of relief.

But the greeniacs are bellying back up to the global juice bar and there is some suggestion that the temporarily thwarted eco-crazies will find a way to accomplish their crypto-marxist agenda through more naked means. Bumbling Joe Biden may have stripped away the enviroprop by blabbing about a global minimum tax, which is fantastic because now that the left’s green push-up bra is off, we can see how sagging the environmentalist movement really is.

In your-face taxation is just not that sexy. The green movement was designed to pertify it.

While Americans were at first mesmerized by the Hayekian snake dance (Selma, not Friedrich), they’ve looked a little closer to find that it’s… Rosie O’Donnell? And is that a hammerhead shark? I’ve got to lay off the tequila.

So far, the millenarians have been content to walk up to our windows and politely ask us for our contributions to the cause. Embarrassed, we have dug into our pockets for a few spare nickels, and they’ve walked off without so much as scraping the windows. But at least the prophets of climate apocalypse had the common decency of hiding our tithes in fuel prices, so as not to bother us with the Jehovah’s witness-like persistence of their shakedowns.

As the environmentalist movement has gotten more exposed, it has also gotten more brazen.

Even as we speak, algae is growing on the Obama economy. Gas prices are killing consumers (due in no small part to those taxes), the EPA is going after coal manufacturers like a bunch of zombified hit men, and the Obama administration is strangling energy production, pulling shenanigans on everything from Keystone to the offshore drilling moratorium to blocking off the ANWR “wildlife refuge.”

Americans are no longer getting that tingly feeling from “going green,” if that means losing more of their green. Now the lefties are just telling us to pay — or else.

No one should really be surprised by the left is clamoring for ever more. Nature abhors a vacuum, and the lack of a principled moral defense of free market capitalism is an ideological void that invites left-wing extremism. If we do not push back on the right terrain, the philosophical terrain, then the millenarianism of the left will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. We must ask ourselves, what good are arguments with leftists about climate data, when they view our current economic system as fundamentally immoral?

We shouldn’t negotiate with the parasites on the terms of our own exploitation. If the end of the world is nigh, so be it. Just because the left is hell-bound, doesn’t mean we have to follow them there.

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