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Another Big Blue State Rejects A Major Pillar Of Democrats’s Climate Agenda

A Maine lawmaker is pulling his bill imposing a carbon tax on citizens as the state sought be the first to adopt one of the key pillars of the Democratic Party. State Rep. Deane Rykerson, a Democrat from Kittery, Maine, announced Thursday that he is pulling a bill imposing the nation’s first statewide carbon tax. He intends instead on creating ...

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Republican Lawmaker Trolled After Introducing A Carbon Tax Bill

Florida Republican Rep. Francis Rooney received a yellow vest on Tuesday, which is meant to be a mockery of his support for taxing carbon emissions. The American Energy Alliance, a free-market energy organization, sent Rooney a yellow vest after the Florida lawmaker signed onto carbon tax legislation. The bill, which was introduced in the House of Representatives earlier in January, calls ...

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Lawmakers Claim Their Carbon Tax Proposal Is ‘Revenue-Neutral.’ It’s Actually A $1 Trillion Tax Hike

Congressional leaders of the House Climate Solutions Caucus are pushing a proposed carbon tax bill as “revenue-neutral.” The bill will likely raise the tax burden by more than $1 trillion without offering any offsetting tax cuts, which is by definition not “revenue-neutral,” Americans for Tax Reform’s Paul Blair told The Daily Caller News Foundation. The House Climate Solutions Caucus claim to revenue-neutrality lies in ...

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Macron Tries Town Halls As He Attempts To Talk Yellow Vests Down

French President Emmanuel Macron is holding a series of town halls across his country in a desperate attempt to quell the angry populace that has risen against him, The New York Times reports. Macron appeared in city of Souillac last week to kick off the “Great National Debate,” a two-month series of town hall meetings where the French president will ...

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Congress Puts A Carbon Tax Back On The Table After It Failed In 2018

A pair of U.S. congressmen from Florida are making a renewed bipartisan push for carbon tax legislation that failed to gain traction in 2018, The Washington Examiner reported. Reps. Ted Deutch, a Democrat, and Francis Rooney, a Republican, are planning to reintroduce a bill Thursday that would place a $15-per-ton tax on carbon emissions in 2019. The tax would rise by ...

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Jeff Flake Will Introduce Bill To Raise Taxes Before Leaving Senate

Jeff Flake unhappy

Sen. Jeff Flake will co-introduce carbon tax legislation in his final two weeks in office. Flake became a prominent anti-Trumper and is now teaming up with Democrats to push climate policies. Most Republicans and conservative groups oppose carbon taxes. Outgoing Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake will soon co-introduce legislation to tax carbon dioxide emissions, according to news reports. Flake, who ...

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Yellow Vests Break Toll Booths Across France

Roads and highways across France experienced more chaos from the “yellow vest” protests Tuesday after protesters began occupying and destroying dozens of toll booths, Reuters reports. Roughly 40 toll sites run by Vinci Autoroutes, the largest toll road operator in France, were affected by protests. Several highways and toll booths suffered heavy damage. “Motorists should take utmost care as they ...

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ConocoPhillips Putting Millions Behind Carbon Tax Push

In a major sign of how the industry is changing its response to the climate change debate, ConocoPhillips is joining other oil and gas giants lobbying Congress for carbon pricing legislation. ConocoPhillips — a multinational energy corporation based in Houston, Texas — revealed to Axios that it will be financially backingAmericans for Carbon Dividends, a self-proclaimed conservative group that is lobbying Congress to ...

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CBO Suggests $1 Trillion Carbon Tax As France Reels From Anti-Carbon Tax Riots

The Congressional Budget Office suggested a $1 trillion carbon tax to help plug the budget deficit. Their report comes as thousands rioted in France, and even in Belgium, over planned increases in fuel taxes. France wanted to raise fuel taxes to reduce oil consumption and fight global warming. It’s been just nine days since the French government abandoned plans to ...

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Tom Steyer Trashed House Republican In Public, and The GOP Lawmaker Threw It Right Back

Florida Republican Congressman Carlos Curbelo was deemed a “pretend environmentalist” by Democrat mega-donor Tom Steyer, despite sponsoring carbon tax legislation and calling for action on climate change. “I thought that guy was ridiculous. That guy is a pretend environmentalist,” Steyer, a billionaire activist, said while he was at an annual United Nations climate conference in Katowice, Poland. The conference has attracted ...

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Nancy Pelosi Wants To Revive Climate Change Panel Behind Cap-And-Trade If Democrats Retake The House

Should Democrats win control of the House this election, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi will ask her caucus to create a select committee on climate change similar to the now-defunct panel behind the failed effort to pass cap-and-trade legislation.

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Conservative Groups Stand Against Carbon Tax

  by Jason Hopkins A coalition of conservative and free-market think tanks are heaping praise on an anti-carbon tax resolution that was recently introduced in the lower chamber of Congress. Americans for Tax Reform, along with more than 20 like-minded organizations, issued a joint statement Thursday in support of a House resolution that explicitly condemns a tax on carbon dioxide pollution. ...

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Return of the Living Dead: Environmentalism by Other Means

While the environmentalist hordes have been momentarily beaten back, a recent conference Planet Under Pressure 2012 shows the weakened movement is not liable to give up so easily. Leftists intend to get their money and power by hook or by crook. The manmade climate change agenda is a means to that end. Like every good horror flick, just when you ...

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