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Joan Walsh Slams Ann Romney

I'm not sure Joan was trying to use a flattering picture here...

If there really is a war on women, then you can file this under “women on women violence”.  Joan Walsh over at says that Mrs Romney owes all of a big fat apology.


I’d like to demand that Ann Romney apologize to all women for equating the “struggle” of a wealthy mother who had full-time household help to that of a poor or working-class job-holding mother, who must choose between her job and her children when a child gets sick. How dare you, madam? Have you no shame? I’d like to demand that Mitt Romney apologize for his wife’s remarks, too. I’d like to hear every prominent Republican denounce Ann Romney for her heinous insensitivity to non-wealthy mothers who must work outside the home.

Wow… Mitt should apologize too.  She goes on to say:

And the fact is, Ann Romney’s experiences are not the average woman’s. She is a woman of great privilege. Most mothers don’t have the “choice” to stay home full time with their kids; they need a paycheck. Meanwhile, her husband supports the Paul Ryan budget, which cuts nutrition programs for pregnant women and new moms and their kids. It cuts Medicaid for poor women and children. It slashes food stamp funding, when women and children make up two-thirds of the people who get food stamps. He wants to get rid of Planned Parenthood, which provides not just contraception but breast cancer and cervical cancer screenings for millions of low-income women.

She then goes onto a tangent involving Bill O’Reilly and Al Sharpton:

I’m sure Ann Romney knows what it’s like to struggle. We all do; it’s the nature of being human. But in the political arena we really ought to be able to distinguish between personal struggles, and struggles that have social and political causes and implications. It reminded me of when Bill O’Reilly told Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, “I’m not black so I don’t know your struggle and you don’t know my struggle because you’re not white.” Nobody knows the troubles Bill’s seen, growing up on the mean streets of Old Westbury. I’m not saying that white people can’t face injustice, but to equate the black and white “struggles” is just ridiculous. Ann Romney is smart enough to distinguish between her own “struggles” and those of women who work at low-wage jobs and struggle to raise their children safely.

If you want to read all of it, you can go here.  (there’s even an 11 minute video where she really tells you how she feels)

So what do you think?  Should Ann Romney apologize?  Or is Joan Wash full of hot air?

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  1. Maybe she needs to change the name of her magazine from salon to saloon and spend more time in one, Her own arrogance and elitism has been showing a lot the last few years–

    It’s not like she has much in common with the waitress supporting two kids either..

    1. Well said! As if this Joan Walsh person is able to speak for all woman of lesser means. These things happen on an individual basis. They are individual choices with individualized consequences! None of us know another man’s or woman’s path until we’ve walked a mile in their shoes. We all make choices and these choices have consequences attached for good or for bad. The leaders of our government in the past have made choices that have led us to these consequences. Government is the solution! The well is DRY! Doesn’t anybody understand that?!!! Somebody better get this financial house in order or we will all be forced to make choices we don’t even want to consider right now. Things will not be pretty when this ship goes down and it is sinking faster than anyone in the media will admit! Obama must go!

  2. oh, I am sorry, did I miss something? Is Joan Walsh in some way relevant that her vitriolic, unhinged rantings would in some way warrant a rational response — even a simple yea/nay vote on a straw man propped up to suit her apologist narrative…?

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