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Counter Punch:Is Media Matters really for America?

The Left-Wing Media Complex, and independent thought, do not usually assist one another when it comes to actually forming coherent ideas.  The DailyCaller recently exposed this; in the first of many articles about the sharing of ideas, information, and attack plans, between the White and Media Matters.  This link between the White House and Media Matters, basically shows that the mainstream media takes their talking points or marching orders from the White House.  These plans were aimed at conservative figures, Fox News, Glenn Beck, the late Andrew Breitbart, and more.  Along with attack plans, Media Matters is used as a way for the Obama White House to push its Marxist Ideology and try to make it look mainstream.

This is enough of a suggestion that the Left-wing zombies do not have the ability to create original ideas of their own. The left works as one big leviathan, it has to make sure everyone consents to an idea and then follows that exact plan, in order for them to control the narrative and force the lie.  An example of this would be the “Buffet Rule,”  which would force wealthier Americans to pay more in  federal taxes.  The question that Americans should ask is, “Why should one individual give more of his/her stuff away, just because he/she has more?”  If the left wanted “Equality” and “Fairness” in America, they would try to work for a flat tax, where everyone pays the SAME percentage, no matter how much money you make in America.  Even with a flat tax in place, the rich WOULD still pay more under, say a 10% flat tax.  If an individual makes 10,000 dollars a year, 10% of that would be 1,000 dollars.  If an individual makes 100,000 dollars, they would pay 10,000 dollars a year.  That is “fair,” and “equal” tax.  When the left calls for “Equality”, they want one group of individuals to be singled out because of their position in America.  They want this group of individuals segregated, and forced to do something different than the rest of Americans.   That is not fair or equal, it is discrimination for the benefit of taking from one individual and giving it to another.  Just because the government puts a smiley face on it, does not mean it is not theft, or just plan wrong to do.

If Media Matters was really FOR America, they would actually break down information with logic and reason.  Just as  I tried to do above, with explaining a flat tax.  However, this is Media Matters, who is nothing more than an attack dog for the left.  They use lies and misinformation over and over again, because they believe if you repeat a lie enough that it becomes truth.  That tactic may have worked in the past, but as the American people start to wake up and see the “man behind the curtain” for who he is.  They are starting to realize that this information from the left is nothing more than lies in order to keep them in power.  For the left wing in America to stay in power they must divide in order to conquer.

Hardly any of these left wing drones do not utilize rational thought for their arguments. They just rinse and repeat the lies and garbage that Media Matters produces because they must pit Americans against Americans in order to force their agenda through.  This is not a very complicated ideology to comprehend; once you know where their ideas come from, you will understand.  If you have read the Communist Manifesto, by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engles,  you will be able to figure out that their ends, justify their means. Recently Theblaze.com broke down the 10 Tenets of Communism in one of their articles, where they laid out how these Tenets could be alive and well in American society today.

On April 18th 2012, Media Matters put out an article called; ” ‘Skin in the Game ‘: Fox Calls for Tax Hikes on Working Americans While Protecting the Rich.’ “  Even though there was actually very little Media Matters input on the reporting, where they just took transcripts from the Fox shows and what the people on the show were saying, the setup that they used in the very first paragraph and in the title of this article, was all that is needed to set the tone for the rest of the reporting.


“Fox News personalities have repeatedly attacked the Buffett Rule, which would require the rich to pay their fair share in taxes. At the same time, Fox News personalities have pushed for tax increases on the poor, arguing that they should have more ‘skin in the game.’

This was the only actually reporting from this Media Matters article.  I already basically broke down the purpose of the Buffet Rule which is an increase on our already existing 2nd Pillar of Communism.  It is a way for the left to try and separate Americans from Americans.  As I ask in the title of this article, Is Media Matters really for America?  The question is, no, if Media Matters  truly liked what America really stands for, they would not try to perpetuate the lies.  The America they want, is nothing more than a utopia, that puts every American in misery, except those who are already in power.  I must believe that America will not continue down this road.  If America is to survive as a great nation, we must stand together against the groups that are out to cause OUR country harm.  We must choose between those two visions.  We must stand against all enemies foreign and domestic.

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Dan Colby (@dpcolby)

I am a United States Army Veteran. Conservative Warrior. Christian. Student. I love America, Capitalism. I am also sick and tired of the Progressive/Left destroying America and her traditions. It is time we stand up and take the fight to them. #WAR I will not sit down any longer. I will not be silent, I refuse to sit by and watch these radicals destroy everything that I love. The fight is on. Let us begin with the ability to fight lies with reason.

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