Sustainable Development is Truly Unsustainable

As the Supreme Court determines whether government can infringe into the depths of our lives, it appears our representatives are leading us toward the creation of global soviets. Where the planning of our lives, commerce, communities and even our health are accomplished through facilitated community groups, centralized planning or the strong arm of the law where only the few in the room truly prosper.

This does not just occur with health care but also with land-use planning. We always hear about sustainable development, open spaces, the value of mixed-use communities, transportation options like light rail, high-speed rail and even bike and walking paths and most of all, the importance of planning.

In describing these amenities, nice sounding buzzwords like green, regionalism and communities are used…sometimes even throwing in the usual mockery of smart growth over dumb growth or sustainable as opposed to unsustainable development.

…then we normally pursue the same pattern of planning meetings, organizing committees, scheduling more meetings. After that master plans are unveiled, maps drawn and ordinances passed with no true evaluation of the success of these programs except the politics involved; as master plans, ordinances, permits and inspections assume control of our private property, dictate the market and control commerce, the only thing we do is work, taxes, sign the bank note and complain during our monthly three minutes at city council meetings. Meanwhile, all that planning and our community resemble other communities throughout United States.

Instead of allowing the free market where each individual contributes their vote to the needs of the community, the blunt instrument of local government and non-governmental organizations are used to force a centralized plan and police the contents of the federal mandates. For if we think that we can concoct a MASTER PLAN, some ordinances and follow it to utopia, we might want to consider history.

Shown is a photograph taken by NASA of the Korean peninsula at night. If you look closely, you will see the Republic of Korea and the Democratic Republic of Korea.

Yes…the most oppressive regime on earth is known as the “Democratic Republic of Korea” and this photograph shows it completely blacked out. As every aspect of life is centrally planned, property and commerce is controlled by the state. It’s sustainable to Mother Earth because there is NO electricity. At least they have guards who protect their borders with land mines, barbed wire and fences but not to keep immigrants out…but the people in.
If we look to their South Korean neighbors …life is booming as individuals plan their lives and contribute to each other, they rely on each other more than their North Korean counterparts. This is because most people are naturally compassionate and take care of each other…that is, if they aren’t in Maslow’s safety or physiological mode.

If you say that this is an isolated incident, we can look at Mao’s centralized plan known as the Great Leap Forward. He moved resources from the fields to making steel and it was the worst famines known to mankind killing over 30 million people. Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Russia and Mussolini’s Italy provide a glimpse of the different directions centralized planning can go. History is quite clear that centralized planning is catastrophic for the masses.

As we embark on our centralized plan to utopia, the question is whether our path is a prosperous nation as we have as a nation where individuals are free to plan their own property and life. Or are we moving toward an oppressive regime like North Korea where federal mandates, high taxes and a disconnected central authority determines our fate.

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