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America’s Race Hustling Poverty Pimps: Al, Jesse, & Barack

As I read stories and opinions about the death of Trayvon Martin I find myself wondering how so much can go so wrong in America, the land of the free and the home of the brave. I can find enough fault on both sides of this tragedy to show the racial hatred being spewed by the usual race baiting hate mongers in the black community to be not only unnecessary but down right evil.

In the first place, George Zimmerman was told by the police that he didn’t need to follow Martin, just give them a description and be available for officers when they got there. I understand Zimmerman’s concern. When help is needed in seconds the police are often minutes, sometimes many minutes, away. Zimmerman stated he was afraid this unknown person would just disappear and the police would find nothing, take a report, and go back to what they had been doing. This happens all too often, especially in cities where police are often overwhelmed with work to do. I am not bashing police here, just making what I believe to be a fair observation. If Zimmerman had done as asked Trayvon Martin would be alive today.

On the other side of this coin are Trayvon Martin’s bad decisions. I imagined myself in this situation and asked myself, “What would I do?” if faced with being followed by an unknown person with unknown intentions. My first thought was not “to hide around the corner of a building and attack the follower when he rounded the corner”. My first thought was to get to where I was going as fast as possible. If I was not able to accomplish that before being overtaken the next choice is to find a suitable place to hide and dial 911 for help. Under no circumstances would I go on the offensive when an unknown person, who could be armed, was following me and I had no idea why. Martin’s actions were ill-advised at best, and stupid at the worst. Martin had a cell phone. Why wasn’t he calling 911 to report he was being followed by a possible assailant instead of talking to his girlfriend?

The combination of bad decisions by both of these men resulted in an unnecessary death. I understand the hurt of the parents; I know the pain of losing a son too early in life. This was a totally senseless situation brought on by bad decisions on both sides of the coin. Enough said about this, now on to the larger tragedy here.

As soon as reports of this tragedy came out, Al Sharpton, smelling a profit, crawled out from under his rock to do his usual stirring up of racial hatred before knowing any facts in the incident. George Zimmerman sounds like as white a name as I have ever heard but is he? Well, partly. It seems, now that we have more information, that he is a multi-racial Hispanic. But this information doesn’t really matter to me, as it doesn’t matter to the race baiters. The “it doesn’t matter”, however, comes for different reasons.

Race isn’t an issue to those of us who see other Americans as Americans instead of seeing race as does Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Spike Lee, the Black Panthers, and other race baiting hate mongers. We now have the Black Panthers offering a $1 million reward for Zimmerman’s head. Isn’t solicitation to commit murder a crime in America? Spike Lee has tweeted Zimmerman’s address. If Zimmerman is assaulted will Eric Holder’s “Justice Department” charge the Black Panthers and Lee as an accomplice or accessory to an assault or murder? Not likely!!!

I wonder where all of these “concerned citizens” were last week when a 90 year old white man and his 85 year old white wife were attacked in their home in Tulsa, Oklahoma by a young black man and unknown accomplices. The woman (again, 85 years old) was raped and beaten to death. The man is clinging to life in ICU at last reports. Where are the $1 million dollar offers from the Black Panthers? Where is Al Sharpton and his megaphone? Where is Jesse Jackson to offer financial help to the family of this couple as he did in the Duke Lacrosse case? Where is Spike Lee to tweet this animal’s home address for the angry mobs to go kill him? Where is Barack Obama and his condemnation of black violence against whites? Remember Eric Holder saying black on white violence would not be investigated by the same “Justice Department” who is jumping through hoops to convict Zimmerman before the sun rises tomorrow?

Last week I read a story from Chicago about a 6 year old boy killed as a result of gang violence, and a 1 year old clinging to life by a thread from the same shooting. This was black gang members trying to kill a rival, but killing babies instead. Where are the Black Panthers? Where is Al Sharpton? Where is Jesse Jackson? Where is the $1 million reward for the heads of those who hurt these innocent children in an indiscriminate shooting? Where is Spike Lee and his Twitter account when needed?

Several years ago we had the Tawana Brawley incident. She reported that white men raped her, smeared feces on her, and repeatedly called her “nigger”. After Al Sharpie crawled out from under his rock to drum up money for himself he found out it was all a lie. Did he apologize? Did he give the money back? No, he just stirred up unnecessary racial hatred, raked in his millions, and crawled back under his rock until the next opportunity arose.

Remember the Duke Lacrosse case a few years ago? A black prostitute claimed she was raped, beaten, and called “nigger” by white members of the Duke Lacrosse team. Along came Jesse and Al to the rescue. As it turned out, after the flames of racial hatred had been fanned to a roar, the entire story was found to be a huge lie. Even the District Attorney in the case did everything he could to profit politically, from a case he knew was a lie. Once again, Jesse and Al raked in their millions and crawled back under their rocks to await the next incident they could use to fan racial hatred and make a few million dollars for themselves.

And once again Barack Obama, the Usurper in Chief, has jumped into the fray to stir up racial hatred and try to gain some votes without knowing the facts. Remember the famous “beer summit” that resulted when the cop wanted to know why the college professor, who was reported by neighbors to be breaking into a house, was there? It turned out the house belonged to the professor and he had lost his key or left it somewhere. All the policeman did was his job, but he was turned into a monster by the same race baiting hate mongers we have seen so many times before. What if that had been a mugger breaking into the house of an elderly woman with no protection other than that policeman? Oh well, the white guy has to be wrong regardless of the facts. And the racism is where?

Obama was to be the first “post-racial” president, but alas, that hasn’t happened. Racial polarization is worse than it has been since the 1960’s. White people voted in droves for a black man, or half black, to prove they weren’t racists. Instead of pointing out the fact that white voters seem to be over racism he makes racial strife the keynote part of his agenda. Instead of taking the moral high ground and urging people to look at this as a tragedy that resulted from a set of preventable circumstances on both sides, he jumps in with both feet to help Al Sharpie & Company fan the flames of racial hatred. Obama has shown himself to be as racist and as much of a hate monger as the “Justice Brothers”.

All of these men call me a racist and a hate monger because I am white and believe in finding the facts first. You were able to see my view on this at the beginning of this article. What is the difference between my approach and that of the blacks who are raising so much hell about this Florida shooting? Am I or other white people out in the media calling for riots over the attack, rape, and murder of that elderly white woman by a young black man in Oklahoma? No, of course not. That would be an asinine and wrong stand to take. If I offered $1 million for his head would that be racist?

Racism is alive and well in America but it isn’t the whites who are stoking the fires of racism, or even committing racist acts. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, Spike Lee, Louis Farrakhan and other liberals can’t open their mouths without fanning the fires of racism, and doing it to make a profit for themselves. They don’t care about the black community. These people only care about the money they make off of racial hatred.

The fact that Barack Obama does the same thing on a regular basis (African-Americans for Obama campaign ads, for instance) is not only an act of racism against We the People, it is detrimental to our nation. It is even more detrimental to members of the black community. Blacks are being used by profiteers. This kind of rhetoric is not conducive to a harmonious future in America. The divide and conquer tactics of these people are intended to enslave all ethnic groups, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, etc. equally.

The only way to overcome the tactics of division are for We the People to unite in rejecting those who divide us. God made all of us and all of us need to come together against the strife spread by the agents of Satan. We can come together, One Nation Under God, or we will live as one nation under tyrants. The choice is ours. As for me and my house, we choose One Nation Under God. My heart goes out to both families in this tragedy. Let’s not waste our time ripping each other apart for no good reason. Let’s unite, under GOD, against those who use tragedies like this one for profit and to divide a nation unnecessarily.

I submit this in the name of the Most holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

Bob Russell
Claremore, Oklahoma
March 27, 2012

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Bob Russell

Graduated from Classen High School in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in May, 1968. Enlisted in the U S Army on December 11, 1968, serving 3 years in the 7th Special Forces Group as a Heavy Weapons Expert, attaining the rank of Sgt. E 5. upon separation went to work at Southwestern Bell Telephone on January 17, 1972 and retired on August 31, 2003. Also spent 1 year on active reserve as a member of the 14th Special Forces Group. attaining the rank of Staff Sgt. E6. started and operated a business installing wiring for telephone, data, and video surveillance systems from October 2003 until December 2011. Suffered a debilitating stroke on August 19, 2014. Now recovering and doing volunteer work at the Claremore, Oklahoma Veterans Center. Attends church in Claremore at CedarPoint and LifeChanger churches. Married to wife Marsha since August 2, 1989 with 4 daughters and a deceased son, 12 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.

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  1. Well I have a lot to say about this article. Hum Trayvon did stupid things? The victim. First of all as we know police do not show up within minutes or many minutes it can hours. Trayvon had a right to stand his ground since he was being persued by a unknown white male and adult and he was a child. He could have been a predator, serial killer or just a nut. Zimmerman was told to stand down. He is not the law and no right to persue an individual after Police told him they would handle it.

    As for Al, Jesse and others you cannot talk about your horse and buggy breaking down if you don’t have one. If it quacks like a duck most likely it is a duck. Everone had the right to be defended and it up to the Justice System to prove their guilt or innocence. The activist are there to protect people. If people lie to them they have no way of knowing what the truth is. Just becasue someone is acquitted it just means that they were not guilty beyond a resonable doubt. It takes 12 people to convict. In these civil rights cases the jury is often divided white and black. Sometimes more white than black and as we know in the past at times today all white jury participants are convicting black people. However; you rest assured that Zimmerman will not have an all black jury. If he did that would be ok because justice is based on the facts right. A persons personal opinion does not come into play right. I would like to see a review of cases where all white jury panels have convicted black people.

    As far as I know the New Black Panther Party has offered 10,000.00 for the apprehension and detaining of Zimerman. Which is a right of Americans to make a citizens arrest. This is dangerous, which is why no one had done this or people do not do this. This is a job for trained professionals. People are frustrated that this man may walk.

    People did not vote for Obama to prove that they were not racist , they voted for the best person available. Only 2% of Americans participate in the voting process. Of that percentage how many are white. There are so many that did not vote in the 2009 election, this is a samll percentage of people that voted for a black man what about the others who did not vote or refusted to vote because a Balack man was on the ticket.

    As for the depraved act of raping an elderly person, most likely he was mentally disturbed and seeking money, he probably did not target them on their race.
    People only hear about a small percentage of what happens in black communities. Al, Jesse and others do not have enough hours in a day to help everyone.

    Black on Black crime is a problem in our neighborhoods is a prolem because you have deprived people in a concentrated area. Middle class blacks see less of this because of the econmic conditions in their neighborhoods. I know this first hand. It’s not the color of ones skin that is the problem it is econmic conditions. As long we are the last hired first fired this will continue. If you give every black person a job crime will decrease dramaticlly. No one wantes to be debased by collecting a check every week. Their is pride in working and sense of accomplishment that cannot be matched by a free check. Once one hears a bout a job we tell all our friends and they go any apply. Most times we get hired, it may not be a position other would accept but, it is a job.

    Frustration makes one think of revolution, riots and revenge. Basically we are a peaceful people. Where else can you enslave people never compenstate their ancestor, I am talking about reparations, we never got the 40 acres and a mule to help us get on our feet. We were told you are free everyman for himself and by the way we aint given you a job. “we dont pay niggers”

    One would say this was a long time ago. I dont think so
    Jim Crow , segragation, discrimination, lychings took it’s toll on us. The Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964 or 1965. We had bbeen behind prior to that, and sneaky Jim Crow activities exist today. I remember you only needed a job to get an apartment. Now you need good credit. Without you can not live in certain neighborhoods gues which ones, the nice ones. or oops the white ones. ” you aint livin’n in my neighborhood” It’s difficult to have god credit when you are the last hired first fired or worst scenario you have a racist supervisor and are forced to leave your employment because you can’t take the pressure. Yeah Equal oppourtunity laws, prove it. We suffer high blood pressure not neccearily form our diets but the in justices we must face daily. I sing ” I am proud to be an American” by that Greenwood guy. but now I say I’m proud to be an American at least I know I’m free as long as walk with my out and don’t wear a hoodie. I gladly stand up next to you and defended her here today. I am proud to be an American God Bless the USA. I will sing it this way until Zimmerman is in jail for lif or convicted of life in prison without parole.

    I have always sung I am proud to be an American prior to this incident and now eagerly awaiting to sing it accurately.

    1. So the pack of lies spewing from “Al and Jesse’s” mouths is now the new ‘Singing it accurately” as those two racism-profiteering clowns flamed the claims of racism to a fever pitch about the black hooker and the Duke LaCross team raping her and calling her a nigga… and then it was all proven to be one big fat, disgusting lie! SING that one acurately!

    2. You still begging to be given a living.. or a mule and 40 acres based on the color of your skin in today’s America? Seems to me you are still living in the victim-card days of the lazy common-beggar syndrome also known as a simple lack of personal responsibility and work ethic.

      Condoning vigilante justice against the rule of law just because you are black, brown, or green still makes you no better than the rest of the common criminals ignoring the law today. i suppose you are a big fan of Rep Bobby Rush too… you know the Communist felon and another member of the cowardly Black panthers.

    3. What a pack of yak squeeze. Everything I wrote is accurate whether you like it or not. Spin doesn’t work with me. I was fair to both sides. If these race hustlers are so interested in saving black children send them to Chicago and stop the killing there, done by blacks against blacks. In less than 100 days 100 blacks have been murdered by other blacks. The problem is that doesn’t fit the money making tempolate of morons like al sharpie and jesse jackasson. They only come out from under their rocks when they smell a profit. If you care about dead balck children then get with the program and off the race hustling crap that no one with a brain is buying. I’m sure those sissy panther punks are interested in justice, why else would they put a wonated dead or alive reward out for him. Get a grip and put your concern where it will do the most good.

    4. shut up that is the most typical idiocy I’ve ever heard. You blacks always feel the need to defend ONLY blacks in any case and especially before there is a verdict. Its such a double standard like when OJ wasn’t found guilty and every black person in America cheered like animals and it was only because of the color of his skin. Congrats Blacks are definitely more racist than any other race in America. Ya blacks don’t have any opportunity ya right! Why does ever other minority in America find work ha ha I’m so sick of this your just a useful idiot for the Obama admin congrats!

  2. I think the Government should place all white folks on a Reservation! We could have a Black and White war.


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