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So Obama’s A Christian Now?

For an outfit that never misses a beat when comes to denigrating Conservative Christian values, the mainstream media was certainly holier than thou recently over a perceived attack by Rick Santorum on Obama’s Christianity. And while Santorum, his staff, and conservative commentators were quick to point out that the snippet of video that had so many of the left outraged, was actually taken completely out of context, and quite deliberately so. No one asked the most basic, most pertinent question: How is Obama a Christian?

While this omission is understandable from Santorum and his camp, who are clearly smarter than to fall into the Christian fanatic narrative the left is already desperately trying to spin. It is unforgivable from the Conservative Commentariat, who passed up on a golden opportunity to force the media into a corner of their own creating.

The umbrage was all the main stream media’s over the perceived (read: manufactured) question to their messiah’s Christianity. That being the case, the following simple questions would not have been out of place in a rebuttal:

1. Obama is on the record for opposing a ban on partial birth abortion. In the Illinois Senate he opposed a bill which would have prevented the killing of infants who survived the abortion procedure. And he has stated openly of his daughter’s “if they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby.” Explain to me how these are the actions of a Christian?

2. The Obama Administration has recently tried to strong-arm the Catholic Church into providing medical services through its clinical satellites to which it is manifestly spiritually opposed. How is this Christian?

3. Obama has denounced the Defense of Marriage Act as Unconstitutional. His refusal to defend a law which was brought into being with overwhelming support from both sides of politics, undeniably paints the leader of this nation as weak on the issue of the exclusive sacredness of the marital union between one man and one woman. How is this Christian?

4. Obama’s guiding philosophy of collectivism, in which men and women become subordinate to a state which centrally controls their lives from cradle to grave, stands in manifest opposition to the self-evident liberty and individual responsibility we have been endowed with by a Creator. What is Christian about this?

5. Obama has embraced black liberation theology. This doctrine condones the use of force to abrogate any individual rights which stand in the way of perceived racial justice. For the indoctrination of many that in the name of inherited injustices, they are entitled to use force against those who have broken no law themselves, how can this theology be called Christian?

6. Racial vilification has been used to bludgeon the President’s critics. What is Christian about ascribing the vilest of motivations to those who have gathered peaceably to protest the ever increasing growth of Government in their lives?

There are many more questions besides these six. For the simple reason that Obama is about as far from a Christian as it is possible to get. This is in no way revelatory. And it is long past time for those who have not already been pigeon holed by the tag of Christian to challenge the left media when they raise the topic of the President’s Christian credentials. After all, they have been the ones to produce the rope. So why don’t we allow them to hang themselves with it?

Vaughan Starr is a freelance writer. Professional inquiries may be directed to mrvstarr@gmail.com

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One Comment

  1. HI – I just want to say that I do value your believes and opinion. I have many of the same Christian values. I just want to let you know that I have strong ancestrial ties to this Nation and the Founders, and I feel an obligation to maintain our communnual efforts in unifiying our Nation under One GOD INDIVISIBLE! So therefore, I believe it is best to leave the doctrine stating seperation of church and State alone and make no further adjustments. Otherwise, we are are not on the path intended. You are tweaking and pressuring, and making moral judgements for those that God may mercy for the Devil has a hold on this country just as much as it does your individual “cravings” and “desires.” So speaking of christianity make sure you are following your hearts and not loving only your own, but all. ONE LOVE. ONE NATION INDIVISIBLE.

  2. Stephanie, Maybe you’ve not read the Constitution. The Separation bit is a lie in this way. The 1st Amendment clearly states that “Congress shall make no Law respecting the ESTABLISHMENT of Religion..” Now, in civics class, you should have learned HOW Congress makes a Law. What this Amendment wanted to prevent, was an American equivalent of the Church of England. That’s what Jefferson was telling the Danbury Baptists. They had nothing to worry about because Congress could make no Law. It was NOT about removing any mention of religion, especially the Christian religion, from the public square. That lie is of Satan. As to Obama’s beliefs. The Bible says “By their fruit you shall know them.” So far, his fruit is quite enlightening.

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