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Mitt, Answer the Question! Please

William Way, Jr.
Tonight I saw it again. Its getting old and tiring. No, it is down right tedious.

The moderator’s question was in essences “Each candidate. What misconception is out there about you that you would like corrected?”

All the candidates, except Mitt Romney chose to answer the question. Mitt Romney, who couldn’t get re-elected governor of Taxachusetts, yet felt he has carte blanche to attack Rick Santorum for not getting re-elected as a senator, decided he was above answering the question. His response when nudged by the moderator to answer what was asked responded with “You ask the question you want, and I’ll answer the question I want!”

Did I get caught AGAIN?

I have watched all the debates twice now and that has been Mitt Romney’s response in each of them. “I’ll answer what I want to answer!” Folks, haven’t we had enough of this arrogance from Barack Obama? Do we really want another president that believes he is better than the people he is paid to serve? I think not.

“I’m better than everyone else on this stage, and, I can answer whatever question I choose to” is simply getting old. That is what people intuitively know about Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney believes he is better than the American people, and we all sense it whenever he speaks.

Mitt Romney portrays himself consistently as someone who is better than all others. If you doubt me, objectively watch any comment that he makes.

Here are a couple of examples. He keeps touting his great success with the 2002 Winter Olympics. He boasts about how that he managed them and rescued the whole thing. What Romney fails to include is that Olympic Committee had already identified the problems, released the incompetent people, and established a plan to move forward. Mitt was brought in because of his squeaky clean image. He simply ran the projector for those who had already created the proper movie.

There is another element about Romney that people should be aware of. Romney brags about all of his experience in private sector business. Let’s look at just one of bragging points; Staples. He had virtually nothing to do with the management of Staples. The concept of centralized inexpensive office supplies was the idea of someone entirely different from Romney. He only shoved money at the idea. Romney had nothing to do with the actual management. Many of his other ventures were exactly the same. All he did was push investors money toward a project.

I am not saying that Romney was wrong for throwing money at the problem. You, the reader, can decide that issue. What I am saying straight forward is the Mitt Romney praises himself for dumping cash on a problem and then immediately, singularly for political purposes, trash talks Barack Obama for dumping federal dollars on the problems with the economy. Mitt Romney cannot distinctively see the difference between the goose and the gander.

Mister O'Wonderful
Mister O'Wonderful

I have a question or two for Mitt. Why should I believe you will be any different than Barack Obama? Why should his past behavior be a predictor of his future behavior, YET, your past behavior should not be a predictor for your future behavior?

I challenge any Republican, not simply the conservative one, but every Republican. What do I challenge? I challenge you to listen closely to what Romney says, and you will find that most of his comments are hollow rhetoric. He doesn’t answer the questions ask of him and when he boasts he highly over inflates the facts. When looking at the people he pastes on his cat-who-ate-the-canary grin, and then in the background stabs at his opponents as viciously as Barack Obama.

I have leveled some criticisms of Mitt Romney. In the middle of them I have repeatedly encouraged you to evaluate him through observation. If you do, you will find that I am correct. Better yet, I encourage any journalist or investigative reporter worth their hire to challenge Romney to definitively prove his self inflating rhetoric. Hold his feet to burn coals of the truth…and he will melt like ice cycle in the August sun.

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One Comment

  1. I was extremely disappointed in Santorum in this debate.
    Santorum was evasive and he started many of the attacks on Romney and the others. Santorum was petty in his digs, took credit where it was not due, did not give credit where it was due and overall came out looking like a spoiled teenager with his immature digs. He had minimal to no class in the debate.
    He also misrepresented himself. I am not a follower of Ron Paul, however, Paul did bring that to the surface and if Paul could see it – pretty much anyone could see it.
    Santorum’s responses left me wondering if he would sacrifice his ethics/morals again as President as he did as Senator.
    I did not walk away with an idea of how Santorum would fix things. I disagreed with Romney’s luke warm approaches, plus I do not trust Romney. Ron Paul is a character – however, he is not who I want as leader.

    1. You saw Santorum far more harshly than I did. ron paul completely misunderstands both the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, with respect to the role of the president. He would be worse than either Mitt Romney or Barack Obama. Once again Newt Gingrich clearly demonstrated he has a far greater command of the issues and solutions that would have any chance of being adopted.

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