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Liberals and Conservatives Come Together on Abortion

Let’s all gather round the campfire and sing Kumbayah, the time has come where liberals and conservatives unite on abortion. No, not whether abortion is morally right or wrong, but whether the government should dictate procedures. Recently, in Virginia, hundreds of people (assuming liberals) protested the mandatory ultrasound for women seeking abortions. On the conservative side, they’re protesting the federal mandate that requires doctors to perform abortions. Aside the moral argument, they are both protesting the tyrannical role government has assumed.

In Virginia, HB 462 requires a woman to get an ultrasound before getting an abortion. On the surface, this legislation mandates an unnecessary medical procedure where some women may feel violated. …And so liberals protest

On the Federal side, the healthcare law mandates that doctors perform abortions even though they may not believe in abortion. If a doctor feels life begins at conception, he morally feels that he is conducting murder. …And so conservatives protest

In both instances, centralized powers (government whether state or federal) introduced laws that determined a fix action. When government inflicts discussion about ambiguous groups, there is no recourse for the individual. Both pieces of legislation destroy the moral compass of the individual. Once passed, a doctor is conducting murder and a woman is violated. So, we introduce more bad laws to fix the bad laws earlier, inflicting one group’s moral value on another group. All the while…the individual loses.

As our legislator impose Hegelian Dialectic tactics to where the antithesis (prochoice) is opposed to the antithesis (prolife), our society continues to move down a path of synthesis. As the crisis demands you pick a side, prolife or prochoice? We are truly losing our perspective as Americans in our quest for whatever emotional crisis that is drummed up. Bureaucrats then introduce any type of legislation because it is deemed as “compromise”.

In the end, it’s outsourcing true compromise through a government/bureaucratic gun, a true democracy whereas my group is bigger than yours. The laws solve nothing but cause more discontent between the masses and destroys the individual’s morality. In the end, America loses.

It’s time to REPEAL THE HEALTCARE LAW and mandatory ultrasounds. Do not get caught up in the dialectic of choosing sides because freedom and liberty for the individual is at stake. YOUR FREEDOM! It has nothing to do with abortions and everything to do with freedom. Don’t continue down that path.

When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.

– Thomas Jefferson

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