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Why This Country Needs Scarlett O'Hara

Today unfortunately, we live in a society where we expect the government to take care of us, instead of us taking care of ourselves. For decades, little by little the entitlement mentality has become a way of life, and now we have a generation of Americans who feel everything is owed to them. And that’s sad.

And it is sad, because America has become the greatest nation in the world because of its energy, initiative, enthusiasm and just plain get up and go. However, our entitlement society has taken a lot of that away. Why should someone go out and hustle to put food on the table, if the government will do it for them? Why should we go out and hustle to put a roof over our heads, if the government will provide us with one? In addition, if we fail at something, not to worry, the government will fix it. It is this type of mentality that has brought America to the brink of collapse.

I was thinking about this while watching TV, when an advertisement came on for the upcoming showing of that great movie Gone With The Wind. I’m sure everyone has seen it. They showed the part after the Civil War when Scarlett goes back to her beloved Tara and finds it destroyed. Scrounging around for whatever she could find on the ground to eat, she stands up and she says in the famous scene, “As God is my witness I vow never to be hungry again.” That started me thinking, what if they had entitlement programs back then? What if instead of vowing never to be hungry again all she did was go to the local government office and applied for food stamps and welfare? You see where I’m going with this? All her drive and determination would have been washed away. She would have fallen into that zombie like coma of the governments spell. Fast forward five years. Instead of becoming the beautiful, rich and sought after land owner that she becomes in the movie, she would have become a fat, ugly, lazy land owner who just sits on the front porch all day collecting welfare checks and food stamps, while the government pays her not to grow anything. Boy what a difference in the story that would have made.

Another point. I was watching the John Stossel show about the American Indians. It seems that if you are an American Indian you never have to work, because the government provides everything for you.

While the Indians who stay on the reservation and become those government zombies live in squalor, have no drive or motivation, the Indians who move off the reservation and hustle for what they want and have that drive and motivation, become successful rich people. I don’t know about you, but I would rather be rich and successful.

Now I don’t want you to think I am one heartless son of a bitch. I know that people need help some time. Things happen in life that we have no control over, and we just need a helping hand some time. However, what I object to is making it your life’s work. The solution is simple. When someone needs help, they get. No matter whether it’s welfare, food stamps, unemployment. Now the only difference, it’s not a gift, it’s a no interest loan which has to be paid back when you get back on your feet. Give the person a year to get back on their feet; at that point, they have a small amount taken out of their check every month. It doesn’t have to be much as little as $25. This serves two purposes. How fast do you think they would be looking to get off the gravy train if they know they have to pay the money back? Pretty quick I think. Therefore, it would not only teach them responsibility paying the money back, it also wouldn’t be a burden on the taxpayers. So there you go, no burden on the taxpayer, responsible people, would mean a better society.

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