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November is Coming!

As the president and politicians in DC sit there feeling smug after cramming Obamacare, stimulus bills, and other unconstitutional monstrosities down the throats of We the People, my word to them is: enjoy it while you can. November’s coming! They act like all this “hope and change” was wanted by the majority of Americans. Do they really believe that or do they just not care? In their egocentric minds, they think that we as Americans are stupid and do not know what we need in life and we that we must have our diapers changed and meals prepared. Politicians in Washington are dominated by self interest, self ambition and self enrichment, and are so blind, they couldn’t find a bowling ball in a bathtub. Remember, November’s Coming!

Decades ago, the socialists in the White House and in Congress decided to withhold a portion of our hard earned money for our retirement, called Social Security, and then give it back to us in increments when we retire, since we are so unable to handle our own money and make preparation for the future. The fact is, many Americans would have invested or at least preserved what was confiscated from them over the years and fared much better with it than the politicians have done with the “Lock Box” they placed it in. By the way, we are not stupid in this matter and know the lock has been picked and the box is empty. Washington, “What did you do with our money?” November is coming!

We are tired of the cramming rod. We do not want cap and trade. We do not want to be told what kind of light bulbs to buy. Politicians are counting on our short memory to kick in before November, but our memory has been lengthened by anger and outrage. Understand, we are not just irritated, or mad, or ticked off. We are red hot livid to the point of explosion. The tea parties last year proved to be real and the number of people awaking to reality is growing by leaps and bounds daily. November is coming!

Here is our promise to Washington. We promise to work just as hard as you did when passing your Frankenstein spending bills, to make sure you are not re-elected. But unlike you, we will follow the rules and play by the book. No back room deals, no compromise, no back scratching, just the promise that you will not be seated again in your office. We are willing to work long hours, even consider spending money we do not have (you should be familiar with that) to ensure you are in the employment line. Our motto is: “The only good politician is an ex politician.” November is coming!

In closing, we say thanks. Thanks for the wake up call. We have been asleep far too long, lulled by the promises of Democrats and Republicans who have both spent like mad, and grown government to its largest size ever. There is no question about replacing the liberals, but the so-called conservatives need to get the boot also. Real conservatives are tired of being courted, lied to, taken for a ride, then locked in a closet and ignored, until the next election. You blew it. Pack your bags. We the People, the real America, your bosses, have spoken. November is coming!


Joseph Harris has been a college professor and pastor since 1987 and his writings have appeared on WorldNetdaily, Sword of the Lord, Intellectual Conservative, Conservative Daily News, and Land of the Free.

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