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Fair? Who Ever Said Life Was Gonna Be Fair?

Fair.. a word being thrown about endlessly this political season – especially by our president and the democrats. Fair share and economic fairness seem to come up in all talking points and speeches. Every time I hear that word fair I always start wondering, what is fair and who determines what is fair? I’m sure if you ask a hand full of people what is fair you would get a handful of answers. And just who determines what is fair. The president? The congress? What I think is fair, might not be what you think is fair. Well I have news for everyone LIFE NEVER WAS, IS NOT NOW, AND NEVER WILL BE FAIR. And that’s a good thing.

Over the past few decades we have tried to make all things fair for all people, we are now learning what a disaster it has been. A case in point, firefighters in a town in New York take a test for promotions, no blacks pass the test so they promote no one. Why? Because someone determined it’s not fair. The test must have been race biased they said. I’m still trying to figure out how a test can be race biased. Last I checked 2+2=4 no matter what your race is. Affirmative Action is supposed to make things more fair. Show me how? The man that aced the test studied night and day, went to night school and got a tutor. Busted his hump to pass that test, but because no blacks passed the test he was out. Now I want someone to explain to me how that is fair? A man invests all his time an energies, sacrifices time with his family so he can better himself and he’s told you got the highest mark on the test, a 98% but sorry we still can’t promote you. Fair?

Another case, years ago some liberal brain-e-ack decided that we must not hurt our children’s feelings. There should be no winners or losers. Instead we are all winners, because that is the fair thing to do. I wish I could find the one person that started that, because I would love to give him a big slap across the head. He could tell me how unfair that is. Children play sports, the winners get trophies, but also the losers get trophies. Now again, can someone explain to me how that is fair to the winners? They practice, sacrifice time to make themselves winners, but get nothing special, because the losers got the same thing they did. Also the losers are thinking why should we practice or sacrifice our time we are going to get a trophy no matter what. And WA-LA we now have a generation thinking everything is owed to them. Fair?

When I was a kid we would choose up sides and play ball. When we lost, we would say “O.K. We’ll get you next time.” You see the difference? By losing, it made us want to strive to better ourselves. Try to make ourselves better than before. Children need to sample life, the good as well as the bad. If we hide the bad from them, we are doing them more harm than good.

It’s been proven over and over again, liberal views and policies just do not work.

This is one mans opinion.

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  1. every day you wake up is a blessing god did not put you in his world to punish you greedy people wont make it to heaven dont be one of them its never to late to change your ways

  2. Chris – excellent piece….i could not agree anymore! i just discovered your writings this evening and can not wait to read more! keep up the FANTASTIC work!!!!

    1. Jim, I have read & heard similar statements from others, but lacked the opportunity to ask questions or discuss them. Please don’t misunderstand & know I am sincere…It’s obvious that ‘something’ motivated your move to the States. While I am curious, I’m more interested in the possibility that if you shared some of your experiences in Ireland like the conditions & what you did to make ‘it work’ without moving, isn’t it possible that this mightgive one of us an inkling or idea that we could work with to start a clean up of this mess? We could surly use some fresh ideas & you just might be the one with them. This is just a thought. Know also that we all share the frustration & disappointment in our Government & ourselves for allowing it to grow in this direction. You don’t need to be a professional writer, plain evry day words work just fine, if you mispell, just call it a typo. But I’m willing to bet it would help. Think about it..ok?

      1. we moved to the states when socialism started in Ireland..now that it has failed and people there realised you can’t have more TAKERS then makers.Now that they realised it like most of Europe things are improving rapidly…I believe Mr.Jefferson was right about so many things he said..Every 60 years there should revolution to keep Governments in check ( not exact quote but close enough ) He also said the Government YOU VOTE for is the Government YOU DESERVE…He was as right on both..I am to old for this fight and don’t want my kids paying for babby mamas and their TEN kids from ten different men…Thats what brought down Ireland’s economy and the other countries…Ireland figured it out,I hope AMERICA does….But I have seen this before,it will be ugly before it is corrected.Until people quit voting for a party instead of what a person can do for EVERYONE..AMERICA will be the next Ireland or Greece..But it seems People here have arrogance that they think they can do what has failed every where else.Until it affects everyone and it will it won’t change.I never seen class warfare work.I always worked for someone WEALTHY and was happy to have them.I never worked for a poor man,but for some strange reason the libs here think the money TREE will never die…It is,already DIEING……America is the next ROME.

        1. Thanks Jim, you certainly have made a complete assesment of the situation..I just wish it weren’t so accurate…I would like to know how Ireland has been able to start a return to sanity. For surely the United States of America can. Even with all of ‘our problems’ we are a Nation of patriots that honor our Constitution. It may well get worse, but WE CAN do this. Hope men like you are around to share with.

          1. Jan
            look up socialist party of Ireland ( Wikipedia.Marxist youth party…like America’s wal street protesters ( parasites) you will see the sane exact thing happened in Ireland…Make the wealthy pay for the parasites..But there wasn’t enough wealthy to pay…so the mmiddle class had too.Sound familiar?

      2. One more thing….Castro got the Cubans all up in arms with class war fare..After he made himself a dictator he announced he was a communist…He did do one thing he said he would do…Make everyone equal..They are all equally poor…except for Government employees.I see this in Obama.History is a great tool to learn from.

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