The Fall Of The Roman, I mean American Empire

America is in decline, there is no doubt about it. I was born and raised when America, I believe, was at its peak, in the 1950’s. I am now living through what I believe is Americas decline. Although I felt something was wrong for many years, over the past decade I found myself saying more and more, “what the hell is going on with this country.” If you ask me to name the reason, I could not pinpoint it, because it is like a giant jig-saw puzzle, there are many different pieces that are making up the decline of America. In my book America,  “What Kind Of Society Are We Leaving Our Kids” I talk about the many things that I feel is wrong with America today.

I was curious, what made other great empires fall? What were the things that made a great empire like Rome come crashing to its knees? So, I decided to do some research as to why the once great Roman Empire, the empire that ruled what was then the world, for centuries. I was amazed at the similarities between the Roman Empire and America today.

Here is a list of a few of the reasons that Rome fell. See the similarities?

1. The senate became extremely corrupt and political instability became the norm in the country. A series of very incompetent, rather crazy Emperors were elected and the people suffered as a result. Civil revolts sprung up, lead by rebellious citizens.

*Washington is now extremely corrupt and political instability is the norm. Obama was elected and because of his policies, the people are suffering. Civil revolts are springing up, Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street.

2. Emperor Constantine divided the empire into two halves. This made Rome easy to concur.

*Obama is dividing the country. Rich vs. poor, the haves and have not’s, class warfare.

3. Rome depended on its empire for funds; it became very poor and had trouble coping economically. Rome had nothing to trade, and could not rebuild itself.

*America depends on its people for funds, but we have become poor because of Obama’s wild deficit spending and we are having trouble coping economically.

4. During certain Imperators regimes, they debased the currency. This meant that a coin didn’t have a default value. Instead, it was represented by the amount of silver it contained. When Emperor Claudius was in power, coinage wasn’t even made up of 1% actual silver. As a result, severe inflation occurred.

*Our currency was once backed by gold, now it is backed by the word of the government. We have had; QE1, QE2, the fed is printing money like crazy, severe inflation is just down the road.

5. High taxes was another issue which wasn’t resolved easily. It caused distress and anxiousness among many classes in Ancient Rome.

*Obama wants to raise taxes as much as he can. Job creators cannot hire people, which means high unemployment, which causes distress and anxiousness among the people.

6. With the expansion of the Roman Empire, many different cultures were accepted in Rome, because they were not dedicated to Rome, but their own cultures, pride in Rome faded and Rome along with it.

* Pride in America is no longer the focus, while other cultures are celebrated; the American culture is being pushed to the side. Multiculturalism does not work, as the United Kingdom is now finding out.

Old saying: “Those who ignore history, are doomed to repeat it”

It looks like our future is staring us right in the face, but Americans refuse to see it. If we do not change course soon, who knows if we will ever be able to get back. Obama is surely taking us down the wrong path, without a doubt, but he did not start the wheel in motion, we have been going down this road for decades. Even Bill Ayers, the unrepentant terrorist said recently that America is in decline, I never thought I would agree with a terrorist, but he is right. What he did not say, is that it was liberal views and policies that brought us to this point.

“What Kind Of Society Are We Leaving Our Kids” Available Here

This is one man’s opinion

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  1. BRAVO, BRAVO…! Well stated and right on point Chris. I will like to share this with others if you don’t mind. BRAVO once again.

    1. Hi Bronx, I am glad you enjoyed the article, share it with all. Let me know what you think about my other articles as well.

  2. Chris, another great article, you have a great way of looking at the world and a way with words. I read you book last week, it’s great. Your humorous overtones and your lack of political correctness is right on, you tell it like it is. It also doesn’t hurt that I agree with 99% of your observations. Good job

  3. Good column. I would disagree with you, or nitpick a bit. Obama is spending wildly, but, so did W. with a republican Congress. The biggest problem in DC, as you’ve noted, is corruption. The main symptom of which, is nativism. Those aholes have been there so long they actually think they are our masters. We’ve allowed it to continue, almost to the point of being defacto slaves. We’ve come to merit the moral bankruptcy of DC because it’s a reflection of our society in general. Until we become a moral and virtuous people again, our Constitution will not suit us, and until then, we have need of masters.

    1. I agree Billiam, Bush was a spender, but look what bush spent in 8 years and what Obama spent in 3 years. No comparison.

      1. Actually The Senate under Bush was half Liberal and he was likely told what to say and do.

        Same thing with Obama. None of these Presidents have the backbone to just say NO to rotten backdoor deals.

        These Presidents may make a surge of personal money for a short time but eventually all good things without a stabilized presence comes to a dramatic end.

        Remember the Gold Rush fever in the 1800s where towns sprang up over night where one town would have 6 churches and 10 bars?

        Then as soon as the gold rush ended these towns became nothing but ruins.

        I’ve seen one town called Sloat in California that was a major hub for Plumas County.

        It never works in Gambling so what makes the government think backdoor deals work now.

        Most likely whoever threatens them has more bark then bite.

  4. So many holes in this argument:

    1) The Roman senate had always been corrupt throughout its history. Civil wars and betrayals were the norm. By the time the Empire “fell” the Senate was very weak anyway

    2) You’re right in that a divided empire left the Western half easier to conquer, but this was done under Diocletian, not Constantine

    3) The economy definitely was an issue and the agricultural West was much poorer than the East, but the Western Empire only became unable to supply itself after the Vandals took over Africa

    4) Debased Currency was a huge issue, but this had been resolved by the 300s and didn’t contribute much to the collapse

    5) High Taxes were a huge problem. No argument there. Taxes were much lower in the various successor states

    6)Diversity was one of the best attributes of the Roman Empire. The absorption of new ideas and culture helped keep the Empire strong. There was a strong sense of “roman pride” and the Germanic peoples outside the empire wanted to consider themselves “Roman”. This diversity never hurt the empire, in fact several non-Italians in succession helped save the empire in the fourth century (Diocletian, Constantine, Theodosius, Valentinian)

    1. Joe, I get my history from history books, and diversity was a big factor, show me a conquered people that did not resent being conquered.Resentment for Rome grew as the empire grew.

    2. Except now they want to give illegal immigrants drivers licenses and to be a citizen without going thru the process.

      The multiculturalism today takes away American pride of our hard working abilities to survive any kind of disaster.

      We cannot make ANYTHING anymore as the government scared businesses away to slave labor countries.

      Heck even Japan outsourced their jobs which THAT is a scary sign as Japan has a huge pride in craftsmanship.

      In fact until recently when they become more Americanized the leader of a Japaneese business would do a suicide ritual if they failed.

  5. The Republicans and Democrats actually are one in the same.

    They appear to be enemies in order to divide and conqur as they know Americans love sports teams so they use that mentality against us.

    In reality the two parties go to a bar or elite club somewhere drinking and slapping each other on the back laughing at what a good job they did at fooling us into beating the fucking brains out of each other for a large surplus of personal cash.

    President Clinton also sold our secrets to China and he was going to be impeached but all the people that were to represent him were mysteriously killed or vanished.

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