Tim Tebow Does it Again, and So Does Mainstream Media

Tim Tebow has done it again. As quarterback of the Denver Broncos, this past weekend he led them to yet another fourth quarter comeback victory. With the Chicago Bears up 10 points, he put together two drives that ended with a 59-yard Pratter kick sending the game into overtime. This is where Pratter kicked the game winning 51-yard kick to give Tebow his seventh win out of eight starts, impeccable for a veteran let alone a sophomore professional. Among all this, mainstream media is dismissing the remarkable stories for a fixation on his display of faith and being a Christian.

Mainstream media has become the social bullies to Christianity, on a scale unmet by any schoolyard kid. They spotlight Tim pointing to the sky, bowing in prayer and comments to his Savior Jesus. While also pointing out Reggie White “polarizing religious figure”, ESPN points to an “era of negativity and anonymous hate”.  In some instances, the media has watchdogs for themselves. Newsbusters didn’t waste any time in criticizing USA Today for ignoring Tim Tebow’s religious stance. By the way, who really has a problem with Tim’s religious acts?

Earlier last week, Fox Sports highlighted John Elway’s comments denouncing Tim Tebow’s display of faith. John later admitted that he had given the media too much meat to spin.

The mainstream media seems to have a serious problem with his displaying loyalty to God and their true colors toward Christianity are clear. Before Tim Tebow could make it out of the stadium, the Wall Street Journal stated, “defying his critics and revealing the deep seated anxieties in American society about intertwining religion and sports.” Who? Maybe the fans of his opponent or a few activist groups who advocate for an overreaching government may have a problem with Tebow’s celebrations. According to the PEW Forum on Religion & Public Life, 78.4 percent of Americans practice Christianity. We are constantly bombarded by the supposed disrespect that displaying Christianity has become…and Tim represents this.

What’s wrong with him thanking God, praying or practicing Christianity? Is this about people having a problem with a 24-year old demonstrating his faith or the future mainstream media and Hollywood has of our future, America without religion? It is painted as this evil ritual that should not be tolerated and Tim Tebow must be put in his collective place. We, as the audience, are robbed of the great accomplishments and example of this kid.

Our media is full of anti-religion memorabilia. No stone was left unturned when it came to Terry Jones burning the Koran. …and no funeral would be complete without the anti-military or anti-gay rhetoric of the Westboro Baptist Church. Even Hollywood took their digs when Mel Gibson produced “Passion of the Christ,” that ended up 17th on the all-time gross sales list. After this, Mel Gibson’s career seem to have taken a nose dive.

These events are even monitored at the local level. In Newport News, Virginia, The Daily Press addressed the practicing of religion in public concerns from the Freedom from Religion Foundation, a group based out of Madison, Wisconsin. The article even provides recommendations in luau of prayer…a moment of silence. Now, they provide guidelines to clergy for providing invocation at city council meetings, a sort of practice our religion. I guess the practice of Atheism should be addressed in this manner or the right that our clergy is not provided the right to practice freedom of religion in public.

During the New York City mosque incident, the mainstream media injected it was a freedom of religion practice ensuring that the narrative remained as such. The true argument was about flying the flag of the people who declared war under that flag. Now, if the discussion was about how far this corridor should reside, so be it but it wasn’t. It was determined that the mosque must be built in the shadows of the World Trade Center.

The media and Hollywood continues to expose Christians as evil and religion having no place in public. Should we be given the right to practice freedom of religion…that’s one of our Constitutional rights? And even though you cannot opt your kid out of sex education class, the clergy’s prayer has no place in the American public.

Meanwhile, Tim Tebow has offered us an insight to how the media views religion. We have a media that extenuates the circumstances involving religious acts. They paint a tone that seems rather anti-religion and highlights flaws of a person that commits flaws. As we have bureaucrats and politicians robbing us blind, the media focuses on Tim’s allegedly breaking up Lindsey Vonn’s marriage, and International Business has labeled him as “God’s Quarterback”. It’s nice to see a young man doing what he enjoys, inspired by his faith providing a self-confidence that inspires him to do remarkable things…and inspire others around him. This is the true issue, we cannot have citizen’s inspired by a God that promotes individualism and self-responsibility. Faith that instills a belief in yourself and a responsibility to yourself, a standard most people cannot obtain. Media has no place in a peerson’s relationship with God.

With Tim Tebow’s success, the media is forced to engage on this adventure waiting on the opportunity for him to fail. As we know, his comeback victories will not last forever. So the mainstream media will eventually have their time with their “see we told you so” glory. But for now, they will need to wait another week to baste in the glory of another American individual failing. If there people are truly disgusted with his display of religion, it’s likely because he is beating their team and the mainstream media is taking advantage of this, by pointing out what they view as a fringe ritual.

For that reason, I have become a Denver Broncos, Tim Tebow fan. Not only because of his God given ability but because of the role model he is, how others are inspired by him and his respect for others. Will he slip up? He is only human. For now, the only limits on Tim Tebow are the ones he puts upon himself and this cannot be tolerated in a collective world, a mainstream media’s utopia without religion.

It’s a shame because the media will be waiting to gleefully point out his flaws and how hypocritical it is. But for now, they will need to wait another week.

For this reason, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS.

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One Comment

  1. Merry Christmas & may God bless! Do the other teams lose because they’re not as good Christians? Or does Mr Tebow’s “look at me” antics put him right with our Creator? To me he is an unseemly attention-grabber, capitalizing on God to make a fortune. He should be ashamed of himself.

    1. Bob,
      The premise of the article was that the media highlights Christianity to knock it. He is not doing it for attention.

      I get the feeling that you believe media is an acceptable integration into our society. I’m hopefully describing how they are doing disservice.

      He beats others because he believes in himself and he brings out the best in others…and Christianity gives him that faith. He has to get the ball across the goal line.

      I believe that your misinterpreting faith.

      1. My point is that Mr Tebow acts as though his display of faith, whether genuine or for show, somehow makes him a special case in the eyes of God, and especially that his supporters view his winning as some sort of vindication for that belief. And that a Christian can, given his own understandings of God’s intent for us through the Bible, freely question the veracity of such displays.

        There are Christians, perhaps more devout and less ostentatious, on any given opponent of his on any given Sunday. Some ambiguous conspiratorial “media” (whatever that is) isn’t what is showing off his faith as though it were some sort of righteous reason to win a football game, it’s his “fans” who seem to perceive that cause and effect.

        And I’m quite certain I don’t need someone who spends their time feeling persecuted by a vast and spooky liberal conspiracy to interpret faith in my behalf, thank you. Liberals aren’t generally that bright.

        Merry Christmas to you and yours, regardless.

        1. Bob,
          I’m just calling it how I see it. The media pounces on citizens all the time and this was an opportunity to show this bias.

          Obviously, my article did not convince you of the bias our media and Hollywood shows toward Christianity. It’s a shame you needed to just paint it as some type of conspiracy theory.

          1. When Clinton was President and had his funny dealings in the Oval Office with Monica, his administration was certain there was a “vast right-wing conspiracy” knocking him down. The truth was that “the media” was just reporting about a sick, twisted individual in the White House. I believe that people tend to view “the media” as biased strictly depending on whose ox is being gored. It’s a straw man for a lot of my fellow conservatives, but is a kind of pandering we don’t need.

            Tim Tebow is probably a great guy. I’m not saying anything about his character. But I am troubled by these vivid demonstrations of his faith, especially because my faith tradition frowns on that kind of thing as self-promotion.

            I find the arguments about some kind of media bias as specious. And I find Mr Tebow’s actions questionable. That’s all I’m saying.

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