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Barney Frank Ruins Mayan Expert's Big Break On TV

Barney Frank announced that he wasn’t running for re-election yesterday, and it’s almost like you could see the rays of sunlight beaming down on him while an angel’s chorus sang out, right?  A lot of people were happy that he made his announcement yesterday, but do you know who wasn’t?  This guy:

Arthur Demarest got to talk for about 18 seconds, before the news anchor cut him off to cover Barney Frank’s retirement announcement, and that’s just sad.  You can see that he went through a lot of trouble to come on and talk about the Mayan Calendar; it broke my heart.  There’s Arthur, all dressed up in a nice jacket.  He’s got a scenic skyline pictured behind him.  Here he was about to have his big break.  He was going to talk about the Mayan Calendar on America’s largest news channel, and then… BAM.  He gets “Franked”.  Barney Frank pulls the rug right out from under him.

Well, don’t worry, Arthur.  You’re not the first person that Barney’s Franked.  But hopefully, you’ll be the last, now that he’s getting out of Congress.  He’s done enough harm, and at one point or another, Barney’s Franked us all.

What are your thoughts on the distinguished congressmen’s retirement?  And what about poor Arthur?  Should he be invited back on?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.  And as always, gobble gobble.  (or something like that.. this holiday weekend was a bit too long)

Note:  “Franked” refers to Barney’s self-centered and self-serving policies that have harmed our nation over the years, and is not intended as a euphemism.

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One Comment

  1. It’s typical that the news media would cut off something that would at least be more interesting than Barney’s retirement. And, yeah, Mr. Demarest, should be given another chance to speak, and not six months from now, but that is if there’s nothing else more important to have in that time slot. See, what happened is Mr. Demarest’s alloted time was over ridden by the article on Frank. Even though the time they took to tell about Mr. Frank’s retirement was over the time Mr. Demarest would have taken, they don’t care, the time alloted for Mr. Demarest had passed and they had to move on to the next article. They couldn’t go back to Mr. Demarest and start over or pick up where he left off when he was so rudely interrupted by news that the most destructive and arrogant bastard in the Senate was chickening out of actually having to run a campaign where all the damage he was responsible for, which I’m sure he would deny with that slurping noise he makes while talking, and he was really worried he would loose.

    The same thing happened to Chris Dodd. He was going to have to really run for his office and he didn’t think he could physically make a go of it, instead of not having to run at all for nearly all the terms he’s had in office for decades now. The same for Frank. The same for Pelosi, Boxer, Waxman, and all the rest. Kennedy liked to have not made it the last time he ran, of course he was at only one campaign rally so you can’t account for his ability to take a long campaign.

    But like I have written and written my Congressman and Senator and other Congressmen and Senator’s and that is, don’t let Barney Frank go without prosicuting him for all the crimes he’s committed. If the sissie’s don’t want to send him to prison, at least let his prosicution be his legacy and how his last term ended and that was to have to be accountable for years of lying, hiding the real numbers, ordering banks to violate the law by making up new law that orders them to do that and then threatening them with their charters being revoked if they didn’t would have sent anyone else to prison for decades, and being guilty of running a male prostitution ring out of his home, and his boyfriend was dealing dope out of his house and got busted and nothing happen to Frank, which if it had been any of us they would have thrown us under the jail.

    Let that be how all his terms of “public service” and loyal to doing his best for this country…..bull crap!! And on top of that the man IS a member of the Socialist Democratic Party and always lied and ran under the nonexistant anymore as a party, the Democrat Party, that can be his legacy as well.

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