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What or Whom is Behind the Bashing of the 9-9-9 Plan

During the Nevada GOP Presidential debate, we saw Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan attacked by everyone else on stage.  What might surprise some folks is how supposedly Republican Presidential candidates were apparently using leftist propaganda [posing as non-partisan] from Progressive think tanks as the basis for denouncing Cain’s 9-9-9 plan. A mere two hours before the debate, reports started coming out denouncing Herman Cain’s plan. To wonder about the timing of the release of those reports is a no-brainer:  They were put out to denounce front-running GOP candidate Herman Cain, period.  Did the establishment GOP, in order to improve Romney’s chance of winning the nomination put out these reports, or did they simply parrot progressive propagandists talking points? You can check out the 9-9-9 plan for yourself here.   Note that Herman Cain has some revisions in his 9-9-9 plan that call for an eventual transition to a Fair Tax that ends the IRS and repeals the 16th amendment. Heady stuff there, if you can get it done.

Wonk-blogger and Liberal Obama promoter-in-Chief, Ezra Klein appeared to take  Michelle Bachman’s side in stating on his Wonkblog:

If you were looking for a sober, sensible discussion of tax policy, last night’s GOP debate was not for you. Take Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s opening criticism of Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 tax plan. “If we give Congress a 9 percent sales tax,” she asked, “how long will it take a liberal president and a liberal Congress to run that up to maybe 90 percent?”

To which he then added:

 I feel comfortable suggesting the answer is “until slightly after the end of time.” A 90 percent sales tax will never, ever happen.

Maybe a 90% sales tax will never happen but we have in fact seen a 90% income tax imposed on the American citizenry before, as the chart below shows us. Of course like all progressives, Mr. Klein is quite comfortable with a 90% income tax rate as we saw the original progressive fore-father, FDR had no qualms about it in prior U.S. history.

The father of The New Deal progressive policies, FDR,  came into office in 1933 and look at what happened in the chart above! Our government took 90% of folks hard-earned paychecks ! And just like they want to do today, they took it from the supposedly “rich” people. What also isn’t expressed in that chart is that the lower taxed group of people were a very small part of our society, and the fact that most people were put into the “higher earners” category. So when we hear today’s “Progressives” ( such as Ezra Klein) talking about taxation in America, just keep that chart in mind there. Also keep in mind that 47% of ALL Americans pay no Federal income tax today- ZERO.  Progressive wealth redistribution hiding behind the “tax the rich” mantra is a fraud that leads to national poverty in the end.  Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan is not a cure-all and he has shown the willingness to adapt it with the best ideas put forth to avoid another “New Deal Progressive Policy” recession. At least we are talking about getting big government spending under control today, which should be the goal of all concerned Americans. Reforming the tax code is a very important part of our future prosperity and must be discussed.  Obama and the Progressives have no plan, except to spend more through higher taxation until we are insolvent, which is simply unacceptable. All these supposed economic wizards of the progressive party criticizing the Republicans in Congress, while they have not even passed a budget in three straight years! That is nothing short of ludicrous hypocricy!

2012 just can’t get here fast enough!












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One Comment

  1. Could you use the word regressive a little more please, I don’t think we got that part of the comment enough times to understand it. Now why would an OWS misfit propagandist spend so much time trying to denounce a Republican tax plan here? Its almost as if you think you are someone worth listening to. While using tired progressive retread-talking points copied and pasted around the net, you still need to explain how the godfather of progressivism, FDR taxed the people at 90% . That’s all you people know how to do tax and spend other people’s money, while promoting forms of Socialistic policies that are supposedly “good for the people”. Herman Cain is twice the man Barack Obama is, whatever plan he comes up, at least he has proven a love for America that Obama comes nowhere close to. Obama was raised outside the U.S. and it shows.

    Next, you drift into pro-choice pimping. Its called abortion and it is murder. Either stick with the topic at hand (the 9-9-9 plan ),and do it in a sensible way or take your BS elsewhere. I won’t have you polluting a discussion area with off-topic or nonsensical rubbish constantly. This is a conservative discussion area, not a flame-throwing dump for progressive propaganda pimps. Replying to your own comments with other retreads of other folks information and articles shows how mentally-challenged you truly are. Like a Progressive crash-dummy, you just aren’t worth listening to. What is getting your progressive goat is the fact that whatever candidate is nominated will beat Barack Hussein Obama hands down. One and done. YES the 2012 elections will be great fun.

    1. Evening DJ, I thought this discussion area was a public comment venue. No? I certainly did not realize it was off-limits to thought that disagrees with some diarist’s article. News to me; is that really a policy here or just your own assertion? Thanks for your advisory about my staying on topic . However, it was somewhat confusing. How does your comment in the discussion area about Obama being raised outside the US until Obama had matured to the ripe old age ~ of 10 years old ~ tie in with Cain’s 9 9 9 plan? Or your assessment that Cain is “twice the man” Obama is? Or how “you people”… “promoting forms of Socialistic policies” ties in with Cain’s 9 9 9. (?) Please explain what “polluting a discussion area with off-topic or nonsensical rubbish constantly” means? The advisory and that commentary, taken together, were a tad confusing. Thanks!

      1. Anonymously aware/alert/yours,
        Which tax plan do you favor? Fair, flat, current, 9-9-9, no income tax, which one? If none of those, share with us your dream of a new tax structure. Who will pay what and who will be exempt – or will everyone pitch in to fund the government? Would spending be contained within the confines of income – or should deficit spending be allowed to continue in perpetuity? If deficit spending should ever end, when? Under what circumstances?

        Put out what plan you think will work and let’s discuss that.

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