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 In true Liberal parroting fashion, we see that there is now a very small group titled Occupy Chicago, to go with the misguided misfits and hippies at the OccupyWallStreet  group, along with the totally disorganized and pathetically undefined Occupying Los Angeles so-called movements. People sleeping in the streets, urinating in public, and begging for handouts while interfering with the working people’s ability to get to and from actually working for a living appears to be a recurring theme of these “protests.”  Another recurring theme coming out of these protests is their whining about the lack of media coverage. I,m going to help them out there, yet I don’t believe they will like some of the truths I will bring out here in giving them some  exposure in this article, but since you asked for it, here goes.

Let’s start with checking out the head of the snake, so-to-speak, the original community-organizing  [group] that started it all, the Occupy Wall Street crowd shall we?  Both Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity sent reporters down to check out the Occupy Wall Street protesters. Red Eye’s Bill Shultz and Jesse Waters both reported that most of the protesters had no real definition of  just what exactly they were protesting, or even what they expected to accomplish with these protests. No revelation there, as this is a movement based on Marxist anti-capitalism rhetoric,  and the general Liberal ideology that the successful  working class people somehow owe these people a good portion of their hard-earned wealth. The problem is that these people are trying to play the victim card , yet they just can not come out and say we don’t want to work for a living like everyone else does, we want Congress to give us their money. That is right out of Barack Obama’s wealth redistribution agenda that he was caught red-handed stating to Joe the Plumber.

Bill Shulz sloshed right into the mosh-pit at Occupy Wall Street and came back with  some very hard-hitting truths about just who these people are and what they are [ trying ] to accomplish there. Shulz described them as ” people with absolutely no purpose or focus in life,” while adding that the smell of the place was equal parts patchouli, body odor, and urine.”  The Occupy Wall Street folks wanted some media exposure so check it out, thanks to



Now let’s take a look at the “sister protests” out in Los Angeles. Excerpts from their supposed community organizing homepage:

If this is an ongoing event, I do not think this is clear in the promotional materials you are using.

Occupy Demands And Civil Disobedience Guidelines

Proposed By Lloyd Hart – Demands: Free college education. Guaranteed living wage income regardless of employment .Open borders migration, anyone can travel anywhere to work and live.  Immediate across the board debt forgiveness for all. Outlaw all credit reporting agencies. These demands will create so many jobs it will be completely impossible to fill them without an open borders policy. ( tell me this guys isn’t a lunatic)

I also saw on TV yesterday that at the Los Angeles protest had 6 people who were inside of a bank and going to stay there 24/7, hoping to be arrested, because the bank had the nerve to foreclose on their houses … for not paying their mortgages.

Now for some of the info right out of the Occupy Chicago folks page;

Supplies needed:    Current Top Needs

  • You (this is the best thing you can bring)
  • Socks
  • Tarps
  • Blankets
  • water
  • signs (all are welcome water proof is best)
  • markers
  • flyers
  • ponchos
  • Occupy Chicago stickers

 Do you people go to week long protests without your socks? Really!

Posts from their homepage:

Please fix the NBC photo link — it goes to swimsuit models and celebrities instead of photos of the occupation.

Where are you demonstrating at? Like precise location? I would like to join tomorrow.

We’re not going to get long-term change unless we dig up a ton of dirt on GOP Senators and Congressmen (Their Presidential candidates are doing each other win quite well).  We’ll need 70 liberal Senators and a liberal House to: (SIC)

1.) Enact socialized campaign financing. 2.) Impeachment of the SCOTUS 5 who brought this mess on when they selected W in 2000, and exacerbated this wiht their Citizens United decision. (sic)

its all going down at the corner of jackson and lasalle in chicago’s financial district. I’m sure the over nighters would appreciate tarps, toothbrushes, toothpaste.

If you don’t have a proper mission statement on your webpage, people will form their own (many a times, incorrect) opinion about this movement, which might be detrimental to the movement. An organic movement is great, but any movement has to have a mission. Without a mission, quoting George Bernard Shaw again, is like a “blind leading a blind, and both will fall into a ditch”.

No mission, no clue, just a bunch of non-working 60’s hippies, radicals, and uniformed youth gathered together calling for the over-throw of the government and the financial system, while demanding that everyone else support them, instead of actually working for a living. Community (Dis) organizers in the mold of another long-time Marxist student, Mr. Barack Obama. Remember folks, they need toothpaste, toothbrushes, food, tarps, mattresses, tents, and SOCKS !  LOTS of SOCKS!

Update1: Across the land the “We deserve other people’s money” protesters are actually bragging about shutting down the Brooklyn Bridge  yesterday.

One irate driver, a Ground Zero construction worker, blasted the pedestrians. “I work my ass off all day, and these goddamned hippies close down the Brooklyn Bridge so I can’t get home?” he said. “This ain’t right!”  

Power to the people! You sure showed that bridge that you mean business!  Last count was 700 in jail, and again,  these lunatics are bragging about being arrested in New York, just like the people who didn’t pay for their houses and were infuriated that the bank was foreclosing on them in the Occupy L. A. debacle. As noted above from their very own website in the “Occupy  L..A” protest, they are calling for a “guaranteed living wage, employment optional.” That says it all right there.

UPDATE on the Parrots of the  Occupy crowd: 









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One Comment

  1. real indepth article. I am a 51 year old forced to retire and I walked yesterday with your so-called 60

  2. HUH? You MUST be a liberal! An anonymous one of course but ,, Could you try finishing a sentence and actually explain what you are trying to say here?

  3. I hope the construction worker who was delayed going home because of that mess decides to show up on wallstreet with some of his buddies to “talk” with the privledged and pampered hippy whiners. We’ll see how serious they really are then.

  4. The writer of this article would not understand a grassroots organic democratic movement even after it karmically slapped her or him in the face. (There were 12 people protesting #occupywallstreet a few weeks ago. Check back here after next weekend, after the effort has existed only one month. Compare it to the political messaging strength of this blog one week from today. See ya for a check-in a week. Try to diminish it’s significance then.) Frankly, the fact that this writer finds it adequately compelling to find it important to criticize people for asking for socks, suggests that there is a much deeper far broader reaching underlying fear in this occupation. This occupation is part of an organic process. There are no leaders. There is no Astro-turf. There are no spokes-models. There is no agenda. There are no printed signs. There are no sponsors. There is no umbrella organization. There is no elite staffer-set working for billionaires directing the events. All of this is process. This is what organic, intrinsic democracy looks like. What is important, and deserves support today is the process. Meanwhile, Twitter and FB and the Blogs serve as the media. Mainstream media has broken their embargo and now tell some of the story, albeit twisting it, bending it, judging it, criticizing it. But they do not own it. And a process continues that I support and I stand in solidarity with. See you in a week. This writer and this blog be writing about this movement again in the very near future. Mark my words. But not because of the “important issues” of needing for socks as is covered in a story like this. On second thought, that might be the deepest understandings available here. See you in a week?

  5. Anon? How about telling us what part of the CPUSA/Union hack propagandist groups you work for.? Come on you can do it. When someone is “standing in solidarity,” with people for a cause, they don’t hide behind anon. while parroting Liberal talking points 24/7 as you are doing here again. A real drone.A sad one but a drone none the less.
    Oh yes 12 people in the beginning, then the Union buses rolled in, the free food and cell phone charging stations,and as this article originally said, THEY NEED SOCKS! Everything published in here is right from videos of the protests, Occupy websites, and their very own blogs. If you don’t like it. maybe you should do a little more community organizing BEFORE you start this kind of stuff. This is an astro-turf movement being run by Obama’s Union bed-pals and an obvious attempt to distract the citizens from his economic failures for reelection, period.

  6. DJ,

    1.) Re: Your question, “How about telling us what part of the CPUSA/Union hack propagandist groups you work for.?” I’m beginning to understand, argumentatively, your style. It’s a rapid-fire succession of fallacies of logic., e.g., you assert some point of conjecture and attempt to lure someone into proving its “not true.” When you are not doing that, you’re non-responsive to all opposing positions advanced, you attack the credibility of the individual advancing positions, ostensibly, because when positions are valid they are too difficult to address. (?) You’ve toss out some wild guess about who I work for. DJ, I have been the owner of numerous small “main street” businesses since 1994. I am one of the 99% in this country. But what I do for a living is, frankly, irrelevant to your criticisms (your positions) of the occupation in your article above and the reply comments (my positions) I’ve left here below.

    2.) You wrote: “If you don’t like it. maybe you should do a little more community organizing BEFORE you start this kind of stuff.” DJ, this is not a Koch brothers (oil corporations) type of bought and paid for “grass-roots theater.” Nobody paid a professional staff, like Glen Beck’s, to pre-print talking points, flyers, etc. for our groups to advance. We’re working all that out, including for example, our demands in assembly meetings held in the streets and parks across this country. It’s intrinsically highly democratic. Shame on you for suggesting that an oil industry “bought and paid for” event is “somehow” (though the aspect of “how” is an aspect you don’t bother to address), is better for this country than is advancing a dialog in a process of events that unfold democratically. Thanks but no thanks for your unfortunate advice.

    2.) Seems, that you’ve finally made one great point. (!) You commented below, “No manufactured signs? US, these signs have been used by leftists since the debt ceiling battle” Good observation. Apparently, they are still relevant and being recycled. Nice eye. These “manufactured signs” that are apparently appearing at an occupation event was not manufactured for the occupation event. Thanks for your contribution in clarifying this matter. Truth does not hurt, the “truth” requires facts be considered rather than inappropriately confused and conflated into contextual half-truths. The truth does not hurt. Manipulation of the truth does. I’m “all good” discussing comprehensive facts and truths. You?

    1. Then name who you work for ANON. Simple as that. there is an agenda behind your being here and it will come out sooner or later, trust me on that. I do not take orders or get my talking points from Jesse Lee, the DNC, the RNC, or anyone else. My words are not copied and pasted unless citations used to prove a point, nor will I ever be manipulated by anyone to write anything.I have included my facts right from the Occupy web pages here. You want to argue those points, head on over to those pages and tell them about it. Discussions are always welcome here, as long as they are relevant to the points made in the article. As far as when and if I choose to reply to you, that falls under the category “If I feel like it.” Other than that your self-important rants and demands that people reply to you do not impress me one bit, clear enough?

  7. DJ,

    This grassroots movement, “Occupy” is growing feet and wings. For the record, like all successful grassroots movements, one can have no doubts that eventually it will attract and incorporate additional political groups including some with resources to manufacture protest signs for its membership. No matter how hard you attempt to devalue the occupation’s adding support and resources (funny that one would attempt to employ a reverse-logic like that in the first place), will not change the movement’s “grassroots origins.” We can let your attention and ridicule, surrounding the circumstances of its meager beginnings expressed in your own savvy blogged words, stand as a component part of the historic record. Your contributions validate both 1.) its “sock-less simpleton” democratic grassroots origins and 2.) your attention, ridicule and condemnation as a response that surely factors your own intuitive understanding of it’s potential for political success. Thanks for having shared in your making those contributions DJ.

    1. I must agree with Anon on this one on some points. I do believe OWS qualifies as a grassroots movement, and yes, there will be some “astroturf” latching on when so many people are involved. Its probably unavoidable. I don’t think the issue is whether its grassroots or not. The issue is whether its “good” roots, and its not. Its anarchist and totally ignorant of economics, wealth creation and the democratic process. Protesting is an acceptable form of having frustrations heard, but what is not acceptable is the idea that chaos will result in order.

      1. Very well said Kira. Freedom of speech mandates that everyone can protest whatever they are against. The problem with this fraud is that it is an anti-American movement with stealth Socialistic roots, which is the anti-capitalism chant of every single one of these parrots. Anarchists out to overthrow our system and install Socialism. Note that right on cue, which I predicted, here come the chief Union propagandists from the Socialist Workers Party hiding behind the “We represent all American workers” lie. I exposed this further as to who is promoting this “movement” in another article today which is very informative. That expose’ includes, the AFL-CIO, Barack Obamas “jobs bill”, and CPUSA all in this together. Oh and they also promote the Occupy protests as well. Can’t leave that fact out.

  8. Attention OWS posters: Trying to discuss this article that was written at the beginning of the protests in the context of what is is today is nonsensical. As the movement was hijacked by Union organizers/Leftist activists/paid Progressive media wing of the White House, it evolved into the astro-rurf it is today, going so far as to try to call itself a tea party. This article points out 2 main points: 1; The demand for 20 bucks an hour REGARDLESS of employment and 2: the correlation to the Marxist wealth redistribution that has been proven to be at Obama’s core as far back as when he was at Occidental college. Both points are proven here by the very posts from the various Occupy webpages. Trying to denounce the fact that I reported the pattern I saw at the start , plus the dysfunctionality of this “movement” from the beginning, by somehow adding the current Liberal activists opinions about what it is today does not take away from the original points made .neither does it validate the movement as a true grassroots movement.
    I see posters declaring these leftists as 99%ers? Of What? 99% of the progressive sheep in America? It sure as hell doesn’t represent 99% of all Americans. Therein lies the big lie being told to try to change the perception of what is right and what is wrong in people’s minds today, in this whole charade. Anti-capitalist propaganda is anti-American at it’s core. Always is and always will be. That is the core principle of this whole “movement.”

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