American Soldier

Freedom don’t come free!

As I start my day, this is a song that I’m listening to on this bright and beautiful morning.

To all of the American soldiers- past, present and future- thank you! Your sacrifice is not in vain! Though many in this country take their freedom for granted, there are many of us who do not. Thank you, to all who have served this great nation! God bless you and keep you- always!

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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

  1. I know this super committee will not be able to come up with the cuts required of them before December, or November whichever, and what will happen is something they’ve wanted to do since the end of the Reagan administration(s). And that is they want to finish the job that Bill Clinton started, and that is to desimate our military. And since it was Harry Reid who came up with the level of cut that only Obama would have wanted, we are looking at a 50% cut! Our military cannot not survive on only 50% of the money they are given to do the job they believe they are supposed to do. And yes, I know that it’s a cut in the Department of Defence budget, and not so much taking half our soldiers ability to do their job as well as they could have if they had full funding. Look at what Iran did yesterday. They believed they could just walk right in and set up this attack on the Saudi’s. We’re that weak?? Our Homeland Security Dept. is that laxed in procedure and policy that the Iranian’s would know they just can’t walk in here and do something like they planned on doing? Gladly the FBI was on the ball for a change and caught these bad people before they could accomplish their dasterdly deed.

    But what do you expect when Obama has CAIR sitting on the board of Homeland Security Dept. that makes up our laws that are supposed to protect our nation from attack? And let’s not even mention the flood of Mexican’s crossing our border with Mexico who believe that they can do what they are doing without henderence. The border with Mexico is where our military should be. We shouldn’t have part of Arizona being held by drug cartel army and are using that part of Arizona as a doorway into our nation, and no one has sent the 101st Airborne Division down there to kill those people? And why not? There is the problem. And that is we are not free to protect our nation because we have people in our own government who doesn’t believe we should do that? What???

  2. In my way of thinking, any new President has his work cut out for him if he plans on correcting the problem of making sure our military is being used for the jobs it is trained to do. We need to stop this pussy footing around with the Muslims in this country and eleswhere in the world. Primarily we need to reinstate the “ban on Muslims” coming into the United States. We had a ban on Muslims coming into the U.S., but Bill Clinton removed it as one of the first things he did as soon as he became President. At that time was when thousands of Muslims started pouring into America. That’s when they set up shop in Michigan, like Dearborne, and Hammitratic(I have no idea how to spell that town, but you know where I’m talking about). All those people need to be deported. They have set up schools that are in clear violation with our Constitution and Federal Education Dept. laws. But no one says anything to those Islamists who run those schools. They only take Muslims who have come here, and are children of Arabs from the Middle East. What the hell is that?

    Why is there no military at the airports instead of the TSA? The Israeli’s have men who are specially trained to spot people who are different from everyone else, and that’s when they move on them. It’d be easy to provide security at our airports instead of having to allow your children from being molested and fondled. I don’t want these people at our airports, but I really don’t want open homosexuals checking my son either. So this new President would have to deal with that serious problem, as I view it being a former member of the U.S. Army, that in my day homosexuals weren’t allowed to be in the our armed forces. If they found you, you were thrown out with a “general discharge”. It needs to go back that way. I am being realistic.

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