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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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  1. Antonio doesn’t even understand how freedom works… he follows the BLOODLUST of his God!

    One doesn’t fight for peace… you peace for peace!

    “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” <=== Why isn't this quote in the Bible?

    1. The ideal of changing the world by your own action is woven throughout the entire Bible, wiseguy. Of course, someone who lacks the logical reasoning and reading skills to understand a political cartoon wouldn’t have caught that, now would you? But not to worry…when it comes to loudly screaming lines you don’t have the capacity to understand, you and your liberal pals have plenty of company.

  2. Are Corkie’s fingers even connected to each other? This cartoonist needs to learn how to draw… they look like maggots!

    1. Ah, we’re in the presence of a master artist here! You leave a comment like this on every toon Tony posts, so I have one little question…Where’s your art, Jayson? Oh…that’s right…you don’t actually draw any…but pay attention, bud. Tony draws his political cartoons in a matter of days. Concept, sketch, revise, color. Now, I can tell you’ve never done it, but I can tell you, it takes time. And yet, Tony does this in days. If you want so badly to be the critic, why not look at his more detailed work, the stuff that he spends more time on? Of course, we know the answer to that. Your complaint is against his politics, not his drawing skill…you just aren’t mentally equipped to engage him on that front! So, from here on, I’m coping this against every comment of yours that insults where there should be a thought-out rebuttal. Have a nice day!

      1. “So, from here on, I’m coping this against every comment of yours that insults where there should be a thought-out rebuttal.”

        Well, I’m glad you’ll be “coping”, whatever that is… ROTFLMAO!

        I view politics as a JOKE… Antonio’s attempts at cartoons, as they are definitely NOT high art, are amusing to say the least.

        Antonio spends DAYS on his cartoons? Ah, that explains the goof of extra fingers… that would definitely have taken weeks, if not months, to plan! EXCELLENT!

  3. Love this one Antonio! Yep, I am a terrorist… because I believe in our Constitution, Enjoy my freedoms, and don’t appreciate high taxes and ridiculous regulations… I am a terrorist because even though I am not a religious person, I support those of my friends who are in their Right to Practice their religion, whether that is Judaism, Christianity, Catholisicm, or Wicca…. I am a terrorist because I don’t like Obama, Reid or Pelosi, and I do like Ron Paul, Chris Christie, and Eric Cantor…. I am a terrorist because I hate the TSA, the EPA, the FAA, theDEA, but like the NRA. Americans need to keep standing up for our Liberty, because nobody else will do it for us.

  4. Wow Jayson,…. you really need a hobby. 3 posts to hat on Tony? kinda sad don’t you think? DIY my man,… but I doubt you could. Don’t you know that trolling just shows how weak you are?

    As always Tony,…Good work! Pay no attention to the haters and keep it up. Love the work you’ve been doing.

    1. Thank you!!!
      If the cartoon make’s a great point, I can always count on Jayson to show up foaming at the mouth.

  5. Wow… Jayson’s been partaking of the liberal propaganda a little too heavily. Yes, Jayson, be the change you want to see in the world. And while you do that – make sure you have a strong military backing you up to keep you free. If you want peace, prepare for war. Because no matter how badly you want peace, there’s always some jackass on a power trip that doesn’t want peace but instead wants to conquer & control. You think he cares if you want peace & want to live & let live? No, he doesn’t care. He wants to conquer, control, enslave, or murder you. All your peacenik crap in the world is not going to save you in the face of those who don’t want peace. Equating someone who desires freedom for us all, including YOU, to a terrorist is nothing short of moronic.

  6. HOOT Jayson! You ARE a miserable little wanker aren’t ya? LOL! I can’t tell you when I have enjoyed reading your mad rants than on this particular toon! You’re in such a state of “wackie” that you can’t even contain yourself! LMAO! I actually feel sorry for you Jayson! Seriously I do. I even feel your mother’s pain at having to make the decison to bring you into the world… She “should have opted” for that abortion after all… Just sayin! It’s clear that you are a proponent of terrorism and a hater of Freedom. You ARE the problem bud!
    So very happy to see Tony’s toon “tink” you on your little pea brain! LMAO!
    Semper FI and God Bless America!

  7. You guys need to give Jayson a break… Its fairly evident to me that he is probably too incompetent to hold a job, or be a contributing member of society, in general. I would be bitter if i were him too… Furthermore, if i had as much time on my hands, coupled with his bitterness and the brain capacity of a middle school child, I would have probably already taken my own life. So in all honesty i am surprised, and impressed he’s still around putting in his two cents worth. Kudo’s Jayson!

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