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Governor Scott announces crackdown on drugs in Florida

Governor Scott announces crackdown on drugs in Florida, including perscription drug oxycodone.

MARCH 28, 2011

comprehensive statewide response to
criminal drug trafficking in Florida

Launches Statewide Drug Strike Force to
assist local law enforcement agencies

Tallahassee, Fla. – Today, Governor Rick Scott announced a statewide law enforcement response for an immediate impact to the criminal distribution and abuse of drugs in Florida .  With support from Attorney General Pam Bondi and Florida Department of Law Enforcement Commissioner Gerald Bailey, the comprehensive plan will confront criminal drug trafficking in Florida , including, but not limited to, the criminal distribution of prescription drugs.

The Statewide Drug Strike Force will assist local law enforcement agencies by providing intelligence and analytical and investigative support.  Commissioner Bailey will serve as the statewide coordinator of the strike force, and local strike teams will be co-led by Florida ’s sheriffs and police chiefs.

Governor Scott directed that $800,000 in unused grant funds be made immediately available for local law enforcement investigative efforts. The funds will go to the local strike teams to support overtime and other expenses. In addition, he directed other agencies under his purview to support the strike force. The Florida Department of Health and the Agency for Health Care Administration will provide regulatory and licensing personnel, and the Department of Business and Professional Regulation Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco will provide sworn investigators.

Governor Scott also announced the Florida Cabinet’s authorization of the Florida Highway Patrol’s participation, and Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater authorized investigators from the Division of Insurance Fraud to support the strike force.

Governor Scott’s plan addresses the multiple threats to public health and safety, including pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesalers, unscrupulous doctors, storefront pill mills masquerading as legitimate health clinics and street corner dealers. Each level provides an opportunity for law enforcement to intervene and stop the illegal flow of drugs into Florida communities.

“The numbers plainly show that Florida has a serious problem that demands a serious, coordinated law enforcement response,” Governor Scott stated. “ Florida ’s future is threatened by crimes involving drugs, and our local sheriffs and chiefs simply cannot continue to tackle this mounting issue alone.”

Members of Florida ’s law enforcement community who joined Governor Scott for today’s announcement were:

  • Chief Peter Paulding, Gulf Breeze Police Department, and president of the Florida Police Chiefs
  • Chief George Turner, Brooksville Police Department
  • Assistant Chief Marc Hamlin, Tampa Police Department
  • Major Sophie Teague, Tampa Police Department
  • Chief Dennis Jones of the Tallahassee Police Department and third vice president for the Florida Police Chiefs Association
  • Chief Jim Troiano, High Springs Police Department, and Florida Police Chiefs Association district director
  • Chief David Perry, Florida State University Police Department
  • Chief Calvin Ross, Florida A&M University Police Department
  • Sheriff Harrell Reid, Hamilton County , and president of the Florida Sheriff’s Association
  • Sheriff Bob White, Pasco County
  • Sheriff Donald Eslinger, Seminole County
  • Steve Casey, Florida Sheriff’s Association Executive Director
  • Julie Jones, Director of the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
  • Buddy Jacobs, State Attorney Association

Background information:

  • 98 of the top 100 doctors dispensing oxycodone nationally are in Florida – concentrated in the Miami , Tampa , and Orlando regions.
  • 126 million pills of oxycodone are dispensed through Florida pharmacies – most in or near Tampa , Orlando , and Miami regions.
  • By far, more oxycodone is dispensed in the state of Florida than in the remaining states combined.

Winning the Future in Florida: Scott signs Students Success Act.

Governor Scott signs Student Success Act

Jacksonville, Fla. – Today, Governor Rick Scott signed Senate Bill 736, the Student Success Act, into law at the charter school, KIPP Impact Middle School in Jacksonville . The historic bill puts in place part of the Governor’s 7-7-7 Plan by requiring merit pay for Florida’s public educators based on student achievement.

“I am proud that the first bill I sign is this important legislation that will give Florida the best educated workforce to compete in the 21st century economy,” Governor Scott said.  “We must recruit and retain the best people to make sure every classroom in Florida has a highly effective teacher.”

Sponsored by Senator Stephen Wise and Representative Erik Fresen, the legislation changes how teacher performance is evaluated, including the following:

  • · Teachers will be evaluated using a scale of four levels for performance (highly effective, effective, needs improvement and unsatisfactory), instead of being evaluated as either satisfactory or unsatisfactory.  In 2009, 99.7 percent of teachers earned a satisfactory evaluation.
  • · At least half of an educator’s evaluation will be based on student learning gains for classroom teachers, 30 percent for non-classroom personnel and 40 percent for school administrators, instead of 100 percent of the evaluation being based on principal or peer review.
  • · Teachers in hard-to-staff subject areas, like math and science, will earn more money, instead of paying all teachers – regardless of subject taught – using the same scale.
  • · After July 1 of this year, new teachers will work on annual contracts, instead of receiving tenure after three years of satisfactory evaluations, which is essentially an employment contract for life.

What People Are Saying About the Student Success Act:

“This landmark bill recognizes that teachers are the most important factor in schools when determining a child’s success,” said StudentsFirst Founder and CEO Michelle Rhee. “We applaud Florida for its adoption of bold and comprehensive education measures that put students first.”

“The action taken today recognizes that quality teachers are the fundamental component of a first-rate education,” said CFO Jeff Atwater.  “Exceptional teachers will now be distinguished, celebrated and rewarded for their dedication and skill to impart knowledge that inspires our students.”

“The passage of Senate Bill 736, ‘The Student Success Act,’ would not have been a success without the months of collaborative committee work and public input from teachers, administrators and parents,” Senator Stephen Wise said.  “I’m thankful for the cooperation from the many groups and individuals who contributed to the discussion on instructional quality, along with the dedicated committee members.  Our teachers are incredibly influential and important to the success of our children and our future as a State.  I believe this bill will attract top-quality educators to Florida and foster a student-centered, world-class education system.”

“This is a momentous occasion for our state’s education system,” Representative Erik Fresen said.  “Excellent teachers are the driving force behind student success and this bill provides for a system that recognizes those highly effective educators and rewards them appropriately.”

Thank you Governor Scott for ensuring that all future schoolchildren will get the best education possible.

Florida Moves towards Drug-Testing for Anyone Getting Tax Dollars




Tallahassee, Fla. – Today, Governor Rick Scott applauded the work of legislative leaders to create mandatory drug testing for adults seeking assistance from Florida ’s taxpayers.


“I want to commend Senators Steve Oelrich and Paula Dockery, and Representatives Jimmie Smith and Chris Dorworth, for their hard work on this issue,” Governor Scott stated. “Today’s committee passage by the Senate of Senate Bill 556 has advanced this important policy, and I look forward to the House moving their legislation tomorrow.” 

Governor Scott’s support for drug testing those who would seek taxpayer-funded assistance is consistent with promises he made before his election.


In addition, Governor Scott announced Executive Order 11-58. This order will require pre-employment drug testing for all prospective new hires of agencies within the Governor’s purview. It will also require random drug testing of all current employees, from executive leadership to part-time employees.  

“Floridians deserve to know that those in public service, whose salaries are paid with taxpayer dollars, are part of a drug-free workplace,” Governor Scott said. “Just as it is appropriate to screen those seeking taxpayer assistance, it is also appropriate to screen government employees.”

   Thank you Governor Scott and our Florida leglislature.  This is change the people of Florida can certainly believe in!

Scott names new Director of Personell

Governor Scott Names Elaine Jordan as
Director of Personnel and Appointments


Tallahassee, Fla.Governor Rick Scott today named Elaine Jordan as Director of Personnel and Appointments for the Executive Office of the Governor. Jordan will oversee the Appointments Office and the recruiting and hiring of personnel for the EOG and agencies of the Governor. This is a newly-created position in the EOG and highlights Governor Scott’s dedication to recruiting and hiring the best candidates to serve Florida and his administration.


Jordan brings decades of experience in executive recruiting to Florida state government. She most recently served as Managing Director of Fiderion, a management consulting firm specializing in senior-level executive search and advisory services. Previously, she was a senior associate with Korn Ferry, the world’s premier provider of executive human capital solutions. Jordan has a track record of identifying and recruiting knowledgeable and experienced leaders.


“My administration has pledged to recruit the best people possible to implement my agenda. Elaine Jordan will help the Scott Administration recruit the best people, both here in Florida and nationally, to help turn this state around,” said Governor Scott.

FL Gov Scott Opens New Website: REAL Transparency in Gov’t.

      Breaking Florida news : 

     Governor Scott LAUNCHES WEBSITE AND

     Opens State Salary Database to the Public




Tallahassee, Fla. – Governor Rick Scott today launched a new website that will serve the public by providing access to frequently requested public records and other information, including a state employee salary database.

The new website is located at www.FloridaHasARightToKnow.com and contains the following information (and more):

  • Public access to state employee salary information.
  • Contract records, including approved, denied and “under review” contracts.
  • Information on rulemaking status and procedures.
  • Annualized retirement benefit calculations of $100,000 and more for state and local employees (personal information redacted).
  • Links to other open government resources.

  Thank you Governor Scott, this is real transparency that the people voted for in 2010. Maybe the Obama administration can take some notes here.

“This useful tool enhances public access to government records so taxpayers can see how their tax dollars are being spent,” said Governor Scott.

Florida Governor Scott Appoints New Judge

Governor Scott Appoints A. James Craner II to
the Orange County Court


Tallahassee, Fla. Governor Rick Scott today announced the appointment of Alfred James Craner II of Orlando to the Orange County Court.  


“With more than 22 years of legal experience, James has developed a disciplined and systematic approach to evaluating and resolving a high volume of cases,” Governor Scott said. “His determination, fairness and patience have been hallmarks of his career and will be instrumental qualities in his role as a county judge.”


Craner, 47, has been a sole practitioner since 1996. Previously, he was an assistant state attorney with the State Attorney for the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court from 1993 to 1996 after interning and practicing as an associate with Alan Robinson P.A. from 1988 to 1993. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Kent State University and his law degree from the University of Akron School of Law. 


Craner will fill the vacancy created by the elevation of Judge Mike Murphy to the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court

Florida News Reports 3/17/2011

There is a lot happening on the Florida political scene this week, so I decided to draw up a summary news recap to keep our Florida readers informed today. First off, it appears Governor Rick Scott’s new policies are starting to gain definition and traction in the Florida State legislature. On Weds. March 16th, Governor Scott thanked Florida legislators for passing Senate bill 736, the Student Success Act. After passage of the act, Senate President Mike Haridopolos released the following statement on the House passing Senate Bill 736 – the Student Success Act:

“Today is an historic day with the House of Representatives passage of the Student Success Act. The legislation is a keystone in Florida’s efforts to provide quality education in our classrooms.  While the legislation rewards outstanding teachers and reforms the state’s instructional workforce, the real winners are Florida’s students.”

“The bill (SB 736), which ties public school teacher evaluations and pay raises to student performance on standardized tests, passed the House, 80-39, Wednesday along party lines with Republicans in favor. The measure had passed the Republican-dominated Senate, and now speeds to Gov. Rick Scott’s desk. Scott has said he will sign it into law.”

This is great news for all Floridans and their children. In related news, The Florida Education Association is thinking about filing a lawsuit to try to stop the bill.  So much for actually caring about the children, they would rather line their pockets further with tax dollars going for ineffective teachers, right FEA ?  Maybe it is high time parents called for the disbanding of the FEA, if they go forward with that nonsensical lawsuit.

Governor Scott has already signed several executive orders since taking office, including the following:

Executive Order No. 11-01 freezes all new regulations and establishes the Office of Fiscal Accountability and Regulatory Reform, which will review all rules prior to promulgation as well as agency practices and contracts.

  • Immediately suspends rule-making for all agencies under the direction of the Governor.
  • Establishes the Office of Fiscal Accountability and Regulatory Reform to review all rules (including those suspended by the Order) prior to promulgation and to review agency practices and contracts.
  • Imposes 90-day suspension on execution of any contracts with a value in excess of $1 million, without prior approval from the Office.
  • Prohibits agencies from promulgating rules unless they obtain prior approval from the Office.

Executive Order No. 11-02 requires state agencies to use the E-Verify system verify employment eligibility of state employees and contractors.

  • All state agencies under the direction of the Governor must use E-Verify system to check employment eligibility of their current and prospective employees.
  • Requires state agencies under the direction of the Governor to include in all state contracts a requirement that contractors utilize the E-Verify system to verify the employment eligibility of:
    • all persons employed during the contract term by the contractor to perform employment duties within Florida; and
    • all persons (including subcontractors) assigned by the contractor to perform work pursuant to the contract with the state agency. Executive Order No. 11-03 establishes the Governor’s policy on ethics and open government.
      • Orders the adoption and implementation of a revised, stronger, code of ethics in the Governor’s office, and directs agencies under the direction of the Governor to revise their codes of ethics accordingly.
      • Recognizes work of 19th Statewide Grand Jury and directs Governor’s Special Counsel and Chief Ethics Officer to review their Report and recommend a plan for implementation of all or certain, as advisable, of the Grand Jury Recommendations.
      • Reaffirms commitment to Office of Open Government and calls for establishment of new Web site providing access to accountability information.

Personally, I would like to see E-Verify become federally mandated acroos the entire country, in both the private sector and public sector, which is why it was created in the first place. Match SS numbers with people before hiring, renting apartments or houses, and also especially before handing out the nanny-state welfare benefits our nation is becoming famous for today. NO WIC, no welfare, no rent subsidies, no college grants, no nothing unless you prove you are am American citizen who actually deserves the help from the American taxpayer.

Executive Order No. 11-04 reaffirms the Governor’s commitment to diversity in government.

  • Reaffirms prohibition on discrimination in employment based on race, gender, creed, color, or national origin, and affirms commitment to hiring, retaining and promoting the highest quality candidates regardless of the above.
  • Reaffirms policy of non-discrimination in state contracting without regard for race, gender, creed, color, or national origin.

This one sounds like it could be used against the reverse discrimination, race based hiring practices to allow people to hire the most qualified individuals based on experience and education, which is also supposed to be a federal law, yet today we see it isn’t enforced fairly.  See Eric Holder’s mandating that the city of Dayton, Ohio lower qualifying test scores for black policemen and firefighters to be given jobs over people who actually passed the real tests. That, my friends is reverse discrimination, and there needs to be a few thousand multi-billion dollar lawsuits brought against these types of actions, to show the race-based thugs that it won’t be tolerated. Clear enough Mr. Holder?

Congressman West announces his March Town Hall Events.  If you get the chance, check out this American Patriot representing Florida in the U. S Congress  later on this month.Coral Springs High School
Tuesday, March 22nd
7-9 p.m.
7201 W. Sample Road
Coral Springs

Temple Eamanu-El
Wednesday, March 23rd
7-9 p.m.
190 North County Road
Palm Beach

*March 23rd: additional parking at St. Edwards Church parking lot on
Sunrise Ave/N. County Rd.

Washington, DC
1708 Longworth HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-3026
Fax: (202) 225-8398
Hours: Monday-Friday
9:00AM-5:00PM (Eastern time)
Fort Lauderdale
6300 NE 1st Avenue – Suite 100
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
Phone: (954) 202-6211
Fax: (954) 202- 6212
Hours: Monday-Friday
9:00AM-5:00PM (Eastern time)
West Palm Beach
3111 South Dixie Highway, Suite 308
West Palm Beach, Florida 33405
Phone: (561)655-1943
Fax: (561) 655-8018
Hours: Monday-Friday
9:00AM-5:00PM (Eastern time)

Special congratulations go out to the citizens of Miami-Dade who voted to recall another big tax and spender, Mayor Alvarez who turned out to be another RINO who didn’t get the 2010 election message of smaller government, less taxes and more accountability. Good work by my friends across the State, and you should be very proud to be able to call yourselves true Conservatives, as you certainly earned that title here. The Shark Tank summed this lesson up quite well in this post.

Florida Moves to Stop *Creeping Sharia Law*

Florida State Senator Alan Hays and Rep. Larry Metz recently announced legislation that will protect all Floridians’ Constitutional rights against the infiltration or injection of any foreign laws or legal doctrines from other countries. While there are already many visible examples of this happening in America today, some choose to deny this reality, and the need to prevent the laws of other countries from being injected into America any further.

CAIR, or Council on American-Islamic Relations, denounces anyone who stands up for the right of Americans to live by our own laws and Constitution.

Senator Hays explains his stance and reason for proposing this legislation as this:

“I filed a bill that says in the courts of Florida the laws of no other country can be used to influence the decisions of Florida,” Hays said. “If it’s Sharia law or any other law – I don’t care what law it is – if it’s not a Florida law and if it’s some foreign law, it doesn’t belong in our courts.” (emphasis mine)

Right away, some people try to paint this as  an attack on one group or another to denounce it, such as one Mr. Nezar Hamze of South Florida chapter of CAIR, saying it is some kind of stealth attack on Muslims. CAIR is using Alisnkey-ish tactics to bully and denounce anyone standing up for American laws and culture today. An attack on Senator Hays was aided by the liberal Miami Herald in a post titled:  Lawmakers target Islamic Sharia law*. In the post, misinformation and lack of journalistic integrity are displayed throughout – a disservice to the whole State of Florida and America. Marc Caputo was busy putting the Muslim-oriented, leftist anti-American spin into the  article demonstrating the true story behind it, perhaps in a way he never intended us to see:

”   One reason Sharia isn’t mentioned in the bill is due to the U.S. Constitution’s ban on religious discrimination or favoritism. Citing the First Amendment, a federal judge recently blocked a voter-approved Oklahoma law targeting Sharia.” (emphasis mine)

A Federal Judge going against the wishes of the people who voted for this law is somehow being spun into a good thing there. Thus the danger of self-righteous appointed federal Judges sticking their noses into State law-making decisions. This new legislation will take those types of decisions out of play down here in Florida. Sen. Hays and Rep. Metz are to be commended, no matter what Mr. Hamze or the Miami Herald say about it. This is America, and if you refuse to live by American law, dont let the door hit you in the backside on the way back to your third world countries and their oppression- laden cultures.

Also found in the Herald article is Mr. Hamze looking like a foolish hypocrite when he stated the following:

“It’s absurd. I’ve never even heard of a court using Sharia law in making a ruling in a case,” Hamze said. “If it is intended to combat people’s fear of Islamic law, it does a poor job … because it does not mention Islam or Sharia but it does mention foreign law, which affects all religions, not just Islam, because you have Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Hindu laws.”

Actually, Mr. Hamze, is the fact thatyou conviently choose to ignore several problems that have already occurred in Florida courts, due  precisely to attempts of Sharia law trying to be injected into Florida. It took all of two minutes to find an example from USATODAY.com**

A Florida judge ruled Friday that a Muslim woman cannot wear a veil in her driver’s license photo, agreeing with state authorities that the practice could help terrorists conceal their identities.

Sultaana Freeman arrives at the Orange County courthouse in Orlando
By Peter Cosgrove, AP

Attempts to inject forms of Sharia law and culture into Florida laws are obvious. There is a pressing need for Senator Hays’ leglislation to stop it from infecting Florida any further. Call up Senator Hays and the rest of your Florida representatives today and tell them you support this leglislation. It is for the good of all Floridians, and Americans across the country who tire of American culture and laws being changed to suit assorted radicals like Mr. Hamze. We are no longer going to stand by and watch our country be degraded and destroyed by these types of people. Thank you again Senator Hays and Rep. Metz.

UPDATE: 3/22/2011

Florida Judge Orders Use of Islamic Law in Mosque Case

TAMPA — A Tampa judge is under fire after ruling that he will follow Islamic law in a case against a local mosque that ultimately could decide who controls $2.2 million in state money.
Read more on Newsmax.com: Florida Judge Orders Use of Islamic Law in Mosque Case


Florida Chamber Hires Security, Assigns Threat levels

         Not wanting to have protesters turn the Florida Chamber of Commerce into a war zone like in Wisconsin, the Chamber went proactive today, and hired extra security and assigned color coded threat levels to ensure the security of workers entering and leaving the building during the Florida legislative sessions.

      Chamber President Mark Wilson ordered the extra security measures after learning of the violence that was reported recently in Wisconsin protests. Mr. Wilson has seen similar tactics from Unions and assorted activists before:

“We’ve been picketed by ACORN before,” Wilson noted. “They brought people in on buses and pushed open our front door a few years ago.” He further elaborated  on why he was taking the precautions early,  “If two months from now session comes and goes and we never encounter anything like what is happening in other states and it looks like it was overkill, I’ll take that embarrassment all day long,” Wilson said. “I don’t think you can ever be too prepared.”

     Some people appear to have their head in the sand in ignoring what has happened in Wisconsin lately, with people barging through security, climbing in through windows, making death threats against the Governor, and several protesters having to be  physically removed by police. Some chamber directors and officers went so far as to say they were unaware of the security precautions and one even called it “an over-reaction at a minimum.”  With the threats and increased level of lunacy and disrespect shown in the Wisconsin protests, a person has to be pretty naive to not appreciate the advance preparations being done by Mr. Wilson to protect them.

      The circus atmosphere and disrespect shown in Wisconsin should be a very clear warning to all States to make preparations ahead of time to ensure the safety of all concerned from these disrespectful, ill-mannered protesters. It is an embarrassment I hope to never see allowed to happen here in Florida.

     Elections have consequences. Republicans have won in many states, and Liberals posing as Democrats are using decent people to deny the process of true Democracy that the people voted for. Toss into the mix self-serving Union operatives who have a distinct pattern of thuggery against anyone who opposes their agenda, and we have the perfect storm for protest violence. Be prepared people.


  The Supreme court of Florida has ruled today, that Governor Rick Scott is within his authority to deny the federal funds for the high speed rail project from Tampa to Orlando!  The rule of law and the Florida Constitution give our Governor the right to protect the taxpayers from special interest boondoggles exactly like this scheme!

   Thank you Governor Scott for doing what we elected you to do in making the tough choices to reign in spending  and balancing the Florida budget.

    As soon as the court’s decision was announced, Scott telephoned U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood and said Florida was formally rejecting the funds. You can bet your bottom dollar the Feds are not happy with their scheme to try to regain Democratic power in Florida through the use of federal taxpayer funds. That is all this scheme was trying to do and it failed bigtime! Thank you again Governor!

Meet the Race-Baiting, Impeached Corrupt Judge/Congressman Hastings (D-FL)

Meet Congressman Alcee Hastings of Florida. Watch him berate the Governor of Florida and go on a race-based rant that he tried to pass off as a lecture to all Floridians concerning the current proposed budget. To put this as politely as possible here, this piece of corrupt scum has a hell of a lot of nerve trying to lecture anyone on anything today. Watch that video here. Keep in mind a few facts about this Congressman the ignorants over in that part of Florida just reelected in 2010. Good solid candidates desiring to actually desiring to serve all the people of Florida got passed over for this ignorant piece of work. Amazing.

Lets analyse this geniuses hate-speech here,especially for those politically correct folks who are afraid to hear the truth.  First of all , Alcee Hastings has a lot of nerve calling anyone in Florida ass-backwards when we consider that he is reading an op-ed “from a friend” as he states, and then using that opinion piece from a leftist rag newspaper, to call the entire Florida State legislature and Governor’s office ass-backwards and tops it off with the intelligent, insightful question of, “What is this shit?”

Then he proceeds to accuse Governor Rick Scott of stealing his companies money without a single fact to back it up. Surely this nanny-state beggar of a Congressman has a spotless record that allows him to spew this trash right there in the video right?  Well, not so much folks. You see Mr. Hastings was a Federal Judge down here in Florida, appointed by Jimmy carter in 1979. It took the illustrious Mr. Hastings 2 short years on the bench to be caught in an FBI sting taking $150,000 dollars to give a lenient sentence to mobsters Frank and Tommy Romano, who were indicted on 21 counts of  racketeering.  The Honorable Mr. Hastings, you see, isn’t really all that honorable. In fact, this self-righteous hypocrite is more aptly described as the scourge of the Democratic party in Florida.

The Romano brothers were initially found guilty of stealing $1 million dollars from a pension fund in Mr. Hastings court. While waiting for the sentence to be handed down,we see that things got quite interesting. I have narrated the corruption case of Mr. Hastings in the following podcast,  just for your listening pleasure .   Alcee Hastings Podcast 3-1-11

Mr. Hastings is a glaring example of how corrupt and out of control our Government has become today at all levels, including Federal, Congressional, State and local government. This corrupto-crat is an embarrassment to the State of Florida and the entire nation. He needs to be thrown in prison, not sitting on the U.S Intelligence Committee up in Congress. We obviously cannot leave this decision up to the people of the 23rd district of Florida, as they have voted for this corrupt lowlife 7 straight times!

That is right, this impeached criminal is still in the United States Congress sitting on powerful committees within the Democratic Party leadership today. What do you say we demand justice for the whole nation and demand this crook be put in jail and kicked out of our Government? Lets speak up America!

Florida Politics: The Week in Review

This past week Governor Rick Scott reviewed a proposal once again to go ahead with the Tampa to Orlando High Speed Rail Plan, and once again he turned it down. There are some troubling aspects coming to light here in this situation that demands Floridans get involved and start asking questions. First of all, just what was in this latest proposal that made it unacceptable to the Governor’s office? Protecting the taxpayers is an admirable agenda, but a little more transparency is needed here if Governor Scott wants to earn the trust of Floridians today. I would like some details and will be calling the Governor’s office Monday morning to see if I can get an explanation on why this latest plan was turned down. In trying to research this situation today, I did come across some troubling hints at stealth attempts at what seem like somehow putting taxpayers on the hook for this plan.

Things just do not add up here. This will be Amtrak2,and it will lose taxpayer’s money year, after year, after year. Every single one of these projects end up costing billions more than mathematically challenged tyrants like Sen. Nelson and Rep. Castor “project” they will cost, when they start them. I will put Governor Scott’s business and budgeting experience up against the whole Democratic party of Florida’s experience any time. Rick Scott has decades of business and budgeting experience. Nelson, Castor, and the rest of the State Democrats in Florida? ZERO. The Democrats trying to undermine the Governor today do have him beaten in one category: They are champions at being career, self serving politicians, who have accomplished nothing more in life, than living off of taxpayer dollars.

Meet the Florida career politician that is pushing this high speed rail boondoggle onto the people of Florida, even though they voted it down in 2010:

Kathy Castor went from being an assistant legal council, for “Community affairs,” to serving on the Hillsborough County Board of Commissioners for a few years. She was also the daughter of career politicians/ lawyers. Her father was a judge who also served on the Board of Commissioners down here. I have outlined how Democrats with de-facto fake law degrees end up in the Democratic Party time after time in prior articles. This pattern has been well proven. Castor is one of these “lawyers” who never tried a real case in court. From day one she was groomed to be a career politician. She also shows us the other way these types of Democrats slither into office. That usually involves a person dying or moving up in the career taxpayer sucking categories of career politicians.  Jim Davis left his seat in Congress to run for Governor, Castor won the Dem. primary with Daddy’s help, and that of pretty much every media outlet in Florida singing her praises. And alas, she won her seat by a 70-30% margin, due to Republicans not wanting to put up a solid candidate and any money against her, as they knew she had the media behind her and they were giving her “Free Press” at every turn. Sound familiar? Castor has a nasty hidden agenda , which is evident by her refusal to answer questions from the people of Florida about their tax dollars in this situation, thus she needs to be kicked out of office in 2012. We can’t help Governor Scott fix Florida with these kinds of people trying to circumvent his decisions to enhance their Union-Crony power base for future elections. Take a good look at Kathy Castor’s face there. Sure looks like the face of a career politician to me. I can’t wait to see her forced to actually work for a living in 2012, when the people of Florida say they have had enough of these elitists ignoring them, while trying to force higher taxes onto them.

Following Florida Governor Rick Scott’s decision to scuttle the proposed High Speed Rail (HSR) project, Congressman Allen West has come out in support of the Governor’s decision to kill the project. LTC West said , ” I don’t see a need for High Speed rail here in the state Florida.” LTC West further described this rail plan that, since 41 of 44 Amtrack lines lose money, “it’s a train to nowhere.” That is exactly why this writer is calling it Amtrak 2.0

I reported earlier here at CDN on  Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood telling, what I consider to be tall tales, when he said he had received letters from politicians in New York stating that they would take the High Speed Rail money Florida had turned down. We were being bullied with the statement that we have to take this money now, or they will give it to someone else today. Well guess what?  They didn’t give the money to N.Y. The Feds want to get their hooks into Florida with this cockamamie high speed rail plan. We do not have the population density to ensure even mediocre revenue from ridership, period. What part of that do the Tampa Tyrants and Sen Bill Nelson not understand here? We said no at the polls last Nov,  and our duly elected Governor backed us up.  New York is billions and billions of dollars in the red this year, and the last thing we want to do is to turn Florida into New York.

Governor Rick Scott’s upcoming budget cuts are sure to rile up the big spending Democrats of Florida and even some irresponsible RINO-Republicans who don’t seem to care if we go bankrupt in the near future. This will be a huge topic of discussion and I will be keeping our readers informed of any important developments in regular news articles. If you would like a preview of the nastiness we can expect in the very near future about the needed budget cuts, see my latest article here at CDN on the corrupt felon, impeached Federal Judge-turned Congressman Alcee Hastings. This man represents  exactly what is wrong in our government today. Unbelievable .

Rep. Kathy Castor even deemed herself important enough to call a press conference last week saying that they will be giving their new high speed rail  “plan” to Governor Scott. The problem, is that Castor just doesn’t seem to understand that she works for the people, and thus needs to be targeted  for termination in 2012 for this stunt. She also acts like an elitist tyrant in not returning phone calls or emails.I got the runaround on 3 different occasions from her office last week. If she had valid statements about  her “plan” then she wouldn’t be afraid of answering questions from the very people who pay her salary. The fact is, Kathy Castor could care less what the people of Florida want. The people of Florida deserve answers on how their tax dollars are being spent, whether Ms. Castor likes it or not. Ditto for Sen. Bill Nelson. No High Speed Rail for Florida at this time, it is simply a luxury can not afford.

Senator Marco Rubio traveled around the state last week meeting and talking with the people of Florida on today’s issues. He explained how the lawsuit against Obamacare is moving forward and how the government doesn’t create jobs, the private sector creates job.  Senator Rubio does not support any continuing resolution to fund our government temporarily unless it includes major cuts in spending. I agree with this, and as I have stated before, the DC politicians are enabling more irresponsible spending every day they don’t have a firm budget resolution. Senator Rubio will be fighting for Florida and all of America in trying to force spending cuts in any budget bills going through the U.S. Senate. The problem lies within the big spending Liberal Democratic Party and Harry Reid, who control the U.S. Senate today. They seem more determined than ever to bankrupt America and pile massive debt onto future generations of our children. While Senator Rubio is only one man against a massive big spending political machine up in D.C. , he truly gives us some hope for, “Winning the future of America.” Unlike Barack Obama, Senator Rubio has firm plans on just how we need to go about securing our future. Those include reigning in irresponsible spending, de-funding Obamacare, and cutting back to a truer form of limited government to open up private sector job creation. I am honored to have Senator Rubio representing the State of Florida in our nation’s capitol.

I will now be writing updated Florida politics articles on a weekly basis here at CDN, and will also keep Floridians informed of any breaking developments as they happen. If you have any information you would like to share, or any questions drop them into the comment section below and I will reply to them on a daily basis. These are uncertain times in Florida and America today, and an informed voting public is crucial to restoring American Liberty and Propserity for future generations of Americans.  Thank you for visiting CDN and our new Florida politics week in review column.

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Florida Politics: A Storm is Brewing

      I would like to start out my, “This Week in Florida Politics” article here, by saying thank you to my State Representative Rachel Bergen. (fl-56) I had written to every politician in the State of Florida expressing my concerns stemming from the attempt to illegally bypass Governor Scott’s decision to put the breaks on the High Speed Rail plan from Tampa to Orlando. Rep. Bergen surprised me today with a phone call to address my concerns. Sure was comforting to see our elected officials responding to the very people they are supposed to represent today. Thank you again Ms. Bergen  We discussed a couple of issues today,  mainly talking about the Rail plan. She is in agreement with Governor Scott, (and myself)  that in these uncertain economic times this is just too much to put onto the backs of Florida taxpayers. We discussed Senator Bill Nelson telling the country that he will meet with Ray LaHood , the U. S. Secretary of Transportation, and a few lawyers to see what they can do to get around our Governor’s decision. Feds or no Feds, lawyers and other assorted Florida politicians and crony-capitalists looking for payback for promises they made to get elected will not be putting this kind of debt onto Floridians, period. I can not give you a quote from my Senator Bill Nelson, as they are apparently way to important to talk to the little people who pay their salaries. Nelson also doesn’t respond to correspondence from us little people. I can’t count the number of times he and his staff have ignored my letters. Likewise with Cathy Castor, another one of my so-called representatives who are scheming against the will of the people to put us into debt for decades with this rail plan. Castor is also heavily backed by assorted Unions as almost all Democrats are today, as we see by the stats below from OpenSecrets.org.  Special thanks to those folks for keeping track of interesting data like this. As dear old Gramps always said, “Follow the Money, Daniel.”

              2009 – 2010 Campaign Cash- Industries*

Industry Total Indivs PACs
Lawyers/Law Firms $113,060 $82,775 $30,285
Health Professionals $76,700 $21,700 $55,000
Building Trade Unions $34,000 $0 $34,000
Hospitals/Nursing Homes $33,830 $18,330 $15,500
Public Sector Unions $32,000 $0 $32,000

         2009- 2010  Top 5 Contributers*

Contributor Total Indivs PACs
American Hospital Assn $11,680 $1,680 $10,000
American Assn for Justice $10,000 $0 $10,000
Florida Police Benevolent Assn $10,000 $0 $10,000
Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers $10,000 $0 $10,000
Laborers Union $10,000 $0 $10,000

    Those are a lot of  favors owed by Ms. Castor there, and if she thinks she can pay them off with a multi-billion dollar rail plan, no matter the cost to the taxpayers of Florida, she’s got another thing coming. Yes sir, I see a big storm brewing in the near future for the Florida region. Ms. Castor is so sure she will be able to pay off future donors with this Rail plan, that she even held a press conference today. Just like in Wisconsin, Castor’s “press conference” was even attended by nasty Democratic operatives with signs such as “Impeach Scott, and other types of ugliness. Impeach Scott, for doing what we elected him to do? I don’t think so . Grow up people. You are an embarrassment to the  true meaning of a grassroots movement and Democracy. Yes Sir, a big storm is surely brewing in Central Florida. If you want to know what other area politicians are behind this scheme, you don’t have to look far.  Also at this pep rally against the people of Florida , were what they call “candidates.” TBO.com explains it like this:

“Castor and several candidates for the mayor and city council supporting high-speed rail were present. Opponents, in the minority of those attending the rally, mingled among those who favor it.” (emphasis mine)

    Let me get this straight here. TBO.com deems it important enough to point out that the opponents at this unannounced press conference were in the minority. Mr. Ted Jackovics of the Tampa Tribune, shows his lack of any hint of the ability to write  an unbiased report right there, not to mention his lack of journalistic integrity he shows in pushing one agenda or the other here in Tampa, time after time after time. FYI Ted, the only people showing up there were people paid by them to show support for this scheme or the privileged few who were called ahead of time. Otherwise, just how did they happen to show up with those nasty hate-signs? I saw no announcement of this press conference. I for one, am sick of reading this shameful misinformation from our supposed reporters today. Do you think there might have been some opponents to the plan show up, if this had been announced?

      Of course there would have been, we voted no just last year on this scheme, and I would be one of the people telling you where to stuff your fantasy here. I call it a fantasy, because no businessman in his right mind thinks this will not be a big black hole sucking down taxpayers dollars for decades to come. Castor, Bill Nelson, Mayor Iorio and assorted corrupto-crats are trying to convince us otherwise with another phony “plan” announced today. This was at the same press conference where they made very vague statements that do not prove anything to me about how this rail plan is supposed to make money in the end. Of course if you listen to the fantasies of Sen.  Bill Nelson, Rep.Cathy Castor and other assorted Liberal elitists, Obamacare will insure millions of people for free, lower the national debt and give Seniors better healthcare by taking 500 billion dollars of funding away from them. This is a nasty shell game these Florida/Tampa corrupto-crats are playing to try to cement future campaign donations for the 2012 elections and beyond. Yes Siree, there’s a storm brewing down here in Florida.. Here is another tidbit from TBO.com today:

“Our goal over the next day or two will be to put a written proposal in front of Gov. Scott that he can review,” she said. ” •Put the proposal before Scott to assure him that a private company that wins a bid to build and operate the system would be responsible for any possible construction cost overruns, revenue shortfalls, or financial obligations for repayments of federal grants should the project at any point fail; and last but not least is a good one: ‘Private firms have indicated they would make up the difference between the federal grant and the ultimate cost of construction, as well operate the high-speed rail line with revenue that would not involve government subsidies.”

     First of all we demand to know a few particulars here Ms. Castor, like just which ” private firms” are involved here? Exactly who will be in charge of  project oversight after they get their foot in the door for this project?  How many of these jobs will actually be given to Floridians ? How about your vaunted “transparency” the Democrats like to preach about today?  Sure seems to be a lot of secret deals going on here already, and the people of Florida need to demand some answers before this even gets started. How about a scheduled set of meetings from Tampa to Orlando to hear what the real people think about this deal before you submit your “Plan” to Governor Scott? Will it be deemed a criminal offense to give any jobs for this project to the Democrats friends for votes, Illegal Immigrants?  The fact is, that the people have already told you they don’t want this high speed rail. Your initial projected numbers about the financial viability of this project were already proven to be a bunch of hot air. I say once they get their foot in the door with this misguided bait and switch,  that it will be just like Amtrak. Remember Amtrak?  That was private at one time too. Today?  Billions of taxpayer dollars are being stolen to prop up that so-called “private venture,” that has also been plagued with fraud, corruption, and malfeasance. And Amtrak runs up and down the heavily populated Northeast, unlike sparsely populated Central Florida. 

     My take on this whole scheme? If the people do not speak up, and Governor Scott believes this Amtrak2 plan for Florida, we will be facing a state sales tax within 2 years here in Florida. They may call it something else, but one way or the other these big spending Democrats and their corrupto-crat pals have one agenda today: Tax the working folks as much as they can, any way they can, as has been proven throughout American history. Here is a telling question for all the Democrats and others involved in this rail scheme: ” With Democrats constantly screaming for the rich businessman to pay more in taxes today, just what businessmen are lined up with your plan here? How can these Democrats climb into bed with these evil capitalists that they bash every single day today? Are we supposed to believe that these anonymous business firms here are willing to lose billions of dollars just to snuggle up to this bunch of  Tampa politicians? Oh wait, since Senator Bill Nelson is wheeling and dealing on this deal up in Washington DC, which lobbyists is he in bed with up there, and what have they been promised?  Talk about strange bed-fellows teaming up for the high-speed rail love affair here. Every businessman I have ever met, is in business to make money. Where did you find these people who are supposedly all lined up to be happily taxed more, and are willing to take the heavy losses that are sure to come with this plan?

     We are being told here today folks, that whether we want this high speed rail running through the heart of Florida or not, the corrupto-crats are going to do it anyway. I sure hope Governor Scott doesn’t fall for the Amtrak2 bait and switch of these mathematically challenged politicians from here in Tampa. I am betting that the Businessman we elected as Governor, Rick Scott will see through this gimmickry. As in the picture above, the clouds are rolling in here, over Central Florida. Next up? Governor Scott’s budget cuts. Is that thunder I hear?

Nelson Wins Tyrant of the Week Award

    Senator Bill Nelson (D) of Florida was recognized as  The Tyrant of the Week  yesterday, by weighing in on Governor Scott’s putting the brakes on the high speed rail scheme with the following tyrannical statement:

   ” We are exploring with the Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood, how we could keep this project going forward since the state of Florida will not participate. We have the lawyers researching it,” Nelson told The Palm Beach Post.

Definition of a Tyrant: An absolute ruler, unrestrained by law or constitution. A usurper of  sovereignty. A ruler who exercises absolute power oppressively or brutally. Mr Nelson fits all 3 definitions to a tee here. There is such a thing as a Florida constitution that lays out the duties ands authority of the Florida Governor. In the above statement our Tyrant of the Week, Senator Bill Nelson, somehow thinks he can ignore the governor’s decision and round up a group of lawyers along with transportation secretary RayLaHood to do an “end around” on Governor Scott here.

 Lets look at the background to this whole situation here. In 2000, when the economy was rolling along nicely, several groups of city and state politicians started exploring the possibility of a high speed rail system to go from Tampa, to Orlando Florida. That was 11 years ago and the economy has deteriorated drastically since then. They held a vote and the people of Florida approved moving forward with this rail plan in 2000. Fast forward to 2010, during the mid-term elections  the people of Florida, faced with rising taxes and huge State deficits, voted NO to this rail plan. These same people elected Rick Scott to lead Florida out of the recession as their Governor. Mr. Scott looks over all the bloated revenue projections and possible costs to the Florida tax payers while going over the state budget plan, and decides that this is a disaster waiting to happen. Mr. Scott then announces that the high speed rail plan will be stopped.  Enter Senator Bill Nelson, my Tyrant of the Week with the above statement. The people said no, the Governor says no, yet the Tyrant says he will do it anyway, the rule of law be damned!

   Today Florida has a $3.6 Billion dollar deficit. This isn’t free money from the feds here, if the plan fails Florida taxpayers are on the hook to pay back 3.2 billion dollars. I live near Tampa. I worked in Orlando and traveled between the cities for years. Those saying this rail plan will increase tourism are living in a world of fantasy. Gov. Scott asked if these funds could be used to widen the I-4 corridor between Tampa and Orlando, since congestion is one of the reasons they use when pushing for this plan. The Feds said NO. Why do you think that happened? Another fact is that every rail system in North America operates at a huge loss to the taxpayers. Look at Amtrak for an obvious example. The Washington Times* shows us just what happens when the Federal government gets into the train business.

  “What authorities ultimately unraveled was that two former Amtrak officials, in fiscal 2001, either booked false or incorrect accounting entries in Amtrak’s monthly financial statements or else failed to report the activities.In turn, these same misleading accounting entries helped make Amtrak’s monthly financial results appear closer to budget than they really were. What’s more, the “inappropriate entries” were being made when Amtrak was sending monthly and quarterly financial reports to its own board of directors, the Department of Transportation, the Federal Railroad Administration and others, records show.” (emphasis mine)

  Former congressman Ray LaHood, now the Secretary of Transportation, was also caught securing 60 million tax dollars in earmarks for his district in 2008, with 9 million of that going to campaign donors, as was reported in The Washington Post. Now he is wheeling and dealing in Amtrak. Amtrak received 1.2 billion tax dollars in 2005.  Amtrak  had also submitted a request to congress for an addition 1 billion in funding annually for the next 10 years at one point. Can you say money pit? So now we hear that the Transportation Department, along with our Tyrant of the Week, Senator Bill Nelson are going to illegally bypass the people of Florida and their elected Governor, and shove this high speed rail boondoggle down out throats anyway. That is the action of a tyrant, not a U.S Senator elected to serve the people.

    Here we see The Tyrant of the Week with our new freshman Senator Marco Rubio. This represents the past, as Nelson is up for reelection in 2012, and the future of Florida, in Marco Rubio. Look at that picture. The Tyrant’s sunken eyes, bulging neck vessels, red face and clenched jaw are the exact opposite of Marco Rubio’s calm attentive demeanor. A tyrant is also someone who runs and hides from the very people he was elected to serve. Soon to be ex-Senator, Mr. Nelson excels at this part too.   I have on record over 50 phone calls and many, many emails and letters sent to the Tyrant of the Week without receiving one reply. That right there says all there is to say, about the fact that this Tyrant needs to be fired next year. He could care less what the people want, and refuses to listen to them.  When researching  the Florida high speed rail plan, there is also a quickly seen pattern within the reporting on this issue. The first 47 out of 50 Internet searches were all bashing Rick Scott with lies and misinformation about this situation. The real reasons Gov. Scott stated for his stopping this boondoggle are very rarely reported. The true costs to the taxpayers of Florida are ignored. History proves these projects to never come in under budget, and have proven to lose money for decades, yet the crony-capitalists in bed with the politicians pushing this burden onto the people of Florida are controlling the message. That message is deep in misinformation and based in unrealistic revenue projections. Leading that pack of  liars is our very own Tyrant of the Week, Senator Bill Nelson. My hope and change for 2012 starts with getting this Tyrant out of office,  and electing a true representative of the people. That’s what I call “Winning the Future.”

* http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2010/may/31/amtrak-misled-congress-on-finances/

Florida’s Rick Scott Pulls The Plug On High Speed Rail.

Florida’s new Governor, Rick Scott turned down the Feds offer of  $432 million of Obama’s “winning the future” stimulus funds this week, as announced during the unveiling of his state budget proposal. Governor referred to the project as a recipe for disaster, while facing down the Obama administration as being “addicted to spending.” Florida has followed Wisconsin and Ohio Republican Governors in refusing to accept federal funds that would lead to bloated, expensive additions to deficits that are already at historic highs. Governor Scott was elected to get spending under control, and he appears determined to do just that, with the help of a Republican majority in the Florida House and Senate. That luxury also leaves Scott without any wiggle room, or excuses for not making the cuts necessary to repair Florida’s sluggish economy. His common sense approach is quite refreshing in his latest statements on the cancellation of the high speed rail project.

“I was elected to get Floridians back to work and to change the way government does business in our state.” And Governor Scott explained exactly why he turned down the federal funds; “Capital cost overruns that could put Florida taxpayers on the hook for an additional $3 billion,” “overly optimistic” ridership and revenue projections, and $2.4 billion owed to the feds if the project “becomes too costly for taxpayers and is shut down.”

There is that same catch that caused Governor Christie to stop the New Jersey to New York high speed rail project.  The truth is that they failed to do any true Life-Cycle budget and revenue projections for proper cost analysis. Add to that the fact that when it becomes proven to be too expensive to complete, the taxpayers would still be on the hook for $2.4 Billion dollars and this truly had all the makings of a disaster!  Thank you Governor Scott, I sure am glad I voted for you, instead of high-speed-rail-at-any-cost, Democrat  Alex Sink!

Governor Scott is a realist when it comes to Florida’s revenue, and also sums up a fact that the federal Government needs to be reminded of when he said, “Government has no resources of its own. Government can only give to us what it has previously taken from us… Higher taxes and more government spending is a recipe for disaster. Government has become addicted to spending beyond its means and we cannot continue this flawed policy.”  The fact that this was still being pushed onto the backs of Floridians, even though we voted down a tax to help pay for this project just last year, is very indicative on just how out of touch our Governments have become today. What part of  “No high-speed rail”  do you people not understand? Apparently, we still have some further house-cleaning to do in our State legislature in 2012. Those names will be duly noted and published, as we get closer to the 2012 elections. We the people of Florida, and across America are tired of being ignored, and being told that career politicians know better than we do on how to spend OUR tax dollars.

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