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Florida’s Governor Scott Takes Tight Control of State Agencies and Regulations

  On Friday, April 8th, 2011 Florida Governor Rick Scott signed an executive order reaffirming that he means business in re-evaluating all State agencies and regulations under his purview.

After Targeting More than 1,000 Regulations for Repeal,

Gov. Rick Scott Issues Executive Order

Tallahassee, Fla. – Governor Rick Scott continues to live up to his campaign promise to hold government accountable. Today, he issued Executive Order 11-72 reaffirming the Office of Fiscal Accountability and Regulatory Reform’s critical role in ensuring common sense and accountability in state regulation. 

In its first three months of operation, the Office of Fiscal Accountability and Regulatory Reform (OFARR) has reviewed more than 11,000 regulations and, with the help of other agencies, has targeted more than 1,000 regulations that could be repealed.

   The complete copy of said executive order is included at bottom of page for our readers.

       Executive Order 11-72 reaffirms the original Exec order of 11-01, and will reduce over 1000 burdensome regulations in Florida that have piled up over the years, and made our State Government inefficient and a hindrance to business expansion. This also serves as a strict reminder to all State agencies that Governor Scott will be ensuring that Florida’s State Government will be run as efficiently as possible, and be held accountable to the people of Florida in all phases. Some bullet points from Executive Order 11-72 are as follows:

  • Whereas Government must be held accountable for efficient and effective performance and
  • Whereas no profession or occupation should be subject to regulation by the State unless regulation is necessary to protect the people from harm or damage and
  • Whereas the people of Florida deserve a regulatory process that is efficient, effective, understandable, responsive and open to the public and
  • Whereas State regulations may impose duplicative, obsolete and unnecessarily burdensome requirements on Florida’s citizens and businesses and
  • Whereas, continual review and assessment of existing and proposed regulations and rules is necessary to ensure the laws of the State are faithfully executed without unduly burdening the State’s economy and imposing needless costs and requirements on businesses, local governments and citizens, and
  • Whereas, fiscal accountability by all agencies is necessary to ensure integrity in State Government ,and
  • Whereas, on Jan 4th, 2011 Executive Order 11-01 established the Office of Fiscal Accountability and Regulatory Reform ( OFARR ) within the Executive Office of the Governor. 


  • Keep up the good work Governor Scott we are behind you 100% !


 Executive Order 11-72 complete. 










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