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Obama Lobbies Eurozone To Keep Greece In Until After Election

Here’s a hot one. In the “It’s all about me” department, President Barack Hussein “kill list” Obama has asked the Eurozone to keep Greece in it until after the US election in November. Why, you ask? Obama thinks that his reelection chances will be harmed because of what will happen to US and world stock markets if Greece is expelled from the Eurozone.

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras traveled to Berlin on August 24 to meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel. He is scheduled to meet with French President Françoise Hollande on August 25. In both meetings he is expected to ask that Greece be given four years instead of the agreed upon two years to get their financial house in order. Wolfgang Schäuble, German Finance Minister, said it has been only months since creditors drew up a second bailout package and agreed on a massive debt write-down for Greece.

International Monetary Fund (IMF), the European Central Bank (ECB), and the European Commission (EC) representatives are due to arrive in Athens in September to assess Greece’s finance reform efforts. They are expected to report to Eurozone finance ministers on October 8. The finance ministers will decide on whether to disburse Greece’s next €31 billion financial aid package. Obama is worried because if the finance ministers decide Greece has not done enough to meet its deficit reduction target and withholds the money, it would mean Greece’s exit from the Eurozone only weeks before the Presidential election.

European leaders are thought to be sympathetic to Obama’s lobbying, fearing that, under pressure from Republicans, Mitt Romney would be a more isolationist president than Obama.

So Obama wants the Eurozone to take, or at least delay, a financial hit to better his reelection chances. Is that chutzpah, or what?

But that’s just my opinion.

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President Obama is a Far Cry From Being an Angel.

The cover of Newsweek magazine depicts a picture of President Obama with a multicolored halo.  The intent of course is to depict Obama as an angel for his new stand on same sex marriage, which is contrary to his original stand when he first ran for office.  The new approach is an attempt to win votes, but is being played off as a change of heart by the President, Pelosi, and other democrats.

There is very little President Obama can take claim for  with our failing economy, astronomical debt, and so on.  Consequently, trying to win votes from anyone is essential to his reelection.  Even sadder is his need to take claim for the death of Osama bin Laden, as a one man band, when the true fame belongs to those Navy Seals who risked their lives in that daring melodrama.

It is truly a gloomy day when a president cannot talk about any of his accomplishments in three and a half years as part of his reelection campaign.  Attacks on Mitt Romney’s business ethics and high school bullying seems to be the only approach for Obama in his attempt to fight for reelection.  Unfortunately, President Obama has to stand on his own accomplishments, but what are they?

Over almost four years President Obama did the following:

He spent billions of dollars in bailouts (see below),  unemployment is at an all time high, S &P downgraded the U.S for the first time in history, the U.S.  is on the brink of bankruptcy,  the growth of big government continues, Obama Care, turning his back on Israel and other foreign affairs mishaps, as well as having the sole responsibility for corporation’s fleeing the United States in droves to places with lower corporate taxes.  And if that isn’t enough, we look weak as a country in the eyes of  our enemies as a result of this president and the staff he choose, yet the blame game continues with his eloquent game of semantics hoping no one will notice, remember, or acknowledge his failures.

Pleading for the gay vote, as seen here, represents just one more act of desperation by a failing president to understand the American people, he has to run on social issues what else is there?

View bailout information at CNNMoney.com bailout tracker: http://money.cnn.com/news/storysupplement/economy/bailouttracker/index.html

Barney Frank Ruins Mayan Expert's Big Break On TV

Barney Frank announced that he wasn’t running for re-election yesterday, and it’s almost like you could see the rays of sunlight beaming down on him while an angel’s chorus sang out, right?  A lot of people were happy that he made his announcement yesterday, but do you know who wasn’t?  This guy:

Arthur Demarest got to talk for about 18 seconds, before the news anchor cut him off to cover Barney Frank’s retirement announcement, and that’s just sad.  You can see that he went through a lot of trouble to come on and talk about the Mayan Calendar; it broke my heart.  There’s Arthur, all dressed up in a nice jacket.  He’s got a scenic skyline pictured behind him.  Here he was about to have his big break.  He was going to talk about the Mayan Calendar on America’s largest news channel, and then… BAM.  He gets “Franked”.  Barney Frank pulls the rug right out from under him.

Well, don’t worry, Arthur.  You’re not the first person that Barney’s Franked.  But hopefully, you’ll be the last, now that he’s getting out of Congress.  He’s done enough harm, and at one point or another, Barney’s Franked us all.

What are your thoughts on the distinguished congressmen’s retirement?  And what about poor Arthur?  Should he be invited back on?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.  And as always, gobble gobble.  (or something like that.. this holiday weekend was a bit too long)

Note:  “Franked” refers to Barney’s self-centered and self-serving policies that have harmed our nation over the years, and is not intended as a euphemism.