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New Book Suggests Possible End of Progressive Rule In 2014

PTHE GREAT WITHDRAWAL BOOK COVERHOENIX, Oct. 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — In 1913 America fell under the spell of an addictive European collectivist ideology called Progressivism that took our nation on a 100-year detour away from the sound money and values of America’s Framers.

In 2013 millions of Americans are snapping out of this hypnotic spell. Today’s political and social turmoil are caused by the withdrawal symptoms of kicking the Progressive addiction to government dependency, write renowned monetary expert Craig R. Smith and former think tank futurist Lowell Ponte in their fourth book.

Millions now see that we have been living in a dream world, an illusion of prosperity conjured with unreal paper money, a stock market addicted to the drug of a trillion stimulus dollars per year, zombie economics and mind-control politics.

A century ago President Woodrow Wilson imposed an unequal Progressive income tax to redistribute the nation’s wealth, and a Federal Reserve system to begin replacing America’s good-as-gold dollars that politicians could not freely print with a new paper “elastic currency” they could conjure out of thin air to buy votes.

After 100 years of Progressivism, 67 percent of tax dollars are now spent for “transfer payments” from your wallet to somebody else’s. Today’s dollar has only two pennies of the purchasing power of the 1913 dollar.

Progressivism promised to build a utopia through science, technology and government social engineering by an elite purportedly far smarter than the rest of us.

What Progressives created can be seen in their “workers’ paradise” Detroit – a jungle of violence, strife, corruption and sky-high taxes from which more than a million former residents have voted with their feet to flee. Progressivism is an intellectually, morally and financially bankrupt ideology.

Yet Progressives like President Barack Obama keep trying to turn America into Detroit by increasing dependence on government. Today, nearly half of American households include someone who gets a government check.

Today’s Progressives, fearful that their power is slipping away, are grabbing for total power by using the Internal Revenue Service as a political weapon, massive surveillance, and regulatory power to silence critics.

Smith and Ponte explain prudent steps people can take to restore our nation’s founding values and protect their families and savings through decentralized technologies and diversification.

“You and I have a rendezvous with destiny,” said Ronald Reagan. “We’ll preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on Earth, or we’ll sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness.”

Mid-term election: Senate seats up for grabs in 2014

The political season never ends and the 2014 mid-term elections are next. There are 20 Democrats with seats for the taking and only 13 Republicans up for re-election. Only 5 Republicans and 7 Democrats have so far announced intentions to run again.

States to watch in 2014

  • North Carolina went Republican for the 2012 Presidential election, 2012 Gubernatorial election and 2010 State House and Senate races which means a wave of conservatism may sweep the Tarheel state.
  • West Virginia went for Mitt Romney in 2012, but Jay Rockefeller soundly won his seat in 2008
  • Al Franken barely (by recount and questionable practices) took Minnesota 42-42%. Without the Obama coattails, a Presidential election year and straight-party voting, Franken may have had his last laugh
  • Colorado was a 9 point race in 2008 between Mark Udall(D) and Bob Schaffer(R). Colorado could be a place to pick up a seat with the right ground game.
  • Alaska was razor close in 2008 – this one should be takeable in a mid-term election
  • Kentucky could be an issue. Mitch McConnell’s has an image issue with moderates as an obstructionist – his win wasn’t by a massive margin in 2008
  • Louisiana was a close win for Dems in 2008 – LA went GOP in the presidential race and without Obama’s train blowing through – Landrieu could be beat


2014 Senate Seats in-play

State Incumbent Party Status Opposing
2008 Election
Alabama Jeff Sessions Republican Jeff Sessions (R), 63%Vivian Davis Figures (D) 37%
Alaska Mark Begich Democratic running Mark Begich (D) 48%,Ted Stevens (R) 47%
Arkansas Mark Pryor Democratic running Mark Pryor (D) 80%, Rebekah Kennedy (Grn) 21%
Colorado Mark Udall Democratic Mark Udall (D) 53%, Bob
 (R) 43%
Delaware Chris Coons Democratic Biden (D) 65%, Christine
 (R) 35%
Georgia Saxby Chambliss Republican running Saxby Chambliss (R) 57%, Jim
 (D) 43%
Idaho Jim Risch Republican running Jim Risch (R) 58%, Larry
 (D) 34%
Illinois Richard Durbin Democratic Richard Durbin (D) 68%, Steve
 (R) 29%
Iowa Tom Harkin Democratic Tom Harkin (D) 63%, Christopher
 (R) 37%
Kansas Pat Roberts Republican running Pat Roberts (R) 60%, Jim
 (D) 36%
Kentucky Mitch McConnell Republican running Mitch McConnell (R) 53%, Bruce
 (D) 47%
Louisiana Mary Landrieu Democratic running Mary Landrieu (D) 52%, John
 (R) 46%
Maine Susan Collins Republican Susan Collins (R) 61%, Tom
 (D) 39%
Massachusetts John Kerry Democratic running John Kerry (Democratic) 66%, Jeff Beatty (Republican) 31%,
Other 3%
Michigan Carl Levin Democratic Carl Levin (D) 63%, Jack
 (R) 34%
Minnesota Al Franken Democratic Al Franken (D) 42%, Norm
 (R) 42%, Dean Barkley (MIP) 15%
Mississippi Thad Cochran Republican Thad Cochran (Republican) 61%, Erik R. Fleming (Democratic)
Montana Max Baucus Democratic running Max Baucus (Democratic) 73%, Bob Kelleher (Republican) 27%
Nebraska Mike Johanns Republican Mike Johanns (Republican) 58%, Scott Kleeb (Democratic) 40%,
Other 2%
New Hampshire Jeanne Shaheen Democratic running Jeanne Shaheen (Democratic) 52%, John E. Sununu (Republican)
45%, Other 3%
New Jersey Frank Lautenberg Democratic Frank Lautenberg (Democratic) 56%, Dick Zimmer (Republican) 42%
New Mexico Tom Udall Democratic Tom Udall (Democratic) 61%, Steve Pearce (Republican) 39%
North Carolina Kay Hagan Democratic Kay Hagan (Democratic) 53%, Elizabeth Dole (Republican)
Oklahoma Jim Inhofe Republican Jim Inhofe (Republican) 57%, Andrew Rice (Democratic) 39%
Oregon Jeff Merkley Democratic Jeff Merkley (Democratic) 49%, Gordon Smith (Republican) 46%
Rhode Island Jack Reed Democratic Jack Reed (Democratic) 73%, Robert Tingle (Republican)
South Carolina Lindsey Graham Republican Lindsey Graham (Republican) 58%, Bob Conley (Democratic) 42%
South Dakota Tim Johnson Democratic Tim Johnson (Democratic) 63%, Joel Dykstra (Republican) 37%
Tennessee Lamar Alexander Republican running Lamar Alexander (Republican) 65%, Bob Tuke (Democratic) 32%
Texas John Cornyn Republican John Cornyn (Republican) 55%, Rick Noriega (Democratic) 43%
Virginia Mark Warner Democratic Mark Warner (Democratic) 65%, Jim Gilmore (Republican) 34%
West Virginia Jay Rockefeller Democratic Jay Rockefeller (Democratic) 64%, Jay Wolfe (Republican) 36%
Wyoming Mike Enzi Republican Mike Enzi (Republican) 76%, Chris Rothfuss (Democratic) 24%