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Election 2014 Results – GOP Takes Control of the Senate and Increases Seats in House

The last two years have left Americans feeling left out of the economic recovery and frustrated at the general direction of the country. Tonight, we find out if frustration brings about a wave of change. This post will be updated with the most recent updates at the top.

Number of Senate Seats up for Grab in 2014: 36

Current Senate Balance: 

Democrats: 45 seats

Republicans: 52 seats

Current House of Representative Balance:

Democrats: 138 seats

Republicans: 221 seats

Republican Pickups now mean GOP control of the Senate (6 needed currently – GOP +7)

Arkansas – Projected Republican Win (Tom Cotton) GOP +1

Colorado – Projected Republican Win (Cory Gardner) GOP +1

Georgia – Projected Republican Win (David Purdue) Dem +0 (former Sen. Chamblis(R) replaced with another Republican)

Iowa – Projected Republican Win (Joni Ernst) GOP +1

Montana – Projected Republican Win (Steve Daines) GOP +1

North Carolina – Projected Republican Win (Thom Tillis) GOP +1

South Dakota – Projected Republican Win (Mike Rounds) GOP +1

West Virginia – Projected Republican Win (Shelley Moore Capito) GOP +1

Virginia – too close to call: Gillespie(R) down <1 point against Warner(D) with 95% votes in


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R. Mitchell

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  1. With Iowa being called for Republicans, the Senate is in new hands. Let us all hope that these hands get the real work of the people done.

  2. DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Harry Reid, President Obama and the rest of the DNC leadership spent over $60million to achieve.. tonight. The unions, especially the teacher’s unions spent extensively and we learned one thing.. you can’t keep accomplishing nothing and spend your way out of it.

  3. If you haven’t noticed, we’re not bothering to report results from overly obvious things like Hawaii staying Democrat – well, I guess we kinda did there.

  4. 10:57 Iowa Joni Ernst making a strong push as more results come in. Things were looking dismal at first, but with single digits separating her from Braley.. things could get interesting!

  5. 10:47 Kansas: Roberts(R) wins re-election  – making the Senate take-over by the GOP all but a foregone conclusion

  6. 8:47 VIRGINIA: 64% votes counted – Challenger Ed Gillespie(R) holds 5 point lead over incumbent Mark Warner (51% – 46%)

  7. 8:38 With 37% of votes counted in NC, Kay Hagan(D) holds a 7 point lead over Republican challenger Thom Tillis.

  8. 8:29 Tom Cotton(R) projected to defeat Sen. Mark Pryor (D) for U.S. Senate seat in Arkansas (second Republican Senate pickup)

  9. 8:21 With almost 4% reporting, Kay Hagan(D) has taken a 6 point lead over Thom Tillis(R) for U.S. Senate in North Carolina.

  10. 7:50 With 2% of votes in NC counted, Thom Tillis (R) up by 6 over Kay Hagan (D). Independent candidate taking 3% of vote which could spell trouble for Tillis. [Too clost to call at this time]

  11. 7:39 Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV) projected to win over incumbent Democrat Natalie Tennant (first Senate pickup for Republicans)

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