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Category: Money

Is SoloPower the Next Solyndra?

Is SoloPower the Next Solyndra?

Should the government be in the business to be in business? Can we afford to offer huge taxpayer backed loans to companies? If we are borrowing billions just to pay our own bills can we afford to be in the loan business? Yet another solar company is headed for bankruptcy. This, just six months after […]

Providing generously for defense is FULLY CONSISTENT w/limited government

Providing generously for defense is FULLY CONSISTENT w/limited government

One of the most dear principles of the conservative ideology is that of “limited government” – namely, a federal government limited to its Constitutional powers. This is what “limited government” means, and this is what all conservatives want (or at least should aspire to). Unfortunately, a number of libertarians are falsely claiming (and misleading many […]

It Can Happen Here

It Can Happen Here

For years now, the Euro zone has been experiencing difficulty absorbing the costs of bailing out relatively small countries with relatively small economies that have relatively small amounts of debt. Most recently, Euro zone leaders agreed to fund a bailout of Cyprus with a deal that includes taxing private bank deposits.  The deal to fund […]

Ben Carson at CPAC: We Must Hold Their Feet to the Fire

Ben Carson at CPAC: We Must Hold Their Feet to the Fire

Just a short three weeks ago few Americans had heard the name Ben Carson. Those who did generally knew of him in the role of skilled pediatric neurosurgeon and head of Johns Hopkins Pediatric Neurosurgery Department. But following Dr. Carson’s stirring speech at the National Prayer Breakfast in February, millions of Americans now recognize him. […]

New Highs for Stocks Belie Underlying Economic Weakness

As the stock market has been advancing into all-time high territory this week, many Americans are wondering how the economy can be so great while they’re struggling so hard to make ends meet. Let’s correct that perception immediately: the stock market is not the economy, and should not be conflated with it. The stock market […]

Even Michelle Obama Vulnerable to Hacking

Even Michelle Obama Vulnerable to Hacking

This week my mother was talking about ID theft. Several of her friends had their credit card information stolen and used. Fortunately, the credit card companies caught the fraud and helped each cancel the accounts. Mom is worried about her own credit and the safety of her accounts. And well she should be. Yesterday it […]

Dear Hostess Workers, How's that Job Search Coming?

Dear Hostess Workers, How’s that Job Search Coming?

The buyout firms Apollo Global Management, LLC and Metropoulos & Co. have agreed to purchase the Hostess and Dolly Madison cake brands, including Twinkies. Recall that after the Hostess company closed its plants and declared bankruptcy after its unions went on strike in November. The proposed buyout includes the brands, bakeries and some of the […]

Nanny B's Soda Ban Struck Down!

Nanny B’s Soda Ban Struck Down!

Super-Sized Soda drinkers across New York City breathed a sigh of relief Monday when Mayor Bloomberg’s large size soda ban was struck down in the courts. Beverage companies argued that the ban was inconsistent since it would still allow grocery and convenience stores to sell sugary drinks in any size. Convenience stores do not fall […]

Rebuttal of Jim Lacey’s ignorant garbage

The National Establishment Review has just published an utterly ridiculous screed by Jim Lacey (“Why Armies Matter”), in which Lacey dismisses sea- and airpower as never having a decisive effect and being a waste of money and mere supporting tools for ground armies, while also falsely claiming that ground armies have always been the decisive […]

Even NBC Sees Sequestration Bias

Even NBC Sees Sequestration Bias

You know it’s bad when even the left leaning NBC Nightly News spends time criticizing this administration’s choice of cuts in this new era of Sequestration. Should we cut soldiers tuition assistance or maybe the president’s golf and family vacations? Are there non-essential workers at DHS or must 2500 border agents be furloughed? Can the […]

Rebuttal of the “sequestration is just a spending growth rate cut” lie

Ever since the sequester’s inception in August 2011 under the Budget Control Act, many ignorant people, including many anti-defense hacks (such as Mercatus Center’s Veronique de Rugy, AmSpec’s Matt Purple, HumanEvents’ David Harsanyi, POGO’s Danielle Brian, TIME magazine’s Mark Thompson, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, and CATO Institute anti-defense hacks) have falsely and repeatedly claimed that […]

Rebuttal of William Hartung’s lies about defense spending and US defense needs

In a recent (Feb. 22nd) opinion piece for CNN’s website, liberal anti-defense hack William Hartung of the George-Soros-funded “New America Foundation”, a stridently liberal group, stated many blatant lies about America’s defense spending and defense needs. This article is intended not only to refute his lies, but also to show how absurd they are, as […]

Rebuttal of CATO’s pseudo-”truth” about sequestration

As a leftist libertarian, anti-defense organization founded in 1977 by the anarcho-libertarian Murray Rothbard (who believed the US was solely to blame for the Cold War and “Russia was the aggrieved side” and who feted Stalinist butcher Nikita Khrushchev), CATO has consistently lied about America’s defense spending, policy, force structure, and needs, and has advocated […]

Help STOP precipitous cuts in America’s nuclear deterrent

The extreme Left has not given up. Despite all the facts proving the need for continued nuclear deterrence and for a large, modern American nuclear deterrent, the extreme Left – led by Reps. Keith Ellison (D-MN) and Ed Markey (D-MA, now a Senate candidate), the left continues to work to disarm America unilaterally. Purporting to […]

Obama failures

Obama: I was FOR Sequestration Before I was AGAINST it.

Remember this? In 2011 President Obama threatened to veto any attempt by Republicans to change the Sequestration cuts. But last week? President Obama talks of Armageddon, chaos will erupt and life as we know it will end. Oops…maybe the pendulum swung too far…and the president again rethinks his position telling the Business Council that this […]