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Trump Allows For Expanded Ethanol Sales As Chinese Tariffs Squeeze Farmers

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced Friday it would allow the year-round sale of higher ethanol gasoline. EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler said the agency was fulfilling President Donald Trump’s promise to Midwestern agriculture states, which have been hit hard by retaliatory Chinese tariffs. EPA previously restricted the sale of “E15” gasoline — fuel blended with 15 percent ethanol — in ...

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White House Edges Closer To Privatizing Fannie Mae And Freddie Mac

The Trump administration is pushing ahead with a plan an end to the conservatorship of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and move the government-sponsored enterprises (GSE) into the private sector. As part of a sweeping overhaul of the federal government, the mortgage agencies could undergo a transition into fully private entities through what may be the largest public offering in ...

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Trump Admin Steps Up Pace On First Oil Lease Sale In Alaskan Arctic, Enviros Cry Foul

The Department of Interior is fast-tracking plans to sell oil leases in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Reuters reported Friday. “That lease sale will happen in 2019,” Joe Balash, the assistant interior secretary for lands and minerals management, told an oil industry conference Thursday in Alaska. The vast area, home to caribou and polar bears, was off-limits to oil and ...

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Here’s How Mexico Could Respond To Trump’s Tariff Threat |

Here’s How Mexico Could Respond To Trump’s Tariff Threat Michael Bastasch on May 31, 2019 Experts expect Mexico to respond to U.S. tariff threats, but the country’s reliance on American energy could influence how they respond. Mexico could slow-walk the U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement that President Donald Trump wants to replace the North American Free Trade Agreement. The U.S. will ...

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5 Cutting-Edge Marketing Tech Trends to Hop on Right Now

Digital marketing is a complex and frequently changing environment. For marketers to stay on top, it is essential to always have a finger on the pulse of the latest trends and techniques. There are now countless new ways for companies to attract, make connections with and boost loyalty with their target audience. We’ve compiled a list of the latest tech ...

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China Halts Purchases Of American Soybeans

China has halted purchases of American soybeans as Washington and Beijing trade tensions continue to grow, according to a Bloomberg report Thursday morning. While China doesn’t have any plans to cancel previous purchases of American soybeans, there haven’t been orders for state-grain buyers to continue, people close to the situation told Bloomberg. The sources, who asked to remain anonymous, said ...

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Boeing To Be Grounded For Months And Will Face A Difficult Return

International Air Transit Association director general Alexandre de Juniac said Wednesday that the Boeing 737 MAX fleet could stay grounded for at least another two months, the Wall Street Journal reported. When the fleet will return is ultimately up to regulators, de Juniac said, according to the WSJ. Even after regulators agree to safety changes for the fleet they will ...

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China’s Latest Trade Threat Reignites Concerns Over US Mineral Dependency

The escalating U.S.-China trade dispute has brought American mineral dependency back into the spotlight. The U.S. is dependent on China for rare earth minerals used in hundreds of hi-tech products and military equipment. “China is letting the U.S. know that it has leverage,” said Dan McGroarty, head of the American Resources Policy Network. Reports of Chinese threats to escalate its ...

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U.S. Economy: Will The Fed Cut Rates to Stimulate Further Growth?

As the U.S. economy continues to show signs of strength, many have wondered if it is time for the Fed to cut interest rates. This viewpoint has also been expressed by President Donald Trump in various Twitter messages. In many cases, the economy will move higher when restrictive interest rate policies are reduced, but some experts believe that it is ...

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Main benefits to After Hours Trading

Whether it’s from the TV news, Hollywood movies, studying economics or personal interest, most people know that stock markets exist all around the world and are populated by traders, even if they don’t know much more about how it all works. However, anyone who interested in being more active on the stock market would do well to learn about both ...

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A Third Of American Companies In China Will Cancel Or Delay Investments. Even More Are Considering Leaving: Survey

Roughly one-third of surveyed American companies in China will cancel or delay investments in the country due to the ongoing trade standoff with the U.S., according to a May report from the American Chambers of Commerce in China and Shanghai. Even more of those companies, roughly 40 percent, said they are considering moving their manufacturing facilities out of China to ...

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Trump Could Save Taxpayers ‘Billions Of Dollars’ By Straightening Out One Program, Report Finds

The Trump administration could save “billions of dollars” if the Energy Department improved its management of radioactive waste clean-ups, according to the Government Accountability Office (GAO). The GAO report, released Tuesday, also reported Congress could save up to $4.3 billion by curtailing of eliminating the loan program that gave $192 million to a failed luxury electric car company. “The Department ...

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US Fined Wall Street $20 Billion Over The Last Five Years But Collected Only About Half

Wall Street companies have failed to pay a significant amount of the billions in fines the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) handed down in recent years. The SEC collected 55% of the $20 billion in enforcement fines established through court decisions or settlements over the five fiscal years that ended in September 2018, The Wall Street Journal reported. Previous years ...

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Trump Trade Deal Clears Hurdle As Canada And US Agree To End Tariff Battle

Donald Trump success

President Donald Trump’s North American trade deal received good news Friday when the U.S. and Canada agreed to end their tariff battle that began in the summer of 2018. “Now that we’ve had a full lift on these tariffs, we are going to work with the United States on timing ratification” of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), Canadian Prime Minister Justin ...

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AMAC warns of more Social Security phone scams


WASHINGTON, DC, MAY 17 – Robocall Social Security Administration scams are on the rise. The Federal Trade Commission [FTC] says SSA telephone shakedowns specifically targeting senior citizens now surpass phony IRS calls, according to the Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC]. For the past few years, fake IRS calls topped the list of complaints received by the FTC. “But the new SSA ...

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