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Finally Putting a Name To It: Global Warming Is “Fake News”


In the 1960s Paul Ehrlich wrote the book “The Population Bomb” and a whole new area of leftist radicalism was born. Actually Ehrlich was just making sense about the dangers of increasing world population: if too little food is produced people will starve. What he didn’t allow for was the human ability to adapt and find a way to grow ...

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Which Is Worse: Breaching A Phony Protocol Or Breaking U.S. Law?


The evil President-elect, Donald Trump, spoke on the phone recently with the democratically elected President of Taiwan and the conversation is being savaged by the Obama administration as a serious breach of “protocol”. But when Obama trashes the U.S. Constitution and breaks U.S. laws (open borders, forcing Obamacare on every American, etc.) the liberal, Obama-loving press just yawns and claims ...

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The Media’s Lies About Trump!!!


Tell a lie big enough and long enough and after a while everyone will believe it——-Mark Twain The above saying can certainly be applied to most of today’s media and these entertainers like Madonna and shows like Saturday Night Live who are their useful idiots who help spread and perpetrate those lies when it comes to Trump. They call him ...

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Trump’s Billion Dollar Cabinet


One hears liberals belly-aching about Donald Trump appointing very wealthy individuals to his White House cabinet. Although liberal Democrats mean only derision and insult with this description of Trump’s selected administration staff, the very fact that they are wealthy and made their fortunes by working and succeeding for years in their chosen fields of endeavor, means that they served their ...

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Election Recount Farce Coming From The Left

Money For Nothin’

Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate who, among others, lost the most recent presidential election to Donald Trump, is pretending to be demanding a recount of the votes that led to her defeat on November 8th in order to boost the total of her personal vote count, but one strongly suspects that her recount move is just an attempt to ...

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With Friends Like These….


           Recently two of Trump’s top supporters have come out criticizing him. Sarah Palin who is being considered for a post in his administration with veteran’s affairs called Trump’s baling out Carrier’s employees “crony capitalism” and Ann Coulter who said Trump was going to sell out on immigration.. I don’t care how he did it as ...

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The Real Unemployment Rate Should Be One Of Trump’s First Efforts


Inheriting the job of running the government from the likes of Barack Obama and his leftist stooges will likely keep Donald Trump busy for months, but one of the first things his administration needs to do is get rid of the phony five percent unemployment rate that Obama is currently bragging about and has politically manipulated to stay low and ...

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Trump Keeps His Promises!!!


When Donald Trump was first campaigning a reporter asked him if he could be presidential. His reply was “I’ll be so presidential you’ll want the old Trump back.” He’s certainly showing that now. Critics said he’d never make it to the caucuses and he did. They said he’d never make it through the primaries and he did. They said he’d ...

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The Left Should Despise Castro – Not Idolize Him


It was truly shocking to observe the posthumous praise heaped upon Fidel Castro this past week upon announcement of his death. Major “news” outlets, celebrities, and politicians lavished the now deceased leader with praise and accolades that, absent knowledge of the tyrant he really was, might lead a more gullible populace to believe he was Sister Teresa’s brother. Those heaping ...

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Kaepernick Will Always Be A Loser

Colin Rand Kaepernick is nothing more than a piece of crap in my book; I have no use for anyone who disrespects our flag and our country. Back in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s there was a term being used, I think we have to bring it back again. “America, love it or leave it.” Just to show you what ...

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