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More Leftist, Anti-Trump Violence Is a Yawn For The Leftist Press


After weeks of our beloved leftist press warning us and predicting that the Trump sympathizers will become violent as the presidential campaign proceeds, but seeing only leftists get violent at the Sanders delegates’ outbreak in Nevada (and Sanders’ troops made a promise of more such violence to follow at the Democrat convention if they don’t get their way), and after ...

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Racist Or Not? I Don’t Think So

What a world we live in, some people see a racist behind every tree. I ran across this ad from China, Liberal are screaming Racist, I think it’s very funny and my hat is off to the advertising company that thought of it. Once again we see that Liberals have no sense of humor. What do you think.  

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Memorial Day – A Time for Reflection and Honor


It has always been with a sense of awe that I regard those who have either voluntarily or involuntarily, assumed the role of guardians of life and liberty, by taking an oath to preserve and defend the Constitution against enemies, foreign and domestic. We owe our security, safety, and freedoms to our military men and women who don the uniform ...

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When An American President Hates America, World Affairs Appear Different From One Who Does Love America


Obama is expressing fear of Donald Trump for the alleged negative impact Trump’s comments about Making America Great Again are having on foreign governments and foreign diplomats. Our president says that Donald Trump is too unsophisticated to deal with the delicate sensitivities of the persons who really make the world run. Obama is also very concerned about race relations, the ...

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We Didn’t Know We Were Going To Have To Take Hillary To Raise


What parent, when trying to correct a misbehaving child, hasn’t had the child respond with the excuse of “well, Johnny did it, too”? That’s exactly the response Hillary gave after hearing the report of the Inspector General of the Department of State, a report that severely criticizes her for breaking the laws and procedures of her former position of Secretary ...

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Obama’s Criticism Of Trump Is Trump’s Greatest Advertisement


I’m unable to recall a time when a sitting president, like Barack Obama, would interfere in a political campaign from the presidential podium and make official statements attacking candidates by name who oppose his party’s policies (and just wait until this fool man is out of office and see how much he meddles in governmental affairs and how deranged he ...

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Why Donald Trump Must Use Vicious, Factual Attacks Against Hillary and Bill In The Upcoming Campaign


Our liberal pals at CNN, MSNBC, CBS, the New York Times and the Washington Post are thoughtfully giving the Trump campaign the very valuable advice to not attack Hillary on Bill’s scandalous behavior toward women and to steer clear of all of the Clintons’ scandals when campaigning against Hillary this election season. I certainly hope that the Trump campaign will ...

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Under Obama, Bridges Are Falling And City Water Is Dangerous, But There’s Plenty of Money For Immigrants And Refugees


Obama got everything he wanted at the outset of his presidency, with the main item being a nearly trillion dollar stimulus that he promised would allow him to solve long-overdue problems like decaying infrastructure and abandoned “shovel-ready” jobs that he claimed the evil Republicans would not allow to be completed. So how is it that we now see the bridge ...

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A Nation of Wimps


Michael  Savage and leading psychologists are right!! Liberalism is a mental disorder. Thanks to liberals in those brain washing institutes of higher learning known as universities and colleges they now have what they call “safes paces” to shield them from any opposing opinion. You mean to tell me they are so weak they can’t confront an opposing idea? Recently  at  ...

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According to Bernie Sanders, America Was Never Worth Much At All

Trump t-shirt

In contrast to Donald Trump’s red ball cap with the logo stating “Make America Great Again”, we have Bernie Sanders who over the weekend was seen stating that America should strive for greatness under his presidency, while denying that America has ever been great or worthy of praise. This opinion of the ordinariness of America and its non-exceptional place in ...

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Liberals Used To Want Government Out Of Their Lives, But Now…..


Liberals are so silly. If they had any capacity to think and reason at all they’d be dangerous. As it is they are just, well, dangerous. Back in the day when Hillary Clinton and her hippy buddies were protesting anything that made life pleasant or anything that made America safe from an attack, the protesters were screaming to get government ...

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The New York Times Attempts To Equate Bill Clinton’s Abuse Of Women With Trump, And Fails Badly


In an attempt to beat their Washington Post rivals in their announced investigation of “everything Trump”, which is the leftist rag’s attempt to dig up as much anti-Trump dirt as possible, as quickly as possible, and to demonstrate to the world that Donald Trump’s dealings with women were as violent and unwanted as Hillary Clinton’s husband’s dealings with women were, ...

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Obama Intends Only T-R-O-U-B-L-E With His LGBT Edict


Our immature president, never shy to introduce social initiatives from nowhere, intended to cause chaos and trouble in the nation, and in the case of gender-preference restrooms, cause political and social trouble for his Republican Oval Office replacement next year, is simply fulfilling his promise to “fundamentally transform America” with his latest edict. Our national deficit is into the clouds; ...

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Obama Proves What He Is Once Again

There is no doubt that Obama has been the most divisive president of our time. He came into office and immediately divided the country by race, by class, by gender, by social standing, by political party and every other way he thought of. A president that once proclaimed that we were not red states or blue states but the United ...

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