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Drugs and Guns, “$$$ & power”

“$$$ & power” – the name of the game.

Food companies put dies and other chemicals that are mildly addictive in our food.

These big food companies contribute to both political parties.

Thus the issue is ignored despite independent studies and populous’ clamor.

Such additives cause attention deficit and other behavioral problems particularly in children.

Studies funded by the same companies as “self-regulating” say problems are “inconclusive.”

Therefore the issue is dismissed and some children are labeled “allergic.”

Most parents are unaware of things like Red Dye # 40 causing attention deficits and dysfunctions.

Therefore far too many children get diagnosed as ADD or ADHD, etc.

Parents and doctors don’t know enough to consider eliminating the additives from their diet.

Doctors prescribe drugs for most of these kids to “solve the problem.”

Some of those children have side effects from the insidious drugs.

Some of them hide their side effects because they feel crazy and drugged up enough.

A few of those kids develop sever mental and social disorders.

Of those, a few carry out bizarre behavior to include suicide.

A small % of these adolescents (and adults) are capable and willing to create havoc on society.

When those are combined with irresponsible gun ownership, dreadful scenes like Sandy Hook occur.

Politicians use the opportunity to disarm the people, giving themselves ultimately unchecked power.

No one addresses the real problem above.

This post goes nowhere.

Our nation dies.

For the Undecided

Decidedly Liberals, Progressives, or Socialists are not swayed them from their unbridled compassion. Categorically, Conservatives know that there are now only two choices, slow intoxicating governmental growth, or mainline fascist socialism. God bless the undecided, for they are the hope of this world.

The Undecided must balance their views with a sense of proportion. For instance, balance the need for the underprivileged to attain health care with the exorbitant cost of “Obama Care.” The voter must decide if taxing us all to pay for it will do more good than the unemployment that such taxing will so clearly cause? Each party points to the pain that the other party intends to cause, while explaining the good their plan creates.

An economy runs on profits. Only profits can perform R&D. Only profits can be reinvested. Profits grow a company, hire more workers, give workers raises, and send employees to school or training. It takes profits to take the risks of innovation. Taxes reduce profits. Taxes deplete job opportunities. Taxes slow R&D. Increased taxes downsize the workforce.

For those who believe that taxes are also used to create jobs, consider this. Stimulating an economy by taxing to create employment is akin to opening the refrigerator door to cool the kitchen. Although you’ll feel some cool for a short time just in front of the open door, the overall effect heats the kitchen. Eventually the refrigerator will work so hard trying to cool all the heat it is producing that it breaks down and there is no longer even a cool spot to show for it.

Considering real proportions, dynamics, and balance, the damage done by over taxing the economic system outweighs any employment it can “create.” Government should only be for those things that cannot be done by private industry, such as national defense and safety and monopoly regulations. Providing for everyone is never the efficient or effective way to accomplish such a goal. Private industry will provide for our needs because there is profit in it. If the need is real, industry will find a profitable way to fill it.

Often it is government that causes the inequities that plague a “free market system.” Free market does not mean that industry can do as it pleases but regulation for the sake of “leveling the playing field” always serves to tilt it. Once the market is unnaturally slanted, industry automatically takes advantage, and the public looses, despite the government’s intentions.

Find the candidate who wishes to remove unnecessary, unenforced, and unenforceable regulation while also removing the tax burden on the economy. Each time in our history that taxes are reduced, the economy has produced greater tax revenues because of how it stimulated a growth economy. Find the candidate who proposes to eliminate tax shelters and loopholes while stemming the revenue requirement.
When it comes to diplomacy, find the candidate that does not attempt to buy friends or placate them. Select the candidate that understands that Muslim nations take apologies as a sign of weakness to be taken advantage of.

It takes faith to reduce taxes in order to increases revenue. It takes faith to stand strong against terrorists in order to reduce their threat. It takes faith in the American system to allow industry to provide for its customers better than the government ever could.

The wise independent voter understands that it hurts the poor and increases their numbers to enable them with greater entitlements. With welfare perks like a home, food, healthcare, phones, and cars, many poor cannot afford to find a job.

The frugal voter understands that government entitlements inherently do more harm than the good they intend. The compassionate citizen understands that there is more compassion in supplying an opportunity than a handout.

God bless the undecided. May they choose well.

11 Deceptions About the Tax Debate

Below are the’s “11 Facts About the Tax Debate.”  As usual, they are out of context, disproportioned, deceptive, and out right false briefing points.  Here are just a few reasons why they are nothing more than election year red herrings.  (A fitting expression for such socialist ideals.) points are in italics.

1.     Nearly $1 Trillion would be added to our deficit over 10 years under the Republicans’ proposal to continue tax cuts exclusively to households making more than $250,000 a year and to the wealthiest estates.

Only 1 Trillion in 10 years?  That sure is a better than Obama’s plan strapping us with over 10 Trillion more debt in the past 4 years, and much more in the next 10.  Republican tax cuts to those who are producing jobs realistically stimulate the economy.  History tells us that lower tax rates produce greater employment thus greater tax revenue 100% of the time!  Are 100% to 0% not good enough odds?

2.     Only 2 percent of American households will benefit from the Republicans’ proposal to extend tax cuts for those with incomes higher than $250,00 a year.

Actually 100% of Americans will benefit.  Those 2% are the ones investing in America and want to do more so more people can be employed, pay taxes, spend and invest.  All studies of history and economic models show that the sweet spot is about 17% across the board.  I.e. a flat tax of 17% produces the maximum revenue by allowing maximum employment and investment.  Thus we’re killing our selves by trying to squeeze more money than we can afford, which kills our ability to earn more.

3.     Under President Obama’s proposal, only the wealthiest 3 in 1,000 estates would owe any estate tax.

So only the wealthiest 0.3% will pay estate taxes?  He’s bragging about this?  Notice he doesn’t compare it to a Republican plan; a sure sign they have a better idea.

4.     Over the past 4 years, a typical family making $50,000 a year has received tax cuts totaling $3,600 – more if they are putting a child through college.

The White House fails to mention that our average income decreased 3.02% from 2008 to 2010.  For a $50K household, a loss of 3.2% is $1,600.

Inflation due to the Fed creating money, “monetizing the debt,” “QE3,” “printing money,” “digitizing money,” you name it.  Inflation was 4.46% in 2011 alone.  That has lowered the value of $50K by $2,238.

Those two factors alone add up to $3,830.  So even if your “tax decrease” was real, your average $50K family lost $283 per year.  Does the WH call these bragging rights?

They also fail to mention that he’s just Nationalized ALL student loans, (so he can forgive a great proportion of them).  That will cost “average” taxpayers more money.  So there are several ways we all pay for other people’s children to go to school.  Obama said, “those making under $250,000 won’t see a tax increase.”  Yup, they just won’t see it.

5.     5 million families would no longer be eligible for the child tax credit under the Republicans’ tax proposal.

Truth be known, both parties support a modification to the Child Tax Credit.  It is due to expire, so the debate is only which plan to adopt.

Additionally, the Treasury Department reports that illegal immigrants filing tax returns using the Individual Tax Identification Number are receiving more than $1.5 billion each year from the federal government through the Child Tax Credit and the Additional Child Tax Credit.  Need a fix?

6.     Because Republican proposals cut the Earned Income Tax Credit, nearly 6 million working families with children would see their taxes increase – averaging $500 apiece.

The WH has cherry picked only the most conservative of many Republican plans.  Many, if not most, do not affect this Credit.  In support of those that do, this Credit pays able people for not working.  We have enough of that.  What is not mentioned is that this proposal also abolishes tax code exemptions and credits for the rich and big business.  Everyone who is able needs to pay something.  It keeps us all responsibly involved in government.

7.     The President’s plan includes almost $700 billion in tax credits to help middle class families pay for health insurance over the next 10 years through the Affordable Care Act.

Somehow we’re to believe we aren’t going to pay the $700 billion.  That $700,000,000,000 comes from taxes.  How many will loose jobs because companies are forced to cut employment or go bankrupt because they have to pay fines, (oops “taxes,” oh no “fees,” wait “taxes,” whatever)?  They’ll have to pay much more just to employ people.  That isn’t going to help employment or the tax base.

Thus Obama Care will increase the number of folks relying on taxes to support them and pay for their healthcare, thus driving that 700 billion estimate off the scale.  This is a “Cloward and Piven” plan, plain and simple.  “Overload the economic system through escalating the need for entitlements by the increased tax load to fund them.  Mr. Obama once taught the Cloward and Piven’s strategy to collapse capitalism.  Now he’s implementing it.

It has become common to name a Law the opposite of its worst feature to mask its true identity, i.e. ”The Federal Reserve” which is private and has no reserves.  Would you vote for the “Unaffordable but Compassionate Care Act”?

8.     The top 2 percent of households, with and average of $800,000, would see additional tax cuts under the Republican plan.

… as would most income brackets.  These wealthy people are already in the highest tax bracket.  This misleading information only mentions the cuts and not the main part of the plan that drastically removes tax exemptions in the first place.  Most Republican restructuring is designed not only to simplify taxes and reduce exemptions, but also to incite job creators.  Read the bills!

9.     Under the President’s plan, income tax rates for high income households would return to the same tax rates as in the ‘90s.  During that period, the United States created 23 million jobs and ran a budget surplus.

Remember the 17% rule?  Higher tax rates actually produce less revenue than lower rates above 17%.  When Bush lowered the tax rate in 2003, the tax revenue actually increased due to greater employment and higher wages.  Even Obama agreed to extend them for that reason.

It isn’t trickle down, it is flow down, and the government needs to be at the bottom of the flow, not the top.  Under the Republican plan everyone’s effective tax rate would be reduced, causing greater employment thus more tax revenue.  Businesses would be incented to locate and operate here in the US rather than overseas.

The government doesn’t create jobs, the people do.  Even government jobs are created out of the people’s tax dollars.  The government doesn’t build anything; we do, to include the government.  When the government uses our money to build inefficient, ineffective, failing, or just plain fraudulent institutions, we pay the price.

For example, the 90s is when the Liberals were most influential at inflating the housing bubble by incentives to lend to those who couldn’t afford those loans and eventually penalizing lenders that did not.  That escalated inflated prices that eventually had to burst.

10.     The President’s plan would continue the 10 percent tax bracket, which allows everyone to pay a 10 percent tax rate on their first $8,900 in income (or $17,800 for married couples).

Notice there is no mention of a Republican plan here, because under the Republican plan, middle-income families of four pay no taxes on the first $39,000 of its income.

So the President is bragging about doing nothing?  I have to admit, doing nothing has been one of his least problematic qualities.

11.     The Republicans plan eliminates the American Opportunity Tax Credit, meaning 11 million families and students paying for college would see an average tax increase of $1,000 each.

Actually there is no tax increase involved.  It means that the $1,000 credit for having a child in college expires December 31st 2012.  Both parties have competing plans for an amended version.  Reality always sounds a little different than WH talking points.

So shall we talk about unemployment?  How about why businesses move jobs overseas?  How about Agenda 21, (disguised as “Sustainable Development)?  Can we discuss how many more doctors will be created under Obama care?  How about illegal aliens; Homeland Security that considers “we the people” a greater threat than rife illegal boarder crossings?  Let’s discuss why the US prosecutes innocent supporters of the GOP (i.e. Gibson guitar), while allowing anything black, or Muslim, or alien, or Occupy movements go unprosecuted, (per stated administration policy).  How ‘bout that Medicare?  Social Security?  Where do those fit in your list to debate?

Barack Obama was right about “Hope & Change.”  Never has America hoped for change more than now.

God bless America.

Yes I Did, But You Can’t

Barack Obama ascended to the leadership of the free world in spite of being born into a racially mixed broken marriage, raised by grandparents, mentored by Communists, growing up in foreign countries, never having seen the main land of the US until he went to college, and having no experience in a real job.  He’s done all this, but he thinks everyone else needs a hand out and a hand up.  (Glenn Beck, paraphrased)

President Obama says he feels like everyone else.  Who?  Everyone else who has overcome all those obstacles?  Everyone else who was groomed by unknown outside forces to be a powerful political leader?   Everyone who plays into the New World Order?  Everyone who went to Columbia or Harvard?  Everyone mentored by Saul Alinsky or Frances Fox Piven?  If you add all those up, it wouldn’t reach one hundredth of one percent of Americans.

Consider what he represents.  He represents someone who supports the strongest unions who have gone far beyond protecting the welfare of their workers.  He represents the Caliphate of Muslim nations under an umbrella of the Muslim Brotherhood, which expressly supports the obliteration of Israel and the United States, (Little & Big Satins).  He represents “Black Liberation Theology” and “redistribution of wealth.”  He represents the poorest managed disaster since the Exon Valdese.  He represents erroneous government accounting of rising unemployment.  He represents trying to stimulate the economy through taxing and spending and/or creating more government jobs.  He represents a desire to skyrocket our energy costs for every industry and individual because of the proven hoax of Global Warming.  He represents changing conversations to what he wants to talk about, such as “Climate Change,” because “Global Warming” failed his agenda.  He represents a past-less man marketing hope and change without regard for what we hope or what change he intends.  He represents a total transformation of our nation without telling us what he intends to transform us into.  He represents his actions, not his words.  Those actions harm the very people he pretends to help; then he blames the natural economic reaction for his failure.  He supports acts that God deems expressed detestable and calls us immoral for not condoning it.  He represents a Godless existence and the things that have demised every nation that has eliminated the burden of faith.  He holds us accountable to his elite class while holding them unaccountable.  At best, he believes he is doing all this for our nation’s good.  At worst, he is fulfilling the dreams of his father to demise the power of United States.

Clearly many of the wonderful benefits he’s providing to the poor, unfortunate, alien, and foolish will be enjoyed and exalted for a short time.  However when the bills are owed, come due, overdue, and repossessed, that unfortunate class will have grown many times over and be thrown into deeper despair than ever imagined.  The implicit fact is that at Columbia University, Barack Obama both studied and taught the Cloward & Piven’s strategy to overload the US welfare system.  It appears he is applying it from the most powerful seat in our government.  In the interim he garners authority.  His “enjoy now & pay after the election” policies may gain him enough popularity for a second term during which he can expand his nebulous administration’s power to irreversible control, despite an index of misery.

Is Mitt Romney the answer?  We know he isn’t, but he is a turn in the right direction and a stopgap to slow the detrition of our constitutional design.  In the mean time, we shall hold Mr. Romney in as much contempt as necessary to further correct our course and put the reigns firmly back in the hands of the people.

Open Ceilings Rain Supreme

Is a ceiling a ceiling if you continue sealing another dealing of that ceiling?
It is quite misleading and frankly steeling, yielding a revolting feeling.
That a ceiling can’t be a ceiling if it’s concealing a faults dichotomy.
Faults bottoms have rock limits, but “the sky is the limit” is no economy.

President Obama Did Bin Laden a Huge Favor

Did President Obama do Bin Ladin a favor?

Let’s use some “critical thinking” by asking ourselves some obviously pointed questions.

Usama was a very sick man who we’ve expected to die of natural causes for quite some time.  It is likely he would have died soon anyway, but we just did him a small favor?

Rather than let Usama die of natural causes, we made him a martyr as he would have wanted to be.  Wouldn’t it have been just as easy to knock him out and bring him in alive to face us all in shame?  It just isn’t American to kill even the vilest man unnecessarily.

The all too garbled word is that he did not have a gun and he did not use a woman as a human shield.  How hard would it have been to render a sickly old unarmed man unconscious?  Is removing an unconscious man more difficult than a bloody dead one?

In no less than three books by former Islamic terrorists who later became Christian spilling all, at their own continuous peril, each one tells how they were brought up to believe, were trained to believe, and wholeheartedly did believed that dying by the hands of the enemy of Islam is the greatest honor.  It is the only way to be assured Allah’s greatest reward immediately regardless of anything they did in the past!  That is all too consistent with the honorable Islamic burial at sea for my comfort.  You see, if the body of a Muslim remains unburied it is no longer acceptable to Allah.

If the President had to kill him, it might have been appropriate to drop the body on the front lawn of Pakistan’s President Zardari with a note saying here’s what we found in your back yard, you decide what to do with it?  That way the chips fall where they should.  If the Pakistanis gave him an honorable Islamic burial it would implicate their conspiracy.  If not, Usama would have died in shame and not been considered acceptable to Allah.  Either way, it would not have been the US honoring an infidel or making him a martyr with an “honorable Muslim burial.”  Was the burial of thousands of US citizens under the rubble of the WTC honorable?

We killed a Muslim.  Why didn’t we see thousands of Muslims protesting in the streets of every city in the Middle East as well as Europe and NYC?  Because Muslims intrinsically know we did Usama a big favor.  Ask them.  When you look at the killing of Usama Bin Ladin from the Muslim point of view (radical or not) it is obvious that our President did a good thing for UBL

Prior to the killing of UBL, any strikes on Muslims or news that is degrading to Muslim causes (even radical ones) have been announced by the smiling VP Joe Biden or Secretary of State Hilary Clinton or anyone but President Obama.  However the President was quick and proud to take credit for the Killing of UBL, because he knows what it looks like from the Islamic point of view.

Where is the Islamic outrage?  Why should there be?  We fulfilled Usama’s dreams and destiny.  Then we insured Allah accepted him.  We made him a martyr and gave him an honorable Muslim burial at sea.  He would have been allot worse off dying slowly in bed, and denied the highest honor of “being killed by the enemy of Allah.”

Shouldn’t a true earnest non-radical Muslim have considered Usama Bin Laden an infidel for killing innocent people?  Christians might think of the US as being righteous even to our enemy but Islam will think of it as a sure sign of weakness, ‘we fear them to the point that we did not offend even their worst terrorist.”  President Obama knows he’s the big hero in their eyes as well as in ours, all the while sending a clear message to his Muslim friends.  He’s playing to both sides, except our side doesn’t understand it.

Why hasn’t everyone noticed this?  Is it because you haven’t informed them?

Robosigning to Robosettlement to Roboslaves

housing crisisLet’s keep this short and easy.  The banks own you.

They own your houses and most of your cars and your land and your government.  Oops, did I say that out loud.  Well if they didn’t, wouldn’t the government have actually punished the banks for the illegal, specifically fraudulent practice of “Robosigning”?  In stead they helped the banks in every way possible.

OK, if you heard anything form the lame-stream media, it was that the banks just got hit with a stiff $26 billion fine.  Fine.

Actually it was a “settlement.”   But that’s not all!  Of that $26 billion, over $20 billion worth are secured loans covered by Fannie & Freddie, pension funds, insurers, and 401(k)s  all backed by “we the taxpayers.”   In short, we take it in the shorts.

So, what the banks are left holding is $5 Billion, which is about $2000 per loan, or about 1% of the average $200,000 loan.  Oh, and the banks themselves are to report each loan and fine.  Good luck with that.

But wait, there’s more!  Having settled this, those huge bundles of low expectation loans are now worth much more.  Happy banks.  How much more remains to be seen, but certainly greater than 1% more.  So once again the banks get bailed out by … um … us.

But wait, there’s more!

It’s funny how “we the people” sounds like we’re in charge, but in the modern world of doublespeak it only means “we the burden bearers.”  So if you are one of those radical folks who are worried about becoming enslaved by some elite and powerful group, worry no more.  More and more of whatever you do for employment, you do for “da man.”  It is just a matter of who “dat man” is.  You might fight all those “Progressives” who have infiltrated and inflated our government, but who owns the government?

Well if the government were actually in charge, they would have done as any logical party who discovered and investigated blatant institutionalized fraud.  But no, the Federal task force didn’t use what they found to uncover a huge conspiracy between all banks.  After all such a coordinated widespread standard of fraud might kinda, maybe, suggests a conspiracy to those prone to such delusional thoughts that there is a deeper corruption, but our Federal task force decided to settle without a hearing.  This not only lets the bank structure off the hook, but shoots holes in State level suits as in New York, Massachusetts, and Delaware.

But wait!  There’s even more.  There is a new Federal Foreclosure Task Force to watch over us.  Doesn’t that make you feel better?  More tax money is being spent to pay more federal employees to ensure we don’t look any further behind the new curtain they have just pulled over our eyes.  Well that’s only if you call headlines that the settlement is a big victory for you, “a curtain.”

Don’t wait!  There’s always more.  Just uncover your eyes and spread the word.

Government Stimulus Causes Kitchen Warming

Do you believe you can cool your kitchen by opening the refrigerator door?   Please tell me you know better.

Sure, you’ll get a cool spot just in front of the fridge, but overall you’ll be heating the kitchen with all the heat being pumped out the back.  Come on, everyone knows that.  Then why on earth are there those who believe that you can stimulate an economy by using tax money to create jobs?

When a government taxes to create jobs, it reduces the output of the nation by much more than any industry it could possibly create with that same capital, (even if they were efficient).

Government can be wonderful and is certainly necessary to coordinate our interstate infrastructure and protect our nation globally.  However when it comes to the economy, it can only do harm.  The government is not the brains of our nation.  God help us all if it becomes that.  It does not need to regulate the economy any more than you would want to consciously control your heartbeat.  Good grief!

So why would any right minded American want to put our economy in the hands of the most inefficient bureaucracy possible?  The design of our government is remarkable, however there is no design that can eliminate the “mission creep” that has grown our Federal Government so out of proportion.

The larger the government the larger the tax burden on industry.  Therefore the goal of government should be to remain as small as practical.   From the point of view of being responsible for the economy, our government has decided to take more and more control of our economy and look what it has created.

We hear so often that the housing bubble crisis was a result of government deregulation, when in actuality it was directly due to government regulations requiring banks to lend to low income, “subprime” customers.  The last thing banks want to do is lend to those who may likely default.  However the government included incentives and guarantees that make it lucrative for those banks.  Naturally compliance became universal.  It seemed like a nice thing to do, so the less fortunate can live the American dream of home ownership.  The reality is that the government was not running the risk, it was the tax payer and all the home owners (same folks) via the cost of those incentives, the risk of payment for defaults, the risk of home devaluation, and a big bailout cost; not to mention the inflation that was caused by the creation of capital by the Fed to do so.

Another supposedly unintended consequence was the rapid inflation of home prices that made it more difficult for the less fortunate to purchase a decent home even before the bubble burst.  Now, lending is so regulated and banks are so paranoid that borrowing for either home purchase or industrial investment has become unreasonably difficult.  This causes nothing more than more depression and unemployment, thus more defaults and tighter lending.  Jobs move overseas, and so on.  The answer has been more government help and regulation by the very people who got us into this mess by doing the same things they are doing to try to get us out, (see Frank – Dodd).  Holy crap!

When your risks are managed by those who are not held accountable, suffer no consequences, have no responsibility, and even reward themselves for their folly; there should be no surprise at the outcome.  It is your property, your taxes, and your risks all in the hands of those who need money to become reelected.

They make money when there are problems and loose when the problems go away.  That just might be why they are so much better at building problems than solutions.  They’ll build you electric cars to keep from polluting without mentioning where all that electricity is going to come from to charge them.  They’ll make you use “efficient” lightbulbs that are themselves a hazard to dispose of, and such a hazard to produce that they’re made in China.  Next, they’ll build you new refrigerators without doors to counter global warming.



Is it just me or do these talking heads  have EDM (EconomicDistressMyopia)?

So America’s big corporations have TRILLIONS of dollars on their books and are not investing them to grow for the future. Does it really take an Einstein or economic whiz-kid to comprehend why? Of course not. Corporations are legal entities put in place for the purpose of establishing tax and general liability. At least that’s my definition. They are not burdened by morality, conscience or ethics as societal responsibilities in making decisions. They are not prejudiced necessarily by politics or religion. They geneflect at the Altar of the Bottom Line. It’s called capitalism. Logical and easy to understand!

So the banks have tons of money yet small Mom and Pop corporate and non-corporate America can’t get their hands on it. Of course they can’t. The credit requirements, for likely the first time in modern history, have been tightened up so much in over-reaction to what caused the economic bubble-burst that small business America has quite literally got an economic noose about it’s collective neck. Logical and easy to understand!

So we become an audience now for the lamestream media’s posturing political performance of feigned bewilderment of what is going on here. You don’t really believe these people are all as ignorant as they appear! Our elected representatives are all too willing to join this ‘sham’ performance, because they’re politicians not statesmen. Integrity is not a word common to their lexicon.

I would make the case that the reason they are holding on to their cash on hand is summed up in one word. UNCERTAINTY. The uncertainty they perceive in response to a President and congress who by their pattern of behavior in recent years has targeted corporations as the ‘whipping boy’ to enable a political usurpation agenda of a basic change in our form of government and thus, by extension, our economic system. They are not willing to invest in an America teetering on the brink of some kind of nouveau socialism that is completely alien to this capitalist system that came to create the most powerful, innovative and successful economic success in the world.

The answer I submit is just that simple. When a threat is perceived one reacts to it. That is what we now bear witness to. This jobs council is all political theatre to make the naive public think that Obama is committed to making a positive economic change. He is not. He is dedicated to collapsing this “capitalist” economy, the ultimate “crisis”, in order to position himself (in the people’s perception) as the saviour who’ll ride to the rescue. What we observe now is Obama’s political fiddling as the Rome that is America…..burns. The sham is needed so as not to make himself too obvious.

If nothing else 2008 proved to him and his puppet handlers that when it comes to America you can easily fool half of the people all of the time.

And things won’t change significantly until a large chunk of that half of the people recover enough to see reality and make themselves known in the NOvember 2012 election results are in.

Don’t Be Conservative

Don’t be Conservative or Liberal or Democrat or Republican or Progressive or radical or stoic or any adjective that leads you in a political direction.  Be informed, knowledgeable, honest, historical, accurate, proportional, logical, consistent, persistent, courageous, and outspoken.  If you do that, you will lead others in the correct direction.  You will be attacked by all the above “political ilks” but you will not be alone.  You will be part of the most remarkable solution in mankind’s history to date.

Of course you’ll be labeled a Conservative, likely a “Right Wing Radical.”  But “Conservative” is just a relative term.  It means you are to the right of the perceived middle.  You are not conservative, you are simply correct.    For the past 100+ years the bell curve of government has been nudged so far to the left that anyone expressing common sense appears radically conservative.

If you look at the history of mankind from his first gathering into tribes through modern government, you’ll notice an undeniable general trend.  As man has evolved to be more mature, refined, and knowledgeable his government has evolved to supply greater freedom and individuality.  From the supreme power of Chieftains and Monarchies to the Oligarchies of Councils and Ministries, to the Republics of Parliaments and Congress.  Each time the people’s voice received more power and their governments were more successful.

However each time those governments eventually failed.  They failed because the masses lost the responsibility that their freedom implied.  Failures were met with those desired the security of a more powerful central government.  However some fragment always split off to begin a new experiment that addressed the real problem of greater freedom; “personal responsibility.”

Similarly today, we struggle to regain the responsibility bestowed upon us with the freedoms that our Republic intended.  This time we’ve realized our failure came not from the form of government.  Our failure came from a complacent people who allowed ambitious men to ease the reigns of that government from our hands into their own.

Whether our Republic fails or not depends upon how swiftly we can become responsible enough to displace power greedy politicians with earnest representation.  It depends upon how well we utilize the reigns we still hold to extract control of own nation.  It depends upon insistence that the people be responsible for themselves.  It depends upon correcting the misinformation that has been fed to the masses through the “mass media.”  It depends upon the masses becoming disillusioned about the very media they have been lulled to trust.

It cannot be done without pain, but it must be done with with responsibility, integrity, and perseverance.  Only the responsible can breed the responsibility necessary to rule ourselves.  Only the honest can restore the integrity of trusted representatives.  Only by perseverance can we withstand the resistance of politicians to relinquish our power.

We are not conservatives; we are correct and steadfast in the face of extreme liberalism.  If you are labeled Conservative, fine, wear that badge with honor.

President Obama is a Hero for killing Public Enemy #1, Isn’t He?

Looking at Usama bin Laden’s assassination while “critically thinking” one might realize that Usama was a very sick man that was expected to die of natural causes for quite some time.  It is very likely he would have died soon – did President Obama simply do him a favor?

Rather than let Usama die of natural causes, Obama made him a martyr as he would have wanted to be.  Wouldn’t it have been just as easy to knock him out and capture him alive in shame to face us all?  The ungarbled word is that he did not have a gun himself and he did not use a woman as a human shield.  How hard would it have been to render a sickly old unarmed man unconscious?

In no less than three books by former Islamic terrorists who later became Christian spilling all at their own continuous peril, each one tells how they were brought up to believe, were trained to believe, and wholeheartedly believed that dying by the hands of the enemy of Islam is the greatest honor.  ‘It is the only way to be assured Allah’s greatest reward immediately!’  Unfortunately that is consistent with the honorable Islamic burial at sea.

If Obama had to kill him, it would have been appropriate to drop the body on the front lawn of Pakistan’s President Zardari with a note saying, here’s what we found in your back yard, you decide what to do with it.  Let the chips fall where they may.  If the Pakistanis gave him an honorable Islamic burial it implicates a conspiracy.  If not, Usama would not be considered acceptable to Allah.   Either way it would not be the US making him a martyr or honoring an “infidel.”

The US just killed a Muslim.  Why are not thousands of Muslims protesting in the streets in every Middle Eastern city as well as in Europe and New York City?  It’s because Muslims intrinsically know we did Usama a big favor.  When you look at the killing of Usama Bin Ladin from the Muslim point of view (radical, violent, or not), it is obvious that our President did a good thing for all of the Islamic world (peaceful and radical).

What about securing all the computers, zip drives and other records?  That seems like a great victory that should uncover a lot of secrets, however it remains to be seen.  Have any big busts gone down yet?   Knowing how fast the high level terrorists and cells will more and alter plans with this news, after a week most of that intel won’t do us a lot of good.  It’s now four days and counting,… keep watching,… tick, tick, tick.

One hates to be so skeptical, but prior to this, any strikes on Muslims or news that is degrading to Muslims or Muslim causes (even radical ones) have been anounced by our smiling VP Joe Biden, or the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, or anyone but President Obama.  However President Obama is quick and proud to take credit for the killing of Usama Bin Laden.  Where is the Islamic outrage?  Why should there be?  We fulfilled Usama’s dreams and destiny.   Then we insured he was acceptable to Allah.  We made him a martyr and gave him an honorable Muslim burial at sea.  He would have been allot worse off dying slowly in bed.

Christians will think giving Usama Bin Laden a formal Muslim send-off as being righteous even to our enemies.  Islam will think of it as a sign of weakness, showing that we fear them to the point that we made sure we did not offend even their worst terrorist.  President Obama knows he’s the big hero in our eyes while sending a clear message to his Muslim friends at the same time.  No wonder so many still love him. He’s playing to both sides.

Personally, I would have left the body with the Pakistani Muslims and told them “Usama Bin Laden is an infidel for killing innocent people.  What are you going to do about that?”

America has done Usama bin Laden a great favor. Why hasn’t anyone else noticed this?